stepped down   (降りた)

Zoiey later stepped down from her National title.

Hutchison stepped down as Artistic Director in 1993.

His life after he stepped down as consul is a blank.

stepped up   (ステップアップ)

In 1990, he stepped up to British Formula Renault.

Deputy Editor, Simon Byron, stepped up to replace him.

However, after the scaffolding, the community stepped up.

stepped forward   (前進した)

Corbett stepped forward and admitted he was the shooter.

The monk Puhua stepped forward and said, "I can draw it."

By November, however, no one had stepped forward to replace him and he agreed to stay.

stepped back   (後退した)

Robinson stepped back from the car and fatally shot him.

For the time being, Roosevelt stepped back to watch and wait.

Spong then stepped back onto the broken leg before falling to the canvas.

stepped aside   (脇に)

He stepped aside following the 2000 NBA Finals in favor of a returning Albert.

Grant stepped aside over Johnson's objection, causing a complete break between them.

This is because she thought Yulsman only wanted Kerouac in the frame, so she stepped aside.

when he stepped   (彼が足を踏み入れたとき)

Richards was chairman of Aston from 2007 until the end of 2013 when he stepped down.

Iacobucci served as president and CEO until May 20, 2013, when he stepped down for personal health reasons.

Martin remained on the city council until 1988, when he stepped down to become assistant city manager of Lowell.

then stepped

He then stepped up in class for the Sandown Classic Trial.

Spong then stepped back onto the broken leg before falling to the canvas.

He then stepped up in class for the Grade 2 Classic Novices' Hurdle, also at Cheltenham.

stepped away

Ibrahim was stepped away in 1822 by Hussein Dey of Algiers, and withdrew to Medea.

concert for their fan club in March 2013, vocalist Hiroki Nakadoi stepped away from the group.

Upon her failed attempt at Senate and the defeat of Prohibition, she stepped away from politics.