İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not stop   (durma)

Linda and Matt find the bomb, but cannot stop it.

Rahul can not stop thinking about the beautiful Anu.

Now people in this village could not stop till late.

pit stop   (pit stop)

The second pit stop window was set for Laps 20–28.

Ho then made a pit stop and retired soon after.

Johnson made a pit stop and restarted 25th on lap 251.

bus stop   (otobüs durağı)

Following buses stop at the Devipada bus stop:

The nearest bus stop is in the village centre of Dalen.

The exit of the bus stop was widened to allow for more room.

did not stop   (durmadı)

But her musical talents did not stop with the piano.

But the freedom-loving woman did not stop this.

But Kisiakbika did not stop before the fear of being burnt.

tries to stop   (durmaya çalışır)

Haruka tries to stop him, but is severely wounded.

Sydney tries to stop her, but Kimberly catches her.

She tells Megan this but Megan tries to stop her.

attempt to stop   (durmaya çalışmak)

He makes a feeble attempt to stop her then relents.

The Unity Squad attempt to stop Ultron with the help of the Vision.

Although the other slaves attempt to stop him, Mede does as he is ordered.

tram stop   (tramvay durağı)

The tram stop is known simply as Fix.

There is also another tram stop next to Croydon Sports Arena called Arena.

A tram stop is located just east of the station, where RET-lines 2 and 20 stop.

tried to stop   (durmaya çalıştı)

There another Indian agent tried to stop them.

He tried to stop her but in vain.

They tried to stop the cult by themselves but was trapped by the leader.

order to stop   (durma emri)

In order to stop it, The Atom, grows to the same dimension to fight it.

In order to stop the disc the player simply needs to make contact with it.

In order to stop Eddington, Sisko decides he must do something truly villainous.

trains stop   (trenler dur)

Currently, all the U6 trains stop at this station.

No passenger trains stop at Kedzie station on weekends.

Every passenger and express trains stop here.

stop motion   (hareketi durdur)

A dog and a monky in stop motion.

"$9.99", a stop motion animated feature film, was released in 2009.

The woman is seen to vanish through the use of stop motion techniques.

decided to stop   (durmaya karar verdi)

However, Philippe had already decided to stop the case.

In 2016, the villagers decided to stop their protest marches.

In 1998 he ran only 8:48 minutes, and decided to stop running.

unable to stop   (duramıyorum)

He is unable to stop it but can escape with Sam.

They are unable to stop Kenjin as he escapes and Aguri ends up kidnapped.

Despite international attention, they were unable to stop the construction.

first stop   (ilk durak)

Her first stop in Florida was Jacksonville.

The first stop in France was St Inglevert.

Her first stop was Atlanta followed by Chicago and then San Diego.

put a stop   (durdurmak)

Sisko refuses, unwilling to put a stop to the visions.

To put a stop to slave-trading and raiding.

It is the player's task to intervene and put a stop to it.

trying to stop   (durmaya çalışmak)

It shows the futility of trying to stop this.

But then his forces were depleted in Iraq, trying to stop the Khawarij.

The deities of the upper planes often employ her power when trying to stop wars.

try to stop   (durdurmayı dene)

A dopey detective and his corrupt boss try to stop it.

The militia did not try to stop Sherman.

Stark and all Earth's heroes feebly try to stop the advance.

able to stop   (durabilir)

He was not able to stop the advances of his powerful vassal.

He continues fighting until Wonder Woman is able to stop him.

However, Joe and Aguri are able to stop the deal from happening.

glottal stop   (glottal durağı)

Both the glottal stop ⟨ʼ⟩ and long vowels (e.g.

The glottal stop (q, IPA ) is a very common sound in Võro.

A glottal stop appears before any otherwise vowel-initial stem.

next stop   (sonraki durak)

The next stop on the railway was Drumlemble Halt.

He found their next stop, Conakry, more pleasant.

The next stop on the railway was Trodigal Halt.

stop using   (kullanmayı bırak)

In addition, some users may find it hard to stop using TikTok.

Fender agreed to stop using the trademark beginning January 1, 2002.

The White House did, however, request that Pearson stop using the letter.

attempts to stop   (durma girişimleri)

Spike attempts to stop him but is easily pushed off the tower.

The captain dies as he attempts to stop the missile from launching.

Rebels were making attempts to stop their advance and reportedly damaged three tanks.

does not stop   (Durmaz)

Although Dan Lavette becomes quite rich, he does not stop.

But the effect does not stop there.

Being a Duronto express it does not stop at any other station in between.

forced to stop   (durmaya zorlandı)

However, he could not go on and was forced to stop.

However, he was forced to stop peddling when his horse died.

He was again forced to stop by fatigue.

failed to stop   (durdurulamadı)

The emergency brake failed to stop the lift's fall.

Witnesses claimed that Mandlazi had failed to stop at the level crossing.

The navy again failed to stop a landing during exercises the following year.

intermediate stop   (ara durak)

There is a link from to , with an intermediate stop at .

Another intermediate stop, Acton, opened on January 7, 2013.

In 2015/16 it was the most heavily used intermediate stop on Line 1.

stop here   (burada durun)

Hundreds of town and regional buses also stop here.

Every passenger and express trains stop here.

Line 15 will also stop here, as of 2018 being under construction.

attempted to stop   (durmaya çalıştı)

The NAACP attempted to stop showings of the film.

Jim Martin jumped up and attempted to stop a fight from occurring.

It was academic, as time would have otherwise expired had they not attempted to stop the clock.

last stop   (son Durak)

The line's made the last stop at the pier December 30, 1959.

The last stop was on August 12, 2016.

The last stop before the 2006 WGP was the repecharge tourney in Las Vegas.

way to stop   (durmanın yolu)

He thinks the only way to stop this is to confront G.J.I himself.

Can they find a way to stop him?

He tries to find a way to stop Lord Manshoon from taking over the kingdom of Cormyr.

rest stop   (dinlenme durağı)

The island became a rest stop for whalers starting in 1823.

It provided spring water and was a rest stop for travelers.

The island is also believed to be a rest stop for arctic-breeding shorebirds.

stop playing   (oynatmayı durdur)

The only way for me to stop him is if I stop playing."

Driskel signed a contract, but he has no plans to stop playing football.

Lorraine tells Ajay about Paul's plan and Ajay warns him to stop playing games.

stop along   (durmak)

The old townsite of Curry is now an uninhabited stop along the Alaska Railroad, about 22 miles north of Talkeetna.

Large tour vessels and smaller commercial cruise boats frequently use Tracy Arm as a tour destination or as a stop along their normal tour routes.

In 1870 Campbell established a stagecoach stop along the Firesteel Trail, which included his residence, an inn, a general store, and a large horse barn.

traffic stop   (trafik durağı)

When police stop an automobile, this is known as a "traffic stop".

On September 16, 2014 Washington was arrested during a routine traffic stop.

Benson was charged with DUI as a result of a traffic stop by a PA State trooper in October, 2019.

full stop   (tam durak)

(which begins and ends with a full stop) for ("i.e.

Ordinal numerals are followed by a full stop.

British English tends to use the full stop or period (.)

time to stop   (durma zamanı)

The shaman Mumbo Jumbo sends Banjo back in time to stop Gruntilda.

Once the Ottomans found out, they decided it was time to stop Zanet.

Holmes manhandles Amberley just in time to stop him taking a poison pill.

stop working   (çalışmayı kes)

Chinese writers nearly had to stop working completely.

So, he sought to stop working and spend more time on things he enjoyed.

When Hales saw "Choplifter", "my reaction was: why did I stop working on Fort?"

effort to stop   (durma çabası)

Babbit makes a last-ditch effort to stop the heroes by using a giant robot.

Major Disaster, in an effort to stop Despero, turned Times Square into smoking rubble.

Finally, the mayor and the police exert every effort to stop Pendergast and Kelly's investigation.

stop all   (Hepsini durdur)

As a result of financing problems with French joint-stock company, plant activists decided to stop all work with the construction of this facility early in 1918.

If the patient has been on treatment for more than two weeks and if the fever had initially settled and then come back, it is reasonable to stop all TB medication for 72 hours.

Santorum and Paul supporters came together to form the "Conservative Unity Slate" in an attempt to stop all the National Convention delegates from Colorado from supporting Romney.

stop the fight   (dövüşü durdur)

's command, Penn's brother requested that the referee stop the fight.

Gran'ma Ben rushes to stop the fight; but the Bones are arrested and imprisoned.

Bernardo went down hard and was not moving for a few seconds which caused the referee to stop the fight.

truck stop   (kamyon durağı)

He claims she was a sex worker who entered his truck at a truck stop while he slept.

The now boarded truck stop can still be seen, set back off the road behind the tower.

Falling into disrepair after a fire, the truck stop has not been in use for several decades.

stop before   (önce dur)

But Kisiakbika did not stop before the fear of being burnt.

This causes fermentation to stop before the wine can become dry.

The last stop before the 2006 WGP was the repecharge tourney in Las Vegas.

stop when   (ne zaman dur)

The ship eventually comes to a stop when not thrusting.

His rampage comes to a stop when he and Decker are killed by the British army.

An impulse from the brain causes the arm and hand to stop when the finger reaches the proper position.

final stop   (son durak)

Dover, the final stop in electric territory, is next.

It is the final stop of the Preciziei - Anghel Saligny M3 extension.

The final stop on Helsinki's 10 tram is also located in Pikku Huopalahti.

help stop   (dur yardım)

Brody makes good on his pledge to help stop Nazir's attack.

He explains that Zeus freed him to help stop "the Great Disaster," which Hercules does not know much about.

In the end, Gwen rescues Cassie from her prison and returns to the mortal world in time to help stop the plot.

flag stop   (bayrak durağı)

The depot continued to be a flag stop until January 21, 1963.

It is a flag stop on Via Rail's Winnipeg – Churchill rail line.

It was originally a vacation spot and flag stop on the railroad.

stop sign   (dur işareti)

West, who had run a stop sign, also died in the same accident.

It's a short exit with a hard right turn leading to a stop sign.

Investigators say Linn missed a stop sign and hit an oncoming vehicle.

services stop   (hizmet durağı)

A number of regional bus services stop at the station.

Only "Local" and "Semi-express" services stop at this station.

request stop   (durdurma isteği)

It became a request stop in the 1950s.

The journey time was nine minutes, although Glasson was a request stop.

There is a request stop at .

rail stop   (demiryolu durağı)

SunRail revived the station in 2014 as a commuter rail stop.

Passenger rail service returned in 2014 when SunRail revamped the station as a commuter rail stop.

It was likely named for Eridu in Mesopotamia and was a rail stop on the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.

stop at nothing   (hiçbir şeyde dur)

Now, the wizards will stop at nothing to get their amulet back.

They attack the house of Virginia Traill and stop at nothing to detect the dauphin's hiding-place.

Sheriff Tom is well aware of that, and will stop at nothing in order to destroy her and get the book back for himself.

stop the spread   (yayılmayı durdur)

DeSantis has promised to stop the spread of polluted water from Lake Okeechobee.

A new isolation building had to be provided to stop the spread of infectious diseases; this was finished in 1886.

In the event of water mains rupturing and a loss of pressure, it may also become difficult to stop the spread of a fire once it has started.

brief stop   (kısa durak)

However, some brief stop motion was used in a couple of quick sequences.

A brief stop and two bullets later, Viktor pays a visit to Trafficant in a restaurant.

These trains terminate at Cape Town railway station and make a brief stop at Bellville.

train stop   (tren durağı)

It lies near Florești, a train stop between Ploiești and Câmpina.

There was a school, store, and train stop on the narrow gauge rail.

Moto, however, suspects Gates and has him searched at a train stop.

stop on lap   (kucağında dur)

Briscoe took over the lead on lap 177, and held it until a green flag pit stop on lap 194.

By lap 298, Earnhardt had caught Johnson, but struggled to get by, finally taking the lead as Johnson made a pit stop on lap 310.

David started 10th and ran as high as 5th in the race, but during a routine pit stop on lap 45, his gearbox prevented him from returning to the race.

nothing to stop   (durmak için hiçbir şey)

There was nothing to stop her."

There's nothing to stop that.

I did nothing to stop it.

station stop   (istasyon durağı)

It was a station stop on the Penna RR's Millstone Branch.

The line use the station stop and stop operation mode combination.

stop selling   (satmayı bırak)

The smoking ban in England has caused The Fumoir to stop selling cigars.

In December 2011, however, restaurants on the Pearl were told to stop selling alcohol.

Management believed that "once the Apple III was out, the Apple II would stop selling in six months", Wozniak said.

stop codon   (kodonu durdur)

For example, selenocysteine is encoded by stop codon and SECIS element.

It is coded for with the codon UAG, which is normally a stop codon in other organisms.

This deamination changes an arginine codon (CGA) to an in-frame translation stop codon (UGA).

stop fighting   (kavgayı bırak)

He threatens her father's safety, telling her to stop fighting him.

Emperor Dezong sent eunuchs to order them to stop fighting, and thereafter Wang withdrew.

However, Ciela is diagnosed with bone marrow failure, Ciela does not stop fighting for her happiness.

stagecoach stop   (posta arabası durağı)

The hotel prospered as a stagecoach stop offering 20 rooms for a layover between Los Angeles and San Diego.

The house was built from 1820-45 by the Vaughan family from Petersburg, Virginia and served as an early stagecoach stop.

The Queens Head Tavern, nearby, was an American Revolutionary War-era tavern and was used as a stagecoach stop later on.

enough to stop   (durmak için yeterli)

Kirkpatrick has stated the affirmations were derived from observing her thoughts as she felt good enough to stop drinking.

But one sign of hand from Amgiad is enough to stop such silly move short: he then plunges Sélim in a gentle sleep taking away tearful Margyane.

The Cuban government thought the legal status of free people of color—being distinctly different from slaves—would be enough to stop solidarity.

important stop   (önemli durak)

Noclesche is an important stop over for migratory birds.

Gazdagréti tér is the terminus of five bus lines and is an important stop on the route of Bus 8E.

Kalundborg was at the time an important stop on the trade route between the North Sea and the Baltic.

efforts to stop   (durma çabaları)

An hour into the raid the fire department abandoned its efforts to stop the conflagration.

In the United States, RIFAs have gradually spread north and west despite intense efforts to stop or eliminate them.

These books are updated with the revelations about Tiny's meddling, and will eventually expose him and permanently wreck his efforts to stop humanity finding peace.

used to stop   (dururdu)

A single line stop can be used to stop off and abandon a shutdown.

Until 1985, road connectivity to Vechoor was limited and bus services from Vaikom used to stop at Vechoor.

Until the end of September 2012 Bus Éireann route 2 used to stop at Jack White's Cross numerous times each day.

attempting to stop   (durmaya çalışmak)

Despite Prince's attempting to stop the Wolf from accepting the terms, he is powerless to prevent it.

The 1940 cover art depicts Nancy and George attempting to stop Nancy's trunk from being removed from the ship.

Contacting the Caligari Conclave, the Inquisitor is informed that Flavius Draken is located on Nereus Prime attempting to stop its invasion by the Alpha Legion Chaos Marines.

decision to stop   (durdurma kararı)

Bush made the decision to stop the offensive after a mere 100 hours.

Whilst living in New York City, Shahrokh created work in protest at the mayor's decision to stop glass recycling.

In February 2016, Mai announced her decision to stop using the stage name Wolkenfrei and to perform under her own name.

stop motion animation   (hareketli animasyonu durdur)

It was produced by Cosgrove Hall Films and was animated with stop motion animation.

The video combines the fields of model making, stop motion animation and computer animation.

Despite wanting to have utilized stop motion animation, Tsuburaya reluctantly settled on suitmation.

only stop   (sadece dur)

Buses only stop at bus stops (signs or shelters).

Trains only stop on special event days.

These connections led to the release of his first album "I only stop for the Red Ants" in 2003.

never stop   (asla durma)

Tazuna decides to never stop searching for them.

For example, the following loop will, in theory, never stop.

They say that your country, however great, can never stop a trade ordained by God himself.