Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

foundation stone   (piedra fundamental)

She laid the foundation stone for the new school.

On 27 November 1869, the foundation stone was laid.

The foundation stone was laid on 11 August 2009.

stone walls   (muros de piedra)

The dome is fixed to the roof and stone walls.

Inside it is mostly undecorated, with bare stone walls.

The stone walls are true load-bearing walls.

stone was laid   (se puso piedra)

On 27 November 1869, the foundation stone was laid.

The foundation stone was laid on 11 August 2009.

The Foundation stone was laid on Ascension Day 1867.

stone tools   (herramientas de piedra)

The stone tools changed very little over time.

All of these tools are evidence of knapped stone tools.

Chipped stone tools were uncommon at the Port au Choix site.

stone wall   (Pared de piedra)

This stone wall around the city was 2.3 km long.

The site is now enclosed within a well built stone wall.

The town was ringed by a defensive stone wall with towers.

stone building

The Ham stone building has clay tile roofs.

The stone building has hamstone dressings and slate roofs.

The stone building has a tiled roof with a small bellcote.

large stone

In the middle of this atrium is a large stone cross.

In 1927, a large stone was found, also engraved "G.W."

There are more than 400 large stone pillars.

stone foundation   (cimientos de piedra)

It has a gable roof and sits on a stone foundation.

Its wood-frame structure rests on a stone foundation.

The stone foundation piers and dam currently remain intact.

stone church

In 1656, the first stone church was completed.

He was buried in the cemetery of the old stone church.

On 19 August 1862 a new larger stone church was completed.

first stone

1 May 1854 saw the first stone of the spires laid.

The first stone was laid in a ceremony on 4 May 1840.

In 1656, the first stone church was completed.

stone bridge

A stone bridge over the river at Rorbas was built in 1840.

This was a stone bridge of eleven arches.

The present-day stone bridge was built between 1874 and 1876.

stone structure

A stone structure was later built over the location.

This is evident in its strong stone structure.

It is a -story, three-bay by three-bay, stone structure.

stepping stone   (Escalón)

In fact, the current servers are really only a stepping stone for them.

For this reason it is often used as a stepping stone to association croquet.

Manheim Township School District has been a stepping stone for many successful individuals.

brick and stone

The walls are built of brick and stone masonry.

It is of brick and stone in 13th-century style.

The middle step was built of brick and stone.

stone house

It is a stone house with a shallow pyramid roof.

It is a stone house built of soft, tufa rock.

It was used as the foundation for a stone house in 1882.

made of stone

The main altar is made of stone and dates to 1818.

Many of the city's structures are made of stone.

The monument itself is made of stone and was unharmed.

memorial stone   (piedra conmemorativa)

A memorial stone was placed on top of his tomb in 1921.

In Ishigaki, there is the with a 1m tall memorial stone.

A memorial stone was erected there in 1987.

stone circle   (círculo de piedra)

The stone circle is a 9.5m wide axial stone circle.

Doll Tor stone circle is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

stone blocks

The building is constructed of stone blocks and is whitewashed.

The rails were supported on stone blocks, being held in iron chairs.

Steel pins and brackets were used to hold the stone blocks in place.

carved stone   (piedra tallada)

It has a front of carved stone.

The "helicopter" image is the result of carved stone being re-used over time.

The artisans Alfons Juyol and Eusebi Arnau used carved stone for their design.

built of stone

Constructed in the 1860s, the station was built of stone slabs.

Whether these were fully built of stone at the point is uncertain.

The town hall is built of stone with a slate roof and a lead dome.

small stone

The remnant of that trunk is still supported by a small stone wall.

Koishi Koishi (written: 小石 lit "small stone") is a Japanese surname.

There is a small stone fireplace located on the east side of the house.

stone arch   (arco de piedra)

It was newly built in 1950 as a stone arch bridge.

Cunningham's surviving stone arch bridges include:

The entry doors are panelled wood set beneath a stone arch.

stone circles

There are 187 stone circles in the Republic of Ireland.

About 150 stone circles have been studied and documented.

There are two stone circles on Orkney, both on the Mainland.

stone buildings

Later stone buildings remain in the villages today.

Some stone buildings were constructed in the 11th century.

This may refer to white stone buildings, or houses painted white.

white stone

The building was constructed of pure white stone.

The figure is bearded with eyes made of black and white stone.

It was a four-pillared three-pagan church built of white stone.

local stone

The chapel was small and poorly built of local stone.

His body was stripped of its robes and hung on the local stone idol.

A local stone was used.

stone and brick

It is a rectangular stone and brick building in plan.

It comprises large-scale area of stone and brick walls.

The miller's house is a "T"-shaped, stone and brick dwelling.

stone dressings   (apósitos de piedra)

It is built of knapped flint with stone dressings.

The stone building has Doulting stone dressings and slate roofs.

The stone building has Doulting stone dressings and a tiled roof.

cut stone

The wall itself is an odd combination of cut stone, brick, and rubble.

The distinctive gate posts feature wrought-iron railings with cut stone piers.

It was built in 1935 out of ashlar cut stone, quarried nearby, and beaded mortar.

stone houses

55 out of 450 pre-1948 stone houses are still standing.

Imposing stone houses in Neo-Classical style were erected around the canals.

The village is characterised by old stone houses clustered around an ancient castle.

stone steps

Fifty-two stone steps descend into the entrance of the cistern.

The following year, Friedrich fell from a window onto stone steps and died.

Walls extend from both sides of the entry and stone steps are laid out in front.

stone cross   (cruz de piedra)

In the middle of this atrium is a large stone cross.

There is also a stone cross 123 cm (four feet) in height.

A stone cross in the churchyard also has listed building status.

stone slabs

The ceilings of the fort are made of huge stone slabs.

Constructed in the 1860s, the station was built of stone slabs.

Its single flue is 'L' shaped, built from adobe and cobblestones and covered with stone slabs.

old stone

He was buried in the cemetery of the old stone church.

It used to be called Bargh's Lane and had a row of old stone cottages.

Just outside Shkodër, in Mes, the old stone Mes Bridge crosses the Kir.

original stone

The original stone image of the deity is in this room.

It has an original stone rear kitchen ell.

Two original stone gates (Vesh) and one small fort (Gadhi) still exist in the village.

stone tower

The stone tower mill was built in 1822 with four floors and a thatched "cap".

Scheffer, for reasons of cost, planned a small wooden bell tower instead of a stone tower.

The lighthouse is a small, square, stone keeper's cottage with a cylindrical stone tower, high.

stone carving   (esculpir)

In his final year, he taught stone carving.

It is known for the pink stone carving.

In efforts to support his family economically, he turned to stone carving.

building stone

I knew that the whole secret was hard work; building stone by stone.

During construction there were several problems with the building stone.

Various of the rock types in the Lake District have been quarried for building stone.

dry stone

Traditional stone masonry evolved from dry stone stacking.

The main structure is a one-story two-bay dry stone quarters.

It is a three-bay two-story hall-parlor plan dry stone house.

stone base

Weymouth Corporation provided the stone base.

It is built of brick, rising from a monumental stone base.

The rope was then fastened by a pin to the structure's stone base.

stone masonry   (mampostería de piedra)

The walls are built of brick and stone masonry.

Her husband was in the family stone masonry business.

Traditional stone masonry evolved from dry stone stacking.

stone age

There is evidence of communities dating right back to the stone age with a number of burial sites in the area.

First traces of settlements can be traced back to the stone age, based on findings of arrow heads, wedges and fireplaces.

Acupuncture may have been practiced during the Neolithic era, near the end of the stone age, using sharpened stones called Bian shi.

standing stone

Kintraw is a site notable for its four-meter high standing stone.

It is the largest and heaviest prehistoric standing stone in Cornwall.

The Crois Chnoca Breaca standing stone is situated to the west of the village.

natural stone

Underpasses and walls were built with natural stone.

It was constructed of natural stone (Avesnes limestone?

In 1998 the lantern tower underwent restoration, being rebuilt in natural stone.

stone pillars

There are more than 400 large stone pillars.

Now it is wide, deep and high with 72 stone pillars supporting the roof.

There is a pair of 10-meter stone pillars with dragon patterns carved on it.

stone carvings

It had ornate decorations, mostly stone carvings.

Its walls are not painted, but decorated with stone carvings.

The Art Gallery exhibits metal works, wood and stone carvings.

new stone

New types of settlements and new stone industries developed.

A new stone staircase was put in, and the six monumental fireplaces were built.

That church lasted until 1836 when a new stone church was built by the orders of Tsar Nikolai I.

rubble stone   (piedra de escombros)

The church is constructed in rubble stone with a slate roof.

It is built of rubble stone which has been rendered, and the dressings are stone.

The church is constructed in rubble stone with rusticated quoins, and has slate roofs.

brick with stone

The mill is built of brick with stone rustication on the corners.

Red brick with stone dressings.

The building is constructed from brick with stone dressings and a slate roof.

stone monument   (monumento de piedra)

A stone monument near Seibi High School marks the castle's location.

A large stone monument was left there, and the conquest is also related on Ezana Stone.

Lady Mathilda's tomb, a Coade stone monument, was broken into in 2002, perhaps by thieves.

stone slab   (losa de piedra)

He died in 1505 and is buried in a grave, marked by a stone slab, near to Buasa.

Most houses had a fireplace and a stone slab that was used for grinding and mashing grain.

Here it is crossed by a stone slab clapper bridge on a footpath close to a wide marshy area.

stone inscription   (inscripción de piedra)

There are two received "Zuowanglun" editions and a stone inscription on Mount Wangwu.

A stone inscription indicates that there was a ruler by the name of BhaskaraDeva in 1117.

Most have a stone inscription in the gable showing a ducal coronet, a letter "B" for Bedford and the date of construction.

stone used

It was abandoned and its stone used to build Donington Hall within Donington Park.

Drumsagard was ruinous by 1796, and the stone used to build the nearby Hallside Farms.

The only stone used by Angkorian builders was sandstone, obtained from the Kulen mountains.

stone quarry   (cantera de piedra)

Harpur Hill, near Buxton, Derbyshire was worked as a stone quarry.

This was the first large-scale commercial stone quarry to open on Cleveland's east side.

The concept of the building is based on an architectural interpretation of a stone quarry.

stone piers

It has a steel superstructure and block stone piers.

It was built on fifty-five stone piers and was 50 feet by 130 feet in size.

The distinctive gate posts feature wrought-iron railings with cut stone piers.

black stone

The image is 34 inches high and made of black stone.

There is an idol of 3 feet high goddess Bhagawati artistically carved in a black stone.

The back rooms have several examples of black stone Hindu carvings in its back rooms, mainly of the deity Vishnu.

stone structures

These stone structures still exist.

One such hall has been excavated and is one of the oldest stone structures in India.

There are 417 recorded dry stone structures, 19 souterrains and 18 standing stones in the area.

stone sculptures

The team also discovered a cache of stone sculptures at the base of the pyramid structure.

The people erected a palace, accompanied by monumental stone sculptures of lions and the ruler.

But a fact not well known is that there is a large collection (275 pieces) of Calixtlahuaca stone sculptures.

cast stone   (piedra colada)

It is a one-story building constructed with cast stone walls, in plan.

The brick house is trimmed in cast stone and the sloped roof is green tile.

It is faced in yellow Flemish brick, trimmed with cast stone, over a concrete block frame.

stone columns

The grille was suspended between stone columns.

Other stone columns are created out of multiple sections of stone, mortared or dry-fit together.

The mill is a three-story frame building upon a basement, in plan, supported by large stone columns.

massive stone

The massive stone cathedral was built by the Marists, a French Roman Catholic religious order.

The courthouse was built in the High Victorian style with massive stone facades on all four sides.

A stone porch ran the length of the house, and a massive stone chimney dominated one side of the house.

dressed stone

It was built of dressed stone with pillared aisles.

The hall is constructed from dressed stone with a hipped slate roof.

Its wood mesh, packed with dressed stone, rises six stories to approximately fifty feet.

stone arch bridge

It was newly built in 1950 as a stone arch bridge.

It is supported by a stone arch bridge structure with five spans.

It is a multiple span , stone arch bridge with three spans, constructed in 1841.

stone tablet   (tabla de piedra)

A stone tablet was erected in front of the tomb in 1654.

A stone tablet in the Island of Ireland Peace Park Memorial at Messines, Belgium, commemorates him.

The temple also houses numerous treasures, including white jade Buddha from Burma and a stone tablet engraved with 1000 Buddhist figures.

stone foundations

The Lower Cable house is brick on stone foundations.

Construction techniques later became more homogeneous and all homes were built of adobe with stone foundations.

The 1911 excavation of the mound revealed some strong stone foundations for a square tower and the remains of a ringwork.

stone sculpture   (escultura de piedra)

In many cases it has crossed the art of stone sculpture Shushma.

In the center of this facade a niche houses a stone sculpture of the Virgen de la Blanca.

The surface of the stone sculpture was finished to the smooth surface of a concrete sidewalk.

stone loach

Triplophysa anshuiensis Triplophysa anshuiensis is a species of stone loach in the genus "Triplophysa".

A species of stone loach, "Triplophysa heyangensis", is named after Heyang County where it was first discovered.

The river contains significant populations of chub ("Leuciscus cephalus"), bream, roach and rudd, as well as brown trout, pike, eel, and smaller species such as miller's thumb ("Cottus gobio"), gudgeon and stone loach ("Nœmacheilus barbatus").

stone inscriptions

The book has details about the stone inscriptions, its translations and historical evidences.

Ancient stone inscriptions, writing on copper plates, palm leaves are not available in this language.

Qian gather together over three hundred rubbings of stone inscriptions from the Han dynasty, and Tang dynasty.

stone quarries

Carmyllie was formerly known for its stone quarries.

There were several lead mines and stone quarries in the parish.

It is the authority and contractor of granite and stone quarries in Tamil Nadu.

stone tool

Patten Creek Site The Patten Creek Site is prehistoric stone tool fabrication site in Platte County, Wyoming.

The people had skills such as making pottery, building houses from wood, weaving, and knapping (stone tool working).

Excavations unearthed a campsite with firepit and more than 600 artifacts including stone tool fragments and arrowheads.

using stone

The earliest people were hunter-gatherers, using stone tools.

The Augustinians decided to rebuild the church using stone, and to construct an adjacent monastery.

In 1637, the Spanish rebuilt the fort using stone and raised the height of the walls to twenty feet or more.

turned to stone

The legend states that her body had turned to stone.

They find many men, turned to stone, and food laid out.

The lizard immediately turned to stone and became the island of Dia.

rebuilt in stone

By 1657 it was rebuilt in stone, and was extended in 1679.

Initially built from wood, the fort was eventually rebuilt in stone.

In 1669 the south range of the cloister was rebuilt in stone and brick.

wood and stone

Farming tools were made of wood and stone.

The Art Gallery exhibits metal works, wood and stone carvings.

Grigor was a sculptor in metal, wood and stone and a prolific medalist.

ancient stone

They uncover and break open an ancient stone "temple".

The village is made up of a few old farmhouses (Finca) and an ancient stone defence tower.

Nearby are the ancient stone ruins of Loropéni, added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2009.

stone construction

The earliest form of stone construction is known as dry stone, or dry stacking.

The Jubilee Hall is mainly of stone construction, with two sides made of external timber.

In the lower zones of the walls the painted ornaments are simulating the marble stone construction look.

granite stone

Seungseongyo (승선교 / 昇仙橋), Seungseon Bridge, is a granite stone bridge constructed in semi-circular arch configuration 14 meters/46 feet long and 3.5-meters (11.5 feet) wide.

After his death, people has planned to put up a bust made of granite stone and a 24 feet high concrete pillar (proposed name: Pillar of Strength) on a 0.4 acre land at his native village Sukulchak.

Alicia Rhett was laid to rest beside her parents at St. Philip's Episcopal Church Cemetery, in Charleston, South Carolina, under a large standing granite stone, marked by her name, dates, with the simple description, "Daughter of Edmund M. and Isobel M. Rhett -Portraitist".

stone statue

Nina is transformed into a stone statue in exchange for her power of love as a source of his magic.

At the focal point of the basilica, a stone statue was erected of Constantine holding the Christian "labarum" in its hand.

The most interesting monument in the Astara region is the stone statue which is kept in the History and Ethnography Museum.

stone and wood

It was built from stone and wood.

Phillips executed sculptures in bronze, stone and wood and produced intaglio prints.

Usually these villages were fortified with walls and palisades made of stone and wood.

stone axes

In a woman's grave spinning whorls were recovered and in a man's grave, stone axes.

Scars have been made using both stone axes (in pre-contact times) and steel axes (post-contact).

The European Battle Axe culture used stone axes modeled on copper axes, even with moulding carved in the stone.

crushed stone

Each sculpture is set on a square bed of crushed stone.

Sand, natural gravel, and crushed stone are used mainly for this purpose.

Mines in Arkansas produce natural gas, oil, crushed stone, bromine, and vanadium.

polished stone   (piedra pulida)

The most typical artifacts are pediform adzes of polished stone.

The lingas that survive from the Angkorean period are generally made of polished stone.

The church is built mostly of raw, unpolished stone, except for the pillars, which end with buttresses made of polished stone.