Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

department store   (grandes almacenes)

There were built a department store, dinners, etc.

(; or Nightingale is a department store in Thailand.

Simpsons-Sears department store opened in 1955.

general store   (almacén general)

Bunting opened a general store at the site in 1878.

Oakburn has a general store and fuel station/garage.

In 1850, he set up a general store there with a partner.

grocery store   (tienda de comestibles)

The church-owned grocery store does not sell meat.

The family owned and ran an ethnic grocery store.

Tony's grocery store now anchors this location.

convenience store   (tienda de conveniencia)

Facilities include an ATM and a convenience store.

A salesclerk at convenience store of junks in Luxiole.

The site of Lt. Greble's death is now a convenience store.

first store   (primera tienda)

The first store opened in 1964, in Warren, Michigan.

The first store was located in Abilene, Texas.

Ely Steinberg opened his first store in 1921.

used to store

CD-R media have an internal layer of dye used to store data.

The container used to store cookies may be called a cookie jar.

It was used to store grains.

store chain   (cadena de tiendas)

Shoppers Fair Shoppers Fair was a discount department store chain.

French cosmetics store chain Sephora began to stock philosophy in 1998.

His first post-grad job was at Montgomery Ward, a department store chain.

retail store   (tienda al por menor)

Sears closed the Crosstown retail store in 1983.

The trial gardens and on-site retail store closed in 2013.

This could for instance be a sales situation in a retail store.

hardware store   (ferretería)

Menard opened his first hardware store in 1964.

The location of the hardware store is now a Hamburger Mary's.

In his youth, he often worked at his father's hardware store.

flagship store   (tienda principal)

The flagship store operated as a Bon Ton until 1995.

Its first flagship store opened in October 2009.

It's a 70,000 m2 fashion flagship store.

online store   (tienda en línea)

The company closed its online store in August 2013.

Lui launched her company as an online store in January 2016.

The website has online store with motorcycling related items.

store opened

One store opened in Mexico City in February 2015.

In 1968, the first Makro store opened in Amsterdam.

The first store opened in 1964, in Warren, Michigan.

record store   (tienda de discos)

By 1930, the census showed him working at a record store.

A blues record store that stocked 45s only.

Then, I got a job in a record store.

clothing store   (tienda de ropa)

She is also the CEO of the online clothing store 301호 고양이.

1854), heiress to the Gately furniture and clothing store.

In 2011, he opened up his online clothing store, Bass Boutique.

music store

Her mother was a housewife and owned a music store.

He lands a job in a music store, which is run by A.R.

She ran a music store in Paris with her husband Mayer-Marix.

store owner   (dueño de tienda)

The store owner comes out to yell at the boy who carelessly leaves.

They didn't have the store owner or a strong personality doing theirs."

His father worked as a grocery store owner and his mother was a teacher.

new store

J. C. Penney moved to a new store in 2006.

DSW also relocated to a new store on the site of the mall.

The new store re-opened June 13, 2019.

drug store

Out of work, Storey launched another drug store.

The two of them also worked together at a drug store.

In 1975 he built his first drug store in Kirchheim unter Teck.

store closed

The store closed on Saturday 16 January 2016.

The Sunderland store closed entirely in 1993.

The downtown store closed in 1977 due to declining sales.

goods store

Walls in the dangerous goods store are facebrick.

Blaisdell owned and operated a sporting goods store in Keene.

Stevenson began his career as a clerk in a dry goods store in Nashville.

book store

Now, he runs a used book store and feels isolated.

There is a Friends of the Library used book store inside the library.

There is a book store on the ground floor on the left side of the building.

opened a store

Barnes & Noble opened a store in the mall in 2007.

May's brother, Nathan, opened a store at the site in 1879.

French fashion firm Lanvin opened a store on Rodeo in 2011.

furniture store   (tienda de muebles)

They came to Bismarck in 1884 and opened a furniture store.

In 1923, it was re-sold and transformed to a furniture store.

Her mother ran a furniture store there.

liquor store   (Tienda de licores)

Sullivan retired from politics and opened up a liquor store.

He has also run a liquor store, been a public transport driver and worked as a shepherd.

The name Silversun Pickups was derived from a liquor store located across from Silverlake Lounge.

department store chain   (cadena de tiendas por departamento)

Shoppers Fair Shoppers Fair was a discount department store chain.

His first post-grad job was at Montgomery Ward, a department store chain.

Hudson Company, was a retail department store chain based in Detroit, Michigan.

store was opened

The store was opened in partnership with Mahi Gold.

The 14,500sqm store was opened on 20 November 2013.

The first store was opened on Lambton Quay.

jewelry store   (joyería)

A jewelry store advertisement was also found in the First Annual Review.

By 1938 he was running a jewelry store, and developing real estate projects.

It was designed by Tilghman Company, a family-owned jewelry store in Annapolis, Maryland.

store called

The family ran a small town store called The Hub.

They each put up $600 for a store called "Woolworth and Kirby".

The children come to a weapon store called Arm of Coates, and go inside.

store located

The name Silversun Pickups was derived from a liquor store located across from Silverlake Lounge.

Easy Street Records Easy Street Records is an independent record store located in Seattle, Washington.

McElhinney's McElhinney's is a multi-award winning, 3-storey fifteen-department store located in Ballybofey, County Donegal.

store clerk

Record collecting, part-time modelling, rent-boy/porn store clerk.

Ex-con pervert porn store clerk.

When he was 18, he moved to St. Louis where he worked as a store clerk.

dry goods store

Stevenson began his career as a clerk in a dry goods store in Nashville.

He migrated first to New Orleans, Louisiana where he worked in a dry goods store.

Barnes & Goodison continued to use the building as a dry goods store and drug store until 1904.

store manager

His father was a store manager and also owned a tavern adjoining the store.

She was born in Nottingham, England, the daughter of a civil servant and a store manager.

Erik Lyly continued as a store manager for Aineen Autoliike Oy (car dealer) in Rovaniemi.

anchor store   (tienda ancla)

Sears was the only original anchor store that remained.

Nordstrom closed in 2016, leaving a vacant anchor store.

The only current anchor store is Macy's.

shoe store   (zapatería)

The first Jimmy Choo shoe store was opened in 1996 on Motcomb Street.

Christian Louboutin opened his first shoe store at no 23, and it is still trading there.

She played the role of Zaza, trophy wife to Bheki (Simo Magwaza), mother of two, and owner of a shoe store.

store room   (Trastero)

He and his friends go there and find a person in the store room of the house.

The mortuary survived and is currently used as a store room by the Kew Gardens Rotary Club.

It included an office and store room at the north end, 12 vehicle bays, and an oil store room at the south end.

small store

Beyond this is a small store which dates from 1862, and the road bridge.

A small store existed on Lipson Road for many years, run by Will Harwood from 1920.

"[AiResearch's] first 'lab' was a small store building on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles".

second store

In 1926, a second store was constructed in The Hague.

The second store opened three years later in Weiser, Idaho.

The Coffee Club also opened, making it the second store in Wyndham, the other being in Stockland.

food store

In warmer climes, a winter food store is less common.

In the village there is a food store and a neoclassical evangelical church from the 19th century.

The village has a few shops including a Co-op food store, a barber's shop, a post office and a fish and chip restaurant.

video store

It starts off with two young male friends in a video store.

The video store claims to be the oldest of its kind in its city.

The first Blockbuster video store opened in Dallas, TX in 1985 with 8,000 titles.

store building

The store building remains though long disused by the Bay.

"[AiResearch's] first 'lab' was a small store building on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles".

The store building was built in 1836, and is a three-story, three bay by three bay, fieldstone building.

country store   (tienda de campo)

He is the owner of a country store in Lawrencetown.

Rosewood had its start when a country store opened at the site.

Amenities in the community included a train depot, schoolhouse, and country store.

store water

The roots of the bloodwood tree store water.

The stem is typically succulent, meaning it is adapted to store water.

Higher sedimentation would decrease the reservoir's capacity to store water.

app store   (tienda de aplicaciones)

The game was removed from the app store in 2018.

It is available via the Apple app store.

Android applications are sold via the rupee-priced Google Play app store.

local store

In May 2016 the local store burned down.

There is a Co-op on Church Street which serves as the local store and Post Office.

The near-fatal knife was bought at a local store and reportedly still contained a price tag.

store shelves   (estantes de las tiendas)

The machine had gone from concept to store shelves in a little under a year.

Menji products are fast becoming a staple on many dollar/discount store shelves.

Many copies were mistakenly put on store shelves on the scheduled release date, only to be immediately recalled.

store data

CD-R media have an internal layer of dye used to store data.

It can include a variety of hard disk and magnetic tape devices that store data.

An HDD with two disks internally will typically store data on all four surfaces.

toy store   (tienda de juguetes)

His family sold the majority interest in the toy store in 1963.

During Halloween, she enters a small toy store after dark and gets locked in it.

Some years later, Linda (with her daughter) and Lenny (with Max) meet in a toy store.

company store   (tienda de la empresa)

The company store is now home to the Kentucky Coal Museum.

Also on the property is a 1 1/2-story, stone company store and storekeeper's residence, and 2 1/2-story stuccoed stone granary.

She grew up in a steel town called Beech Bottom, West Virginia which had about 400 people, a church, a pool room, a drug store, and a company store.

store up

A ZFS file system can store up to 256 quadrillion zettabytes (ZB).

The sequencer can store up to ten songs (20,000 notes, total) at a time.

The Giraffe can store up to five pods, and one is lost each time it jumps.

store owners   (propietarios de la tienda)

Several months went by, as store owners in England refused to buy Jerome's clocks.

Some store owners endorse her work and encourage others to do similar work as well.

Some store owners reportedly paid local thugs to protect them from the violence because security forces were mostly absent.

store chains

The bars are sold in several large retail store chains in twelve countries.

Dayton–Hudson eventually acquired and sold several other department store chains.

CD collections of these classic radio shows are sold in retail store chains everywhere.

original store

A fire destroyed the original store.

Mafat and Tulsi Patel still own the original store in Chicago and various trademarks.

The original store was located on Main Street in the current site of the Main Place Mall.

store and post

Afterwards, Barzella Burgess turned the hotel into a store and post office.

In the late 1920s, a general store and post office was constructed on Route 79.

When first built it was used as a store and post office, as Abbott was the postmaster for the town.