İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

small stream   (Küçük akarsu)

A small stream runs along the bottom of the valley.

A small stream runs into the lake and exits the lake.

The building is on of land transversed by a small stream.

stream flows   (akarsu akışları)

The stream flows for before it empties into Cottonwood Creek.

The stream flows for until it empties into the Sacramento River.

The stream flows for before it empties into the Sacramento River.

steady stream   (sürekli akış)

She has since gotten a steady stream of projects for years.

"U-575" performed a steady stream of sinkings on her fifth sortie.

Churches provided a steady stream of income, with little cost and effort.

live stream   (canlı yayın)

On Netglow, he started streaming "Best Club", a weekly live stream show.

The World Cup is broadcast through live stream channels via the Twitch platform.

In October 2015, during a live stream, Day mentioned that the show was canceled.

available to stream   (akış için kullanılabilir)

The album was available to stream online through The A.V.

On October 4, 2019, the film was available to stream on Netflix.

The film was available to stream worldwide on May 18, 2018, by Netflix.

jet stream

Its wind field can join with the wind field of the polar jet stream.

Tornadoes form in the warm sector of extratropical cyclones where a strong upper level jet stream exists.

This wind pattern is controlled by the formation of a high-pressure area and a shift of the subtropical jet stream to the south.

data stream

The 1571 uses a saddle canceler when reading the data stream.

RFCOMM provides a simple, reliable, data stream to the user, similar to TCP.

It is an easy matter to omit them from both the data stream and the calculations.

stream of consciousness   (bilinç akışı)

Parikh employs the stream of consciousness in his narration.

Rose has described her writing process as being like a "stream of consciousness".

As she leaves, Mrs. A returns with a garbled, speeded up voiceover expressing her stream of consciousness.

blood stream

Oxygen binds with red blood cells in the blood stream.

Investigators found large amounts of alcohol in his blood stream.

Upon ingestion by rats, only about 0.01% berkelium ends in the blood stream.

stream headwaters

The stream headwaters arise at at an elevation of approximately 750 feet.

The stream headwaters arise just southwest of the Marshfield municipal airport at at an elevation of 1320 feet.

The stream headwaters arise just southeast of Rogers (at ) and it flows generally west past the south side of Rogers.

main stream   (ana akış)

Lanza is the name of the main stream that flows in Rodero.

The main stream has its rise in 11°21′3″ S 24°22′ E, at an elevation of .

In order to bring the SC/ST colonies in the main stream so many projects are being planned.

revenue stream   (gelir akışı)

Mobli's main revenue stream was on-site advertising.

This kind of association branding became a new revenue stream.

When Markopolos obtained a copy of Madoff's revenue stream, he spotted problems.

stream bed

The primary habitat of the beaver is the riparian zone, inclusive of stream bed.

The dam was initially built to a height of above the stream bed, and above bedrock.

Legally the water itself is not owned, but ownership of the lands include stream bed ownership.

stream banks

Pythons are sighted at times along the stream banks.

The habitat consists of forest, especially stream banks.

There is little remaining floodplain or intact stream banks.

stream of water

But the Sages said that no proof can be brought from a stream of water.

It was used by 6 to 8 men and threw a steady stream of water up to 70 feet.

Chacon Creek Chacon Creek is a small stream of water located in Webb County, Texas, US, which runs through Laredo.

constant stream

When numbers are high, this can form a constant stream.

It is a top-down space shooter with available power-ups and a constant stream of enemies.

A constant stream of pilgrims generated a demand for these items, which also provided jobs for women.

video stream

CSBTV Channel 20 ran a live video stream.

From 2005, Freeview users could access the CBBC Extra video stream.

The video stream quality and format automatically adapts to each viewers' web browser.

along the stream

Pythons are sighted at times along the stream banks.

There was a little chapel along the stream at Lenamore in the 18th century (a rare sight due to the Penal Laws at that time).

The city of Cleveland spent another $650,000 ($ in dollars) to purchase of bank along the stream between Euclid Avenue and the lakeshore.

gas stream

Equipment is installed to scrub these from the gas stream before passing to the atmosphere.

The most common heat exchanger consists of chains hanging in curtains across the gas stream.

The amount of air mixed with the gas stream affects the completeness of the combustion reaction.