İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

without stopping   (durmadan)

West Berlin trains passed through it without stopping.

The "San Joaquins" still pass through the station without stopping.

Trains simply ran through on line D without stopping in East Berlin.

stopping point   (durma noktası)

The Microphones was completed, or at least at a good stopping point.

It is also now a well known stopping point for visiting pleasure craft.

The island was also a stopping point during monsoon season for ship repair.

stopping place   (durma yeri)

It was also a stopping place for hikers and herders.

It was a stopping place for paddle steamers and Clyde puffers.

So the stopping place was pushed forward to the next station on the line, being Ebden.

before stopping

Sharp started first shooting at the age of 11 before stopping at 16.

Boyer had moved to third and Skowron had come halfway home before stopping.

It then passes through St. Albans, before stopping at the LIRR station at Locust Manor.

stopping power

Over-penetration is detrimental to stopping power in regards to energy.

The propulsion technique gives the quarrels extremely high stopping power.

Which gun cartridges have the greatest stopping power is a much debated topic.