still used   (仍在使用)

This name is still used by the people of Moerzeke.

They are still used on Mongolian tögrög banknotes.

Part of the old Gaol is still used by the college.

still alive   (还活着)

The rivalry against Valletta City is still alive.

Only two dorgis, Vulcan and Candy, are still alive.

Unbeknownst to them, Mafune is still alive and well.

still in use   (仍在使用)

The church is still in use, offering daily masses.

The building is still in use as a Chinese buffet.

The STIR radars are still in use on non-USN vessels.

still stands   (仍然站立)

The site of this first cocktail party still stands.

The record still stands for a single hull vessel.

The old building at 1200 State Street still stands.

still not   (还没)

The debate behind the names has still not stopped.

It is still not known exactly what dark matter is.

However, their relationship was still not friendly.

still exists   (仍然存在)

The house where Catherine grew up in still exists.

The firm still exists, but is now a travel agency.

This level of education still exists in Suriname.

still be seen   (仍然被看到)

Parts of the old adjoining walls can still be seen.

This can still be seen today in the Dining-Room.

The remains of this dam can still be seen today.

still exist   (仍然存在)

Both these ancient buildings still exist in Meerut.

All issues were confiscated, and few still exist.

Over four hundred hymns composed by Ephrem still exist.

still standing   (仍然站立)

Some of these houses are still standing today.

Again, the ruins are still standing within the estate.

The Froling spite house is still standing and occupied.

still remains   (仍然存在)

Portacloy still remains a peaceful pleasant cove.

It still remains today on some online map services.

It still remains a property of the Sultan of Johor.

still visible   (仍然可见)

Two towers are still visible along the south front.

Traces of the fire are still visible to this day.

Some of the holes to attach doors are still visible.

still active

Cyclists whose names are in bold are still active.

Gaudel is still active in professional societies.

But the nuke is still active and cannot be stopped.

still considered

It is still considered a branch of the Vedanga.

It is still considered sacred by the Choctaw.

Henry, however, still considered a male heir essential.

still held

In 1370 they still held some pasture in Mixtenham.

Four German divisions still held the ridge.

(the firm still held that licence in 1925).

still very

The newspaper called the album "still very funny".

The facts in this case are still very much in dispute.

Kay is still very fond of him, but no longer deeply in love.

still living

Apparently, she is still living with her daughter.

As of 2019, all three Browne children are still living.

As of 2015, she was retired and still living in Hamburg.

still remain   (仍然保持)

We still remain friends & are in regular contact.

The remnants of Pompey's Pillar still remain today.

(Other sources of motion-blur still remain however).

still holds   (仍然成立)

Green still holds this seat on the Supreme Court.

He still holds the scoring record at Holy Cross.

He still holds many UGA weightlifting records.

still present

The burial ground is still present at the site.

The "Bee-Hive" Kilns are still present onsite.

The ruined buildings and nissen huts are still present.

still available

It is still available for use in France however.

Balloon rides were still available in 1994 for .

The mine is still available for use in Ecuador.

still life

She is best known for her portraits and still life.

Some of his compositions include still life elements.

Van Utrecht was mainly a still life painter.

still managed

He still managed to average 11 points per game.

However, he still managed to continue acting.

Tregothnan is still managed by the Boscawen family today.

still working

Stan Winston was still working on the makeup designs.

As of 2012 he was still working as a sports reporter.

He was still working on the film when he died.

still known

One of these docks is still known as "Parlby Dock".

Sam Khok is still known for its Mon earthenware jars.

At this point, she was still known by her alias "Annie."

still owned

5408 is stored by RPSI, still owned by Irish Rail.

In 1906 Josep Batlló still owned the home.

He still owned the property at Woodside.

still in existence   (仍然存在)

His khanqah and the order is still in existence.

Many of these companies are still in existence today.

The Pen is one of the few still in existence.

still lifes

Van Utrecht also painted a number of flower still lifes.

Some of his still lifes include insects.

He painted murals, still lifes, portraits and street scenes.

still remained

Two problems still remained in the banking sector.

Aksum, isolated, nonetheless still remained Christian.

Tire-less, it still remained a viable option.

still able

Even after Wyrmroost, Seth is still able to laugh.

About 55 of the airplanes were still able to fly at that time.

Some meetings were still able to be held during the occupation.

still in operation   (仍在运作)

These stores are still in operation as of 2013.

The School is still in operation as part of The Place.

This community program is still in operation.

still be found

A few Bungi speakers can still be found in Manitoba.

These five elements can still be found in this garden.

As of 1996, it could still be found in both countries.

still stand   (仍然站着)

The buildings of the original mission still stand.

Overall, he set numerous records that still stand.

Two of Raines' houses in Canandaigua still stand.

still use

Some anatomists still use Latin to refer to bones.

They still use the letters X and E in ASCII text.

The Foot Guards still use modified ammunition boots.

still more

However, the name "Persian" is still more widely used.

The "Mark of Kaine" arc added still more clones of Spider-Man.

Sometimes there are still more delicate secondary threads between them.

still only

In 1900 it was 1200 and was still only 1230 by 1931.

In 1901, the parish still only had a population of 500.

Handling had improved but the maximum speed was still only .

still extant

A manuscript of the original work is still extant.

More than 400 of Wibald's epistles are still extant.

The building is still extant, but converted to offices.

still called

In Catalan it is still called "Els banys d'Arles".

Nevertheless, she still called the author a genius.

In 2004, the tournament was still called Ispat Open.

still widely

Cash is still widely used for most transactions.

A watered-down version of this is still widely used.

COBOL, C, and C++) are still widely used today.

still unknown

The whereabouts of the artwork are still unknown.

The origin of Altare glassworks is still unknown.

The location of Stavisky's wealth is still unknown.

still lives

She was born in Barcelona, where she still lives.

He was born in Brezno and still lives there.

Kiran also has a sister, Aarti who still lives in jungle.

still retains

Kumartuli, still retains its fame for clay images.

It still retains many large animals, such as hippos.

The church still retains medieval traces in bas reliefs.

still operating

The same bearing is still operating smoothly today.

The organisation is still operating in Mexico City.

It is still operating in its ancient setting.

still part

Today the property is still part of the state prison.

The couple was still part of the show at the Boston opening.

When still part of the league, it had eleven state parliamentarians.

still found

Restored Mochet Velocars are still found in France.

However, Kluge still found himself hypnotized by painting.

They are still found in this center.

still live

His direct descendants still live in the Taunus today.

While it has been weakened, it is still live.

Members of the family still live in the United Kingdom.

then still

He chose , then still known only by its Dutch trial identity of '762'.

However, Mr. Daly was then still a minor and did not have the power to sell.

Famous and affluent families then still have their ancestral houses maintained.

still a student

She met Martín Vizcarra when she was still a student.

He won the Tate magazine award while still a student.

Łuszczkiewicz began to teach art while still a student himself.

though still

Gilstrap did issue a new ruling, though still denying the change of venue.

The medium clipper, though still very fast, had comparatively more allowance for cargo.

In Hungary, the surname is written Vujity, though still pronounced as in Serbo-Croatian.

still used today

It is still used today, although not frequently.

This method of instruction is still used today.

The essential design is still used today.

still in progress   (仍在进行中)

<nowiki>*</nowiki> Season still in progress.

still stands today

The house still stands today, at 154 chemin Tour du Lac.

The Fort Herkimer Church still stands today.

The coral bedrock house they lived in still stands today.

still intact

Some of its original architecture is still intact.

Only the tail of the plane was still intact.

The projection booth is also still intact.

still open

One year after his death, the case was still open.

One year later, the Plemmons case is still open.

The line is still open for freight services.

still playing

Regardless, Agriculture is still playing a big part.

The great Fuller Pilch was still playing for Norfolk.

In 1882, and CUAFC were still playing on Parker's Piece.

people still

About 70 of 400 Naukan people still speak Naukanski.

He's got athletic ability that people still haven't seen."

Many people still burn incense at temples dedicated to him.

still ongoing   (仍在进行中)

As of February 15, 2017 the case was still ongoing.

As of the start of 2018, restoration is still ongoing.

, replacement of the light fixtures was still ongoing.

still did

In addition, women still did not have the right to vote.

The run-up to the concert itself still did not go smoothly.

Many residents still did not have electricity as of March 2018.

still made

It is still made to Marais's recipe.

Reproductions are still made in Nigeria by traditional processes.

In 2012, women still made up just 6% of the orchestra's membership.

still in place

It is unusual because the cap is still in place.

This practice is still in place where necessary and legal.

The original entrance doors and windows are still in place.

yet still   (但还是)

"You can be an intellectual yet still be an idiot.

The number "c" = "a" − "b" is smaller than "a" yet still positive.

In 2010, deemed it a blast from the past, yet still fun to play.

still loves

She makes Rishi realise that he still loves Simar.

Isla wants to let Kyle know that she still loves him.

They convince her that Darren still loves her.

still retained

However, early Polo Classics still retained the Derby styling.

Bank of America still retained this position with VA until 2011.

The name is still retained by a hamlet about north of what is now Glen Massey.

building still

The Grand Guignol building still exists.

The original 1843 Christ Church church building still stands.

It is the oldest church building still in use in Howard County.

still does

Once there he claims he still doesn't understand.

Marge appears and says she still does and they reconcile.

More time passes, and he still does not manage to avoid sin.

still played

Lineage, however, still played a very important role.

Living an active life, she still played golf at age 97.

Some Test matches were still played.

still exists today

His company, A. Fragsted, still exists today.

It still exists today, under the name Anthon B Nilsen AS.

DWS continued as an amateur club, which still exists today.

still largely

Until about 2008, the station was still largely intact.

The systematics of "Hyphessobrycon" are still largely unresolved.

At the time the Pacific Northwest coast was still largely unexplored.

still in high

Hurko began composing music while still in high school.

While still in high school, Daniels became a single father.

His 3rd son, Cade Thompson is currently still in high school.

still under construction   (仍在建设中)

The school was still under construction.

Many were still under construction when the war ended in 1945.

Some provincial expressway routes are still under construction.

whilst still   (同时)

The population fluctuated whilst still maintaining moderate growth until 1961.

He was caricatured by J Jenkins of Edinburgh around 1805 whilst still a Bailie.

The seeds are viviparous and start to develop whilst still attached to the tree.

still maintained

The tower is still maintained and open to the public.

This tradition is very ancient and is still maintained.

The cultural and linguistic links were still maintained.

still popular

Slide rules are still popular among aircraft personnel.

These two usages are still popular with the railfan community.

They are still popular in France, where they are called "confit".

still possible

That said, good outcomes are still possible.

With lack of physical presence, collaboration is still possible.

SIM cloning is still possible in some countries such as Russia, Iran and China.

still preserved   (仍然保存)

Some are still preserved in working order.

Bedford's corpse is the only one frozen before 1974 still preserved today.

An etched picture of the Holy Trinity is still preserved on one of the doors.

still young

I'm still young and I've got big things to come."

Her father drowned while she was still young.

His family moved to Birmingham whilst he was still young.

still operates

This company still operates under that name today.

It still operates in South East Asia.

The company Gallay still operates, and is based in Wellingborough.

still existed

It still existed in a derelict state as late as 1967.

The ruins of the home at the pig farm still existed in 2001.

Estakhri states that pagans still existed during the 10th century.

still continues

The group still continues to ride to this day.

The "Sessions" series still continues to be mixed by a DJ.

He still continues to play cricket.

still in service

Some of these were still in service after 80 years.

6936, which is still in service with Union Pacific:

Two ships were still in service as of 2018.

still using

Only one ISP is still using this law in effect.

Despite this, a small community of enthusiasts are still using it.

Currently, all analog TV stations are still using the NTSC standard.

still no

And so- to the ninth inning- still no score.

There was still no Federal anti-lynching law at that time.

By July 24, however, there was still no sign of the galleon.

still required

Regardless, students are still required to go to class.

He was, however, still required to pay his enormous fine.

Export permits are still required, however.

although still

The result was a barrier better than either, although still short of what was required.

By that time, the M-22 was considerably less radical, although still ideologically Marxist.

Protected areas and the central plateau receive lesser, although still significant, amounts.

still needed

Wine was still needed after the phylloxera crisis.

However, glue is still needed after the assembly.

The new monarch still needed a suitable husband.

still survive   (仍然生存)

Some of these Germans’ manor houses still survive.

As of 2012 the station and platforms still survive.

Traces of this finish still survive on the building.

still survives

Some of the original window tracery still survives.

However, it still survives as an Air Force rank.

Much of the architect from that period still survives.

still going   (还在做)

Enniskillen RFC was founded in 1925 and is still going.

This activity is still going on during 2010.

He discovers that the virtual reality is still going on.

still serving

He was reelected in 1944 while still serving oversees.

Azeri troops are still serving in Afghanistan.

The tussie-mussie bouquets were still serving to eliminate odors.

still running

Some of them, rebuilt to Class G2a, were still running in 1962.

Astralis was still running low on time and ran to the B bombsite.

In 1970, he started the series "All the Way with Ray", which is still running.

still tied

With the game still tied entering the eighth, Arizona struck.

If the players are still tied, they are listed alphabetically.

If the score is still tied after extra time, the game will be replayed.

still a child

His father died in 1933 while he was still a child.

Adolf's son, Gerlach I, still a child, was saved.

Her father left the family when she was still a child.

still maintains

Today it still maintains a measure of autonomy.

This society still maintains the whole property today.

Halat still maintains he had no part in the murder plot.

still did not

In addition, women still did not have the right to vote.

The run-up to the concert itself still did not go smoothly.

Many residents still did not have electricity as of March 2018.

still seen

In 1898 a new lighthouse was built, the one still seen today.

Latin is still seen as a foundational aspect of European culture.

The practice is still seen in Yemen and in other Arabian countries.

still uses

He still uses the Hughes & Kettner Coreblades.

She liked the name and still uses it today.

The Community of Christ edition still uses the code names.

still referred

In France, the law of cosines is still referred to as the "".

It is sometimes still referred to under this extended version.

He is still referred to as archbishop by two charters in 1146.

still continued

Mammals still continued to grow larger and larger.

Protests still continued and several people were killed.

However, it still continued to air some ABC programming.

still relatively

The area was still relatively open at that time.

Argentina's wine route is still relatively new.

Although gene therapy is still relatively new, it has had some successes.

still unclear   (仍不清楚)

The details of Atenist theology are still unclear.

How binding affects the αA helix is still unclear.

It is still unclear how widely GolfCross is played.

still located

The company is still located in Tupelo, Mississippi.

The production is still located in Albstadt.

The Edcamp Foundation is still located in Conshohocken, PA.