Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

straight sets   (juegos rectos)

He then lost to Denis Shapovalov in straight sets.

Kubot/Marach defeated Dlouhý/Paes in straight sets.

He then lost in straight sets against World No.

second straight   (segundo consecutivo)

He was named to his second straight All-Star team.

Rory McIlroy won his second straight playoff event.

1 ranking for the second straight season.

straight line   (línea recta)

Initially, the highway heads east in a straight line.

Points in this straight line run into the fixed point.

The pattern can be straight line, circular, or serpentine.

third straight   (tercera recta)

It was UCF's third straight home-opener victory.

This marked Greensburg's third straight loss.

The game was Michigan's third straight loss at Wisconsin.

straight year   (año consecutivo)

ESPN broadcast the game for the 13th straight year.

Kalitta won the Topeka event for a fourth straight year in 1997.

In , the Indians made the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

straight games   (juegos rectos)

Sindhu in 2 straight games in quarterfinals.

From Weeks 8-10, he had three straight games with a receiving touchdown.

From Weeks 14–17, he had four straight games with a receiving touchdown.

went straight   (fue directo)

Weller's single went straight in to the UK top 20.

When he was repaired, Skarloey went straight back to work.

The comeback song went straight in at No.

straight season   (temporada recta)

They lost to Michigan for the sixth straight season.

1 ranking for the second straight season.

The team missed the playoffs for the seventh straight season.

second straight year   (segundo año consecutivo)

He was an AVCA first team All-American for the second straight year.

For the second straight year, the show closed with a different song.

Gray was named to the First Team All-AAC for the second straight year.

straight lines   (lineas rectas)

They travel in straight lines through the empty tube.

Great circles transform to straight lines via the gnomonic projection.

It seems that the goal of the designer was to avoid straight lines completely.

fourth straight   (cuarto consecutivo)

Philip earned his fourth straight bowl MVP award.

April 25 won the title for the fourth straight time.

It was the fourth straight festival at West Riverfront Park.

straight wins   (victorias consecutivas)

It was the first in a run of four straight wins for the Australian veteran.

The Reds have not lost a World Series game since Carlton Fisk's home run, a span of 9 straight wins.

Dundeel started his racing career with five straight wins culminating in the 2012 Spring Champion Stakes.

straight away   (inmediatamente)

The concert was almost sold out straight away.

Rowley explained: "I got on really well with him straight away.

Schiller was released in 1973 and went underground straight away.

straight through   (directamente)

Bond had a narrow escape as the ball passed straight through his hat.

New lines were drawn straight through the middle of Warren Wilson College.

Northbound traffic from TRUCK US 1/9 could now go straight through the circle.

straight years   (años seguidos)

Madison made the Pro Bowl for four straight years from 1999 to 2002.

1 position in global sales for four straight years" during his tenure.

Unfortunately, the Rebel would finish in the basement three straight years as well.

straight up   (hacia arriba)

From my childhood, straight up.

The vehicle may have to turn to aim the missiles or they may fire straight up.

A bullet fired straight up only returns at the terminal velocity of the bullet.

go straight   (ir directamente)

He should go straight to the stable and take the horse.

He'll probably go straight for the Guineas."

Tom says that's not his dream, so he wants to go straight to the pizzeria.

fifth straight   (quinto consecutivo)

It was the fifth straight win by the home team in this Series.

It was the fifth straight silver medal for Britain in this event.

3 overall seed, marking their fifth straight trip to the FCS playoffs.

straight back   (hacia atrás)

Surti breed has got a unique straight back.

When he was repaired, Skarloey went straight back to work.

However, they were relegated straight back to the 2019 I.F.C.

straight ahead   (Al frente)

His style is smooth jazz and straight ahead jazz.

The Circle has 3 other roads to its left, right and straight ahead.

None of this happened to Oprah – she is a straight ahead success story.

straight edge   (borde recto)

Jason Shrout was straight edge.

He is also straight edge.

As a youth he was a member of the Long Island straight edge band "XbustedX."

third straight year   (tercer año consecutivo)

This was the third straight year the tournament featured six teams.

For the third straight year Dallas once again found themselves stuck in the .500 area.

Schefter was voted USA Today's best "insider" for a third straight year in November 2011.

second straight season   (segunda temporada consecutiva)

1 ranking for the second straight season.

The Chargers started 3–1 in 2012 for the second straight season.

They lost the Conference Championship game for the second straight season.

straight seasons   (temporadas rectas)

He was named first-team all-Pac-10 three straight seasons, 1990–92.

Between 1987 and 1990 he played every single game in three straight seasons.

This was the first time the franchise made the playoffs four straight seasons.

straight red   (rojo recto)

Lewis Ferguson was given a straight red for a tackle on Tom Rogic.

On 10 October 2009, Douglas was given a straight red card in a match against Millwall.

He was shown a straight red on his debut, 2 minutes after teammate, Luke Varney received a second yellow.

straight man   (hombre heterosexual)

He is usually the straight man to Granny and Jethro's antics.

"The Gorilla" (1939) had him playing straight man to Patsy Kelly and the Ritz Brothers.

The two lead hosts serve as a double act, with John Boy the comic foil and Billy the straight man.

straight win   (victoria directa)

Texas' eight straight win in the Red River series.

The 71–56 win marked MSU's 10th straight win.

It was the fifth straight win by the home team in this Series.

straight down   (hacia abajo)

Tourists are able to look straight down.

A ball that hits the wire squarely and drops straight down is a home run.

It is equal-ended, with the prow and the stern dropping straight down or sloping outward.

nearly straight   (casi recto)

The spire is conic, with nearly straight outlines.

The spire is conical, with nearly straight outlines.

The front margin of the disc is nearly straight.

lost in straight   (perdido en la recta)

He then lost in straight sets against World No.

In the final he faced Novak Djokovic and lost in straight sets.

In the first round he faced American 15th seed David Wheaton and lost in straight sets.

straight red card   (tarjeta roja recta)

On 10 October 2009, Douglas was given a straight red card in a match against Millwall.

Five month later, Konko received a straight red card after a professional foul, in a 3–2 win over Cesena on 9 February 2012.

Three weeks later, on 22 October 2016, Lam received a straight red card in the second half, in a 2–1 loss against Cardiff City.

straight game   (juego directo)

For the third straight game, no home runs were hit by either team.

For the second straight game, Michigan was held scoreless in the second half.

Sal Rei now got their 14th straight game without a win at the national championships.

almost straight   (casi recto)

Its leaves are almost straight, and reddish-green in colour.

The animal crawls with the shell in a high and almost straight position.

The village of Eimhjellen lies about almost straight east of Solheim, across the lake.

straight forward   (sencillo)

Backward chaining is a bit less straight forward.

She is optimist and straight forward.

The distinction between these firms is not always straight forward (e.g.

sixth straight   (sexto consecutivo)

They lost to Michigan for the sixth straight season.

He contributed a lot to his team's sixth straight national championship Asseco Prokom .

In August 2018, Anthony won his sixth straight Republican nomination for a seat on the OCC.

straight losses   (pérdidas directas)

However, the Tigers went home after two straight losses.

Penn ends his UFC Career with 7 straight losses, the most straight losses in UFC history.

straight victories   (victorias rectas)

Reich led the Bills to two straight victories.

To close out his collegiate career, he had 13 straight victories.

Lewis led Weequahic to 40 straight victories and two New Jersey State championships."

long straight   (larga recta)

It may be unarmed or armed with long straight spines.

The long straight willow stems were used for basket making.

These must carry the lateral tension of the long straight sections of wire.

back straight   (vuelta recta)

The neck is strong and rather long, well connected to the withers, and the back straight.

The pressure got to the Italian as he spun down to fourth at the entrance to the back straight.

The back straight lasts for a few hundred metres before the driver approaches turn 12, a flat-out left hander known as Mineshaft.

going straight   (seguir derecho)

SR 49 then enters Erin shortly afterwards, going straight through downtown before having an intersection with SR 149.

It features four major summits, with the trail going straight up and down the fall line into the gaps between, with all the rugged terrain that implies.

With the new television deals on the horizon, momentum has been growing to find ways of preventing the majority of the cash going straight to players and agents.

third straight season   (tercera temporada consecutiva)

On March 28, the Jazz qualified the playoffs for the third straight season.

This was the third straight season in which the team did not reach the playoffs.

He led the Packers in quarterback pressures for the third straight season, with 53.5.

won three straight   (ganó tres partidos seguidos)

They won three straight A.L.

No other lightweight crew has won three straight IRA titles, in vespolis.

From 2008 to 2010, the Falcons won three straight State 3A Championships.

goes straight   (va derecho)

From here, the route goes straight to Tolar Khind.

She adores two-tone fashions, over-the-knee boots, sparkly capes and hair that goes straight and curly.

It goes straight through Harrison before turning north and crossing Chickamauga Lake, leaving Harrison.

straight time   (tiempo exacto)

April 25 won the title for the fourth straight time.

The home team won for the third straight time as the series moved to the Polo Grounds.

This game also marked the second straight time the backup QB for GT got the start on the road in the GT-VT series.

straight loss   (pérdida directa)

This marked Greensburg's third straight loss.

The game was Michigan's third straight loss at Wisconsin.

After second straight loss in the UFC he was released from the promotion.

main straight   (recta principal)

Top teams exceed 70 km/h on the main straight during their flying lap.

In 2004 the corner leading up to the main straight was transformed to its current shape (shortening the track by 40m).

It has a short main straight and most of the course consisted of tight, twisty corners so overtaking was extremely difficult.

straight fight   (lucha directa)

The Liberal candidate, Arthur Cecil Murray won the seat in a straight fight with his Conservative opponent S J Gammell.

In front of 4,125, Linares won his 12th straight fight, retaining his WBA world title after 12 rounds against Campbell.

So no Liberal candidate of any stripe contested the 1935 general election in Perth which was won by the Unionists in a straight fight with Labour.

seventh straight   (séptimo consecutivo)

The team missed the playoffs for the seventh straight season.

This is Andy seventh straight qualificationand his sixth appearance withdrawing in 2005.

Despite the early struggles, the 2008 champion Detroit Shock reached the playoffs for the seventh straight year.

straight weeks   (semanas seguidas)

1 on KQV for four straight weeks during January 1970.

1 for two straight weeks.

Ranked #2 in the country for 10 weeks and ranked top 5 for 16 straight weeks, finished the year as #8 at NABC poll.

straight title   (título directo)

David Ottley won a third straight title in the javelin throw.

David Ottley won his fourth straight title in the men's javelin throw.

Brose Baskets from Bamberg won its 6th German championship and its 4th straight title.

straight tapered   (recta cónica)

In plan the wing was straight tapered, with rounded tips.

It has low aspect ratio straight tapered wings with blunt, almost square tips.

The single spar, low wing is straight tapered, with 5° of dihedral and fitted with flaps.