pit stops   (ピットストップ)

After one hour, the first pit stops took place.

Johnson took over after green-flag pit stops with 20 to go.

The main changes have revolved around what is allowed at pit stops.

bus stops

Buses only stop at bus stops (signs or shelters).

In front of the station, there are several bus stops.

He would hand out CDs at bus stops and parties.

stops along

They make many stops along the way to Anathusia, one of the world serpents.

Making numerous promotional stops along the way, the trip lasted 18 months.

There were two stops along the lake including Canadarago Park and The Lake House.

intermediate stops

There were intermediate stops at and .

This service stopped at only a few selected intermediate stops.

Targeted at business travelers, the train makes just two intermediate stops: Dune Park and East Chicago.

train stops

Toole and his men exit the bar as the train stops.

The train stops at Otse, Ramotswa and Commerce Park Halt.

This is the only time an Amtrak operated train stops at this station.

stops when   (停止するとき)

Time stops when all barrels are in their final resting place on the rick.

Cross is driving by the school and stops when he sees his girlfriend Christine's car.

An "end" stops when one of the players is out, i.e., has played all of their dominoes.

all stops

Most services on the Musashino Line are local trains making all stops.

He said, "Bipasha [Basu] pulls out all stops to deliver her career's best performance.

In this section semi-express trains make all stops, but few trains operate here as most run on the Nagano Line after Furuichi.

made stops

By the mid-1990s the "Silver Meteor" made stops in Orlando.

In autumn 1910, Munier left for a European tour that made stops in Marseilles and Antwerp.

After that he made stops in Loreto and Spoleto, and then settled in Pisa, where he became Chapel Master of the Duomo in 1681.

made pit stops

Debris on the frontstretch caused the 14th caution on lap 338, and Gordon and Kyle Busch made pit stops, giving the lead to Denny Hamlin.

making stops

In January 2014, U-KISS toured America, making stops in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Following the Broadway run, the plays toured the US, making stops in Washington DC and Los Angeles.

Edens Landing is serviced by the Logan City bus company with bus 562 making stops along the main street of Castile Crescent.