short stories   (短編小説)

The 1985 episodes are based on six short stories.

Laidlaw has also written dozens of short stories.

He wrote about a hundred short stories in his life.

news stories

The news stories are available in German and French.

She covers business and financial news stories.

The Prismatic app was centered on a feed of news stories.

stories high

It consists of 16 buildings three-to-seven stories high.

The courthouse is three stories high including a usable attic.

This complex is eight stories high, and contains over of space.

stories tall   (背の高い物語)

It was built in 1928 and stands 18 stories tall.

The minarets are three stories tall with carved balconies.

The house is two stories tall and is built in the Eastlake style.

other stories   (他の物語)

All other stories are original to this anthology.

Over time, other stories were told of Daedalus.

There are other stories, too.

many stories

There are many stories that are a thousand years old, or older.

She published many stories and poems.

The settlement is known for its mills, many stories and legends.

collection of stories

The collection of stories is based on cases from his chambers.

It is a collection of stories about being an infamous comedian.

In 1945, his “Serene nights” collection of stories was published.

stories written

short stories written by Shoji Gatoh and published in the "Dragon Magazine."

New Conan stories written entirely by de Camp and Carter were added as well.

Some of the Colonel stories written for children were translated into English.

stories published

Several stories published without sanction from Glidrose warrant mention.

"Life in the Iron Mills" is one of the earliest American Realist stories published.

Information broker characters play a prominent role in stories published by DC Comics.

stories in height

Both are two stories in height, with gabled roofs.

The main lodge rooms are each two stories in height.

The high-rise office building stands 16 stories in height.

several stories

There are several stories of the name origin.

This spins off into several stories.

They included several stories and articles about the characters.

tell stories

They tell stories of him beforehand, in the gulch.

In the Americas, the Cherokee used bead work to tell stories.

use photos of real horses to tell stories about real horses/donkeys.

ghost stories   (怪談)

Many ghost stories have settings along this old highway.

The Wilsons' story inevitably inspired several ghost stories.

This grisly tale has given rise to many ghost stories about the Abbey.

fiction stories

Genetic engineering features in many science fiction stories.

Circumbinary planets are common in many science fiction stories:

It is based on the paranormal fiction stories of the SCP Foundation website.

personal stories

The duo shared their personal stories with New Release Tuesday in July 2012.

The book is a collection of personal stories from gay men with disabilities.

The songs tell personal stories of life in the wide open country of Australia.

original stories

The original stories were adapted for the radio by Russell Hughes.

These periodicals contained mostly reprints and a few original stories.

These original stories only roughly followed the continuity of "Adventure 02".

stories set

He wrote several volumes of short stories set during the Second World War.

Solo plays a central role in many "Star Wars" stories set after "Return of the Jedi".

Amongst Smith's science fiction tales are stories set on Mars and the invented planet of Xiccarph.

love stories   (ラブストーリー)

Some "corridos" may be love stories.

It is far from any straightforward love stories Agnes describes on her album.

One of the first love stories of the show was that of Penny Hughes and Jeff Baker.

stories told

His works are inspired by stories told to him in his childhood by his father.

King Zhao Huiwen is a central character in many of the stories told about Lin Xiangru.

This term is particularly clear in relation to the stories told among the Walak tribe (Western Lani).

new stories

I think there was lots of potential for new stories."

Inside their bodies, the stories combine to form new stories.

This book contains articles from his blog and some new stories.

telling stories

Instead, he wanders the world, telling stories.

Inside, two old men are telling stories to pass the time.

According to her mother, she's been telling stories since she was a child.

stories and novels

Episodes adapted both short stories and novels.

She wrote over 250 short stories and novels.

Beside journal, Chu Tử has established more short stories and novels.

different stories

The problem appears in different stories about the invention of chess.

On the other hand, many different stories about Tarzan Corner are known.

His whereabouts remained a mystery with various outlets reporting different stories.

stories such

The series has been described as a throwback to classic fantasy stories such as J.R.R.

He also performs adaptations of short stories such as The Signalman and Doctor Marigold.

Magic items from the "Dying Earth" stories such as ioun stones also made their way into "Dungeons & Dragons".

own stories

The UDC encouraged women to write their own stories.

Ahmed directed films based on his own stories.

I wanted to write, draw, and letter all my own stories.

stories were published

Number of short stories were published in Anandabazar.

In Italy most of his short stories were published at "Urania".

Several stories were published which made it clear that he was gay.

science fiction stories

Genetic engineering features in many science fiction stories.

Circumbinary planets are common in many science fiction stories:

Flying cars are also a popular theme in fantasy and science fiction stories.

stories featuring

James Fenimore Cooper began a series of stories featuring the characters Hawkeye and Chingachgook.

Between 1939 and 1943, four different stories featuring Flossy appeared on "American Weekly" covers.

It can't be known, of course, whether Hodgson might one day have written more stories featuring Cargunka.

series of stories

James Fenimore Cooper began a series of stories featuring the characters Hawkeye and Chingachgook.

O'Connell was previously the Business Editor of the Sunday Times, where he broke a series of stories.

The story is also part of a loosely connected series of stories by Asimov about the supercomputer Multivac.

success stories

This has been noted on the EPA website as one of its success stories.

'Mas Cal Demoura is one of the intriguing success stories of modern Languedoc wine.

The city considers it one of its success stories and uses it as an template for other projects.

fiction short stories

McConnell also published several science fiction short stories in the mid-1950s.

Martin began selling science fiction short stories professionally in 1970, at age 21.

Ackerman also used the paperback series to promote science fiction short stories, including his own on occasion.

stories and poems

McCutcheon has also written many short stories and poems.

She published many stories and poems.

He also published novels, plays, children's books, short stories and poems.

horror stories

Inside, they find a secret room and a book of horror stories written by Sarah Bellows.

In 1987, Martin published a collection of short horror stories in "Portraits of His Children".

They rented a cabin, writing Gothic and other horror stories and selling them to "Weird Tales" magazine.

detective stories

Many detective stories have police officers as the main characters.

Roy's created Robert Blake (Detective) series was based on Sexton Blake detective stories.

Piyadasa Sirisena also was the first novelist in the country to produce detective stories.

life stories   (ライフストーリー)

Most of Ostrovsky's later plays were based on real life stories.

They tell their life stories of courage, hardship and resilience.

Most of his books are non fiction life stories of famous animals.

stories based

He also wrote several short stories based on J.G.

", reprinting stories based on the pre-probe ideas of Venus.

Some stories based on snakes have been made into Thai movies.

several short stories

He also wrote several short stories based on J.G.

She has previously written and published several short stories.

He did several short stories for America's Best Comics and Wildstorm.

number of stories   (ストーリー数)

This role is expressed in a number of stories about Athena.

The engines' Scottish heritage has been referenced in a number of stories.

Following Lovecraft's death, Derleth wrote a number of stories based on fragments and notes left by Lovecraft.

adventure stories

He wrote hundred of detective and adventure stories.

Also a writer of nature and adventure stories, Will Frakes had a surprisingly engaging style.

This expertise helped launch his career writing adventure stories for "Northwest Stories", beginning in 1925.

writing stories

Shortly after starting this work, he began writing stories and publishing his first novel "Les Onriques" in 2008.

Philip has also said that an advantage of writing stories is that "[y]ou can do all the romance and war and friendship and loyalty.

Joan and Sarah—Newt and Fox—spend all their spare time outside, talking and fooling around, and soon start writing stories together.

wrote short stories

He first wrote short stories and travel narratives.

In the 1960s, Lane wrote short stories and radio scripts.

He also wrote short stories and a novel.

more stories

He did not sell any more stories until he was 22.

Robert and Tracy are given more stories than in the first series.

They wrote more stories for the paper, making it a near entirely local paper.

true stories

A rich, bittersweet spectrum of love and loss, based on true stories.

"Forever Strong" is based on a compilation of individual true stories.

These stories are "true stories"- accounts of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

short stories written

short stories written by Shoji Gatoh and published in the "Dragon Magazine."

Bagombo Snuff Box Bagombo Snuff Box is a collection of 23 short stories written by Kurt Vonnegut.

Some other books and short stories written by Christopher Fowler are that "Rune, The Master Builder", and "Red Bride".

feature stories   (特集記事)

These ratings led to feature stories on SIUE's safety.

After that, Evans was given feature stories to draw in 1947.

Ma'an News Agency also publishes feature stories, analysis and opinion articles.

published stories

(They are included in the above list of published stories.)

Five published stories were never included in Asimov's own books.

Libbey also wrote 120 plays, many based on her previously published stories.

cover stories

He wrote nearly forty cover stories.

Tai hid his spies’ names and created cover stories for his operatives .

He has been featured in cover stories on numerous magic-related publications.

writing short stories

Hajra Masroor began writing short stories from an early age.

She started writing short stories in 1942 and continued writing till her death.

After taking a correspondence course in journalism he started writing short stories.

told stories

His films told stories of human relationships entangled in social issues.

She trades places with a man named Robert, to whom she had told stories and granted wishes for many years.

In the second, Vovuxa, characterized as an old lady, Xuxa told stories always with some lesson for children.

stories include

Many of White's stories include moral teaching.

Smithiverse stories include "Indigo Prime", "Tyranny Rex" and "Firekind".

The stories include "Infamy of the Zaross", "Sword of the Chevalier" and "Cold Vengeance".

stories appeared

A number of his short stories appeared in "Collier's".

Her first stories appeared in the Spring of 1945 in issue 12 of "Wonder Woman".

This and many other early stories appeared in the British magazine "Science Fantasy".

upper stories

The two lower stories are in brick and the upper stories in half-timbering and stucco.

It features a bell tower, gable roof with dormers, stuccoed upper stories, and barrel vaults.

Such restaurants are often located on upper stories of hotels, communication towers, and skyscrapers.

short stories published

Mahar has had short stories published in journals including the "London Magazine" and "Critical Quarterly".

Her short stories published in the literary magazines had received high appreciation from Urdu literary circles.

Plus the following seven stories selected from the short stories published in the years after the 1993 anthology.

wrote stories

He has an older sister who wrote stories as a child.

Johnson wrote stories of circus life for "Blue Book".

"Esquire", "The Wall Street Journal", "Time", and "Newsweek" all wrote stories on the film.

such stories

Each issue contained two or three such stories and was published every two months.

Using such stories, the "Mahavamsa" glorifies Sri Lanka as the new preserve of Buddhism.

One of the most famous collections of such stories is "The Twenty-four Filial Exemplars".

stories and essays

Alarcón also wrote three travel books and many short stories and essays.

Mahaju wrote more than 44 books of poetry, epics, short stories and essays.

His work ranged through poetry and playwriting to short stories and essays.

later stories

In the later stories there is no one like him for telling the tale."

He did, however, introduce several individuals who resurfaced in later stories.

The heavy death toll on Justice Departments worldwide would have effects in later stories.

novels and stories

Bianchon appears in several novels and stories of "La Comédie humaine", including "Le Père Goriot".

Translate nearly 40 books, including fiction novels and stories), children's literature and reference books.

Just like many other novels and stories by Agatha Christie, "Ordeal by Innocence" is set in the West Country of England.

stories edited

"Jyotish Janini Vartasrishti" (2013) is a collection of his selected stories edited by Mohan Parmar.

"The New Dead" (2010), an anthology of previously unpublished zombie stories edited by Christopher Golden, contains an additional "World War Z" story titled "Closure, Limited".

Alternate Generals II Alternate Generals (2002) is a collection of alternate history short stories edited by Harry Turtledove.It includes Turtledove's own short story, "Uncle Alf".

various stories

There are various stories and legends about deity Dedimunda.

Written by Wang Can, it contains various stories of the late Han warlords.

Many renowned actors asked for or were offered guest-starring roles in various stories.

early stories

I went to the DC library and read some of the early stories.

This and many other early stories appeared in the British magazine "Science Fantasy".

Mykhailo Maksymovych promoted Kulish's literary efforts and published several of his early stories.

stories for children

She is also famous for her stories for children.

She published novels, plays and morality stories for children.

Stahl, he was the author of many stories for children and young people.

fantasy stories   (ファンタジー物語)

The series has been described as a throwback to classic fantasy stories such as J.R.R.

Numerous modern science fiction and fantasy stories intermix human and creature characters.

is an anthology of fantasy stories, edited by Esther M. Friesner, with a cover by Larry Elmore.

tells the stories

It tells the stories of a young horse named Marvin who is part of a carnival.

Rutherfurd invents four to six fictional families and tells the stories of their descendants.

This series tells the stories of the Carpathians, an ancient race with near-immortal lifespans that feeds on human blood.

stories are set

Most of Smith's stories are set in an era starting some 14,000 years in the future.

The "Fairy Dust" series has different human characters each time, and the stories are set at different places in the British countryside.

A number of his stories are set within the rather seedy end of show business, drawing on his background as a playwright, director and actor.

write stories

When he was ten, she urged Alexei to write stories.

Hummel was the first woman to write stories for "Wonder Woman."

His ability to write stories made him well known in the school.

stories have appeared

His stories have appeared in Portuguese, French, English besides several Indian languages.

Lliteras’s Haiku, poetry, and short stories have appeared in many national and international journals and anthologies.

His third book "Life With Its Sorrow, Life With Its Tear" was published in 1971, and his short stories have appeared in publications including "The Saturday Evening Post" and Collier's.

individual stories   (個々の物語)

It's very much about their individual stories."

Their individual stories are told in gripping, unflinching detail.

The books were printed anonymously, however, and so the individual stories were reprinted many times in various collections.

both stories

Moreover, both stories were a perfect match for the composer's talents.

In the U.S. and Canada both stories were released individually in 2001.

The episode was made by the same team as "Galaxy 4" ("Serial T"), with both stories sharing pre-filming.

published short stories

During this time he published short stories about piracy.

He has published short stories in One Story, Fence, StoryQuarterly, and BOMB.

As Melanie Hauser, she published short stories in the In Posse Review and The Adirondack Review.

stories involving

"Doctor Who Magazine" printed several comics stories involving Davros.

Several other Blish stories involving novel space drives contain the same assertion.

Its journalists seek to break major news stories involving Nashville-area business, politics and sports.

based on stories

The plot is based on stories from the "Arabian Nights".

This idea was based on stories of his late grandfather that had been passed down.

Much of his comedy is based on stories about his wife, Sabrina, referred to as Sweetie.

crime stories

The magazine also covered important crime stories.

The city is "Germany's capital of TV crime stories".

Udenta wrote novels as well as crime stories, but also technical books.

stories including

He covered many types of stories including; crime, human interest stories, and animal stories.

As the artist of "Catwoman", Balent worked on several Batman crossover stories including "", "", and "".

The following are a few references to stories including a character who does not speak despite being physically able to.