Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

single storey   (sola planta)

There are no residential buildings over a single storey.

The chapel is a single storey building.

The Cave 7 is also a monastery (15.55 × 31.25 m) but a single storey.

upper storey   (piso superior)

The upper storey enshrining the Three Saints of Hua-yan ().

The eaves side of the upper storey is also used externally.

In this type, only the upper storey with the bells has four walls.

storey building   (edificio de pisos)

The chapel is a single storey building.

Bishop Block is a 2 storey building adjacent to the canteen sails.

The single storey building is constructed of face brick, with stucco decoration.

second storey   (segundo piso)

The second storey was constructed in 2012.

In the second storey Djehutynefer is shown receiving offerings.

The second storey has a pillared rectangular shrine of Lord Vishnu on a Serpent.