stood down   (立ち上がった)

He was re-elected in 2002 and stood down in 2005.

The Welsh headed home and Henry stood down his army.

He then held the seat until 1874 when he stood down.

stood up   (立ち上がった)

McCann stood up and dropped Sawyer with his fists.

Shasta stood up and welcomed the Prince of Ayodhya.

But no one stood up to support Nivedita's proposal.

once stood   (かつて立っていた)

The village of Bosia once stood in a different place.

A Nisqually Indian settlement once stood at its mouth.

Additionally, a new path exists where a former bonfire once stood.

stood unsuccessfully

He later stood unsuccessfully as an independent in .

He later stood unsuccessfully as a Liberal Unionist.

He stood unsuccessfully at the 1954 and 1957 general elections.

stood for election   (選挙に立候補した)

She first stood for election in 1976.

In 1874, Kennedy stood for election in Donegal, but was unsuccessful.

In 1868 he stood for election at Manchester but failed to gain the seat.

stood tall

During his playing days, he stood tall, weighing .

The latter estimated to have weighed and stood tall.

Conley's mother was of Cherokee heritage and stood tall.

stood again

He stood again in 1945 when he lost at Shrewsbury.

Paulin stood again for the Liberals and was re-elected.

He stood again in the 2002 general election.

originally stood

It originally stood in the Chapel of Santa Lucia.

The pyramid originally stood high with a base length of .

It originally stood for The Electronic Broadcast Company.

stood against   (立ち向かった)

A square belfry stood against the south wall of the building.

In 1870, 1,638 national banks stood against only 325 state banks.

Lakshman stood against Ayodhya Prasad but managed to get a mere 109 votes.

record stood   (レコードが立っていた)

The British record stood for 23 years until 1952.

Boaks' record stood until the 2005 general election.

This record stood until August 1984, nearly 130 years.

first stood

She first stood for election in 1976.

On the electoral front, she first stood as a candidate for Klaksvik in 1978.

King Tenison first stood for election in 1830 at Roscommon but was unsuccessful.

then stood

She then stood out of San Francisco Bay, bound for Hawaii.

He then stood for Down at the 1945 Westminster general election.

Anderson then stood over him and shot him several times in the back.

when he stood   (彼が立ったとき)

He was defeated in 1881 when he stood for Inangahua.

He then held the seat until 1874 when he stood down.

He held the seat until 1874 when he stood down.

stood trial   (裁判に立ちました)

Selman was arrested, charged with murder and stood trial.

He denied killing Brown and never stood trial for her murder.

In 1555, George Marsh, Martyr stood trial here accused of heresy.

stood near   (近くに立った)

A car barn stood near the park between Harlem Blvd.

The fountain originally stood near the Arsenal in the port.

The 2 kg semtex bomb detonated as he stood near the door of the bus.

candidates stood

819 candidates stood, compared to 905 at the previous elections.

Note: no UKIP candidates stood in this election, compared with two in 2016 and six in 2014.

In total 1,485 candidates stood in the election but the main fight was between the PML-N of Nawaz Sharif and the PPP of Benazir Bhutto.

record that stood   (立った記録)

Sister Denean set the metric record that stood for 18 years.

A record that stood until it was broken in 2009 by Semmy Schilt.

The transfer fee of £3 million set a club record that stood until 2007.

stood behind   (後ろに立った)

Ten players stood behind a letter in the word "CALIFORNIA."

But he stood behind it.

The most experienced gunner stood behind the cannon, aiming and firing the piece.

building stood

The building stood partially demolished until 1983.

The building stood on the corner of Saltmarket and Bridgegate.

A narrow four-storey office building stood at 188 Westminster Bridge Road.

stood firm   (しっかり立っていた)

Muhammad, however, stood firm.

The British line stood firm, despite heavy casualties from gas and shellfire.

But Wilson and his Royal Bank stood firm and refused to countenance this extreme.

still stood   (まだ立っていた)

In the 1990s the railway station buildings still stood and were lived in.

Pausanias also mentions that in his time a statue of Chrysis still stood at Argos.

The coin shows that the triple goddess cult image still stood in the "lucus" of Nemi in 43 BCE.

stood empty   (空いていました)

After Kerasotes closed the Orpheum, the theatre stood empty.

After the factory closed in 1986 it stood empty for a number of years.

It was locked and stood empty until the mid-1980s and was opened only in 1985.

stood between

The San Diego Sockers now stood between the Sting and a first Soccer Bowl appearance.

The settlement then called "Palanka" stood between village and town in size and importance.

Tremor amplitudes ranged between 12 and 13.5 mm, and the duration of the tremor stood between 94 and 290 seconds.

stood outside   (外に立った)

Pearse stood outside and read the Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

Hundreds stood outside.

By late 262 or early 263, Odaenathus stood outside the walls of the Persian capital.

unsuccessfully stood

He unsuccessfully stood for the Republican Senate nominated in 1924.

In the 1906 general election, Jones unsuccessfully stood for Camborne.

He then unsuccessfully stood in St. Pancras West in 1900 and Worcestershire West in 1906.

stood in front   (前に立った)

A 32-foot rock-climbing wall stood in front of the contenders in this event.

The Italian Garden is centered on a well head that once stood in front of Stockwood House.

According to Robert, "They stood in front of the casket looking at the body a few minutes ⁠— they ⁠⁠.

stood before

He came to a hall where a giant slept, and the princess stood before him.

Early the next morning, Abraham went to the place where he stood before God.

The crowd was hushed into silence because the President stood before them  ...

formerly stood

It formerly stood east of what is now a branch of Lloyds Bank.

In 2017, the street where the concert stage formerly stood was officially renamed to "Beach Boys Way".

It is dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto and was built from 1875 to 1876 where a wayside shrine formerly stood.

stood the test   (テストに立った)

His scientific work has stood the test of time.

"Mix" magazine reviewed Country Bill's as one of "five vintage restaurants that have stood the test of time".

Today some of Lyell's mechanisms for geological processes have been disproven, though many have stood the test of time.

previously stood   (以前立っていた)

This building was built on an area where fishing shacks previously stood.

She purchased the building which previously stood on this lot, had it demolished, and the current building constructed.

These sudden departures forced the writing team to quickly develop characters who had previously stood in the background.

house stood

The house stood on modern-day Elliston Place.

His house stood at present-day Washington and Seneca streets.

until he stood

He held the seat until he stood down in 1868.

He held the seat until he stood down at the 1924 general election,

Dobson was the longest-serving Labour MP in London until he stood down in 2015.

population stood

In 1851 Canada's population stood at 2.4 million.

The population stood at around 170 in the mid-1940s.

At the beginning of 2007, the population stood at 51,120 people.

stood for parliament

To think that he had a daughter who told lies every time she stood for parliament".

He never stood for parliament again but was promoted to Lord of the bedchamber to King George II in 1727.

He first stood for parliament at a 1943 Queensland Legislative Assembly by-election in the seat of Oxley.

stood alone

Syria realized that they now stood alone against the IDF.

There are indications that the chancel is the oldest part of the building and that it probably stood alone for a period.

After the Fall of France in June 1940, Britain and the empire stood alone against Germany, until the German invasion of Greece on 7 April 1941.