İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

stopped working   (çalışmayı durdurdu)

These have been removed as they constantly stopped working.

I never stopped working on my fitness".

Young stopped working for RTÉ in 2002.

stopped using   (kullanmayı bıraktı)

He had mostly stopped using barlines by this time.

He soon stopped using magnets as a part of his treatment.

After several years, the paper stopped using the wire service.

stopped when   (ne zaman durdu)

But Gladys stopped when Andrew was born.

Progress on the film was stopped when MGM went bankrupt later in the year.

Each loop was started when a car neared it and stopped when it had passed.

never stopped   (asla durmadı)

Already as a student, Jung never stopped drawing.

The Radiofabrik community never stopped growing.

However, she never stopped painting and drawing.

stopped playing

After Lewis had stopped playing he became a coach.

He stopped playing basketball after his mother died.

While others continued to perform, he stopped playing in public.

stopped short   (kısa durdu)

Radel stopped short of resigning.

The resolution, however, stopped short of calling the famine an act of genocide.

However, not all reviews have been this positive, though have stopped short of being explicitly negative.

stopped the fight   (dövüşü durdurdu)

The referee stopped the fight in round 3 by TKO.

Referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight after 4:37 of the first round.

The referee stopped the fight with Jones reeling about the ring helplessly.

not stopped   (durdurulmadı)

The debate behind the names has still not stopped.

However, the Islamist offensive was not stopped.

Pirate attacks have not stopped the 50,000 ships that annually transit the narrow passage.

then stopped

She then stopped to focus on BJJ.

She then stopped at Madras on 7 October and Trincomalee on 18 October.

She then stopped at St Helena on 16 October and the Cape on 24 November.

stopped due

Further reform was however stopped due to World War 1.

In 1989 renovation was stopped due to the lack of funds.

On 27 June 2007 the channel stopped due to disappointing ratings.

stopped all

In July 1942, due to a shortage in coal, the plant stopped all production.

In November 1952, he was blacklisted by CBS, which stopped all his radio script-work.

After the third night of the Festival, the organizers stopped all further activities.

eventually stopped

Her taking was eventually stopped by Rance.

Moore strongly contested this situation, and DC eventually stopped publishing ABC.

He eventually stopped when the police were catching on to him, and drug dealing gangs wanted him dead.

stopped writing

She stopped writing songs and started studying social work.

She appears to have stopped writing after "The Brou Ha-Ha".

He stopped writing in the 1980s and died in Moose Jaw on May 3, 2012.

referee stopped   (hakem durdu)

The referee stopped the fight in round 3 by TKO.

The referee stopped the bout at second knock down in 5th round.

At the end, the referee stopped the bout to prevent a knockout.

stopped making

After this cd, Dimension 5 stopped making music.

By 2007, these investors stopped making movie-finance deals.

The company then filed for reorganization in the following year and stopped making video games altogether.

stopped production

The company stopped production in 1984.

The program premiered on May 9, 1994 and stopped production in 1997.

The mill stopped production in 2001 and the site had been derelict since then.

stopped paying

In the west too, Arakan stopped paying tribute.

The Zunbils who had been left unchecked had completely stopped paying the tribute.

During the Great Depression, the company's revenue decreased and it stopped paying dividends.

trains stopped

The Key System trains stopped running in April 1958.

The passenger trains stopped at the resort that was named "Kill all your cares".

H&M trains stopped on the outer tracks, while PRR trains stopped on the inner tracks.

fight was stopped   (kavga durduruldu)

The fight was stopped and Sims was disqualified.

He lost when the fight was stopped in the first round.

The fight was stopped at 2:22 of the round.

stopped producing

Dragon Models stopped producing 1/6 scale action figures in November 2012.

In 2002, the company stopped producing due to a tragedy in its owners' family.

In 1949 Charlin stopped producing cinema equipment and sold all his related patents to Philips of the Netherlands.

finally stopped   (sonunda durdu)

"The weeping suddenly weakened and finally stopped.

Oh God (Devanagari: "हे राम") I've finally stopped getting dumber.

Referee George Blake finally stopped the mayhem at 2:44 of the 14th round.

stopped performing

Many medical centers stopped performing transplants.

Ryan stopped performing in the early 1970s.

Around 1894/95, she appears to have stopped performing altogether.

stopped publishing

The newspaper stopped publishing due to debt in 1997.

Echo stopped publishing in October 2011.

The magazine stopped publishing in 1998 due to a lack of funding.

stopped because   (durdu çünkü)

It was stopped because of World War II.

Williams did eight flats and stopped because he had only got £1,500.

There he beat Kaino Thomsen-Fuataga, with the fight stopped because of the points difference.

only stopped   (sadece durdu)

Casey is only stopped from killing Devon by Sarah's timely arrival.

The club was only stopped in the semi-finals, when Bayern Munich proved too strong and won 3–0.

The killings only stopped when the mob was ordered to desist from such activity by Sultan Hamid.

stopped running

The Key System trains stopped running in April 1958.

In 2008 the trains once again stopped running over Goat Canyon.

The competition stopped running in the mid-1990s for reasons unknown.

stopped taking

In 1981, Burroughs stopped taking his anti-rejection drugs.

In January 2015, BT stopped taking orders for the on-demand product.

Brown stopped taking his antiretroviral medication on the day of his first transplant.

stopped selling   (satmayı bıraktı)

The online retailer Amazon stopped selling the brand in 2009.

In November 2018, PopSockets LLC stopped selling PopSockets grips on, due to pricing disputes with Amazon.

Bicycle retailers in several states stopped selling all Vista Outdoor products, citing the company's support for the NRA.

train stopped

The train stopped one time at the Rzeszow station to pick up more wagons of Jews.

The train stopped occasionally and a few hundred people were forced off at rural towns.

The last passenger train stopped at Industry on September 30, 1941, and the depot was closed in 1950.

temporarily stopped   (geçici olarak durdu)

Kasky temporarily stopped utilizing Facebook as a result of death threats.

When they showed fatigue cracks three of the bells were temporarily stopped.

Also in the same year, she temporarily stopped working to give birth at the age of 21.

not be stopped

But the nuke is still active and cannot be stopped.

At this stage, ejaculation cannot be stopped.

Lessig insists that amateur appropriation in the digital age cannot be stopped but only 'criminalized'.

stopped operating

The syndicator stopped operating on June 6, 2010.

In April 2011 the plant stopped operating.

After Cooper's death in 1862 the medical school stopped operating.