walking stick   (杖)

The most preferred of these kinds is a branch or walking stick.

He wants the walking stick back, which Mercy had given to Coyote.

The fae walking stick shows up and Mercy gives it to the Oakman on his request.

hockey stick   (ホッケースティック)

Goalies often have a different kind of stick, however they can also use an ordinary field hockey stick.

The DW-5000C survived the impact of the hockey stick and the G-Shock gained popularity among the general public.

During the fray, a Rangers fan cut the face of Bruins player Stan Jonathan with a rolled-up program and grabbed his hockey stick.

stick together   (くっつく)

Four survivors made it ashore and vowed to stick together.

Niki and Larry decide to stick together.

which means that they have to stick together and being united by Jesus.

analog stick   (アナログスティック)

However, Sony's PlayStation Vita does have a dual analog stick configuration.

The analog stick can serve a great variety of other functions, depending on the game.

An analog stick is often used to move some game object, usually the playable character.