rivers and streams   (河川)

A number of lesser rivers and streams also flow to the sea.

They often end up in ocean waters through rivers and streams.

It occurs in lowland reservoirs and slow flowing rivers and streams.

small streams   (小さなストリーム)

The other two small streams are Waghad and Bhalkhai.

Various small streams contributes to the river.

The River Somer rises in small streams around Chilcompton.

streams and rivers   (小川と川)

Ghana is drained by a large number of streams and rivers.

The rice is cultivated in the flooded zones between streams and rivers.

Numerous streams and rivers overflowed their banks, resulting in extensive flood damage.

million streams

The album achieved 36.7 million streams on Spotify.

It debuted with 88,000 downloads sold and 60.4 million streams.

The single debuted at number 89 (6.2 million streams) in the issue dated April 14, 2018.

mountain streams

Sangok-ri has many trees and mountain streams.

It is known to live in mountain streams and reservoirs.

The track passes mountain streams, a waterfall and wildlife.

near streams   (近くの小川)

It is usually found in swamps or near streams.

Alders are commonly found near streams, rivers, and wetlands.

Sand can alter aquatic habitats where roads are near streams and lakes.

along streams

It grows in moist to wet habitats along streams and in woods and clearings.

Paths ran along streams and round a pond fed with water from a nearby canal.

The species occurs in monsoon forest and drier types of rainforests, commonly along streams.

other streams   (他のストリーム)

Only Cayon and Wingfield are permanent rivers, all other streams listed are intermittent.

Surface water sources include the South Platte, the Arkansas River, and a few other streams.

In 1979, the other streams of the Advanced Level such as Science, Maths and Commerce were initiated.

data streams

Satellite dishes are shown transmitting and receiving red "data streams".

Data Space, when present, carries application-specific information such as isochronous and asynchronous data streams.

To simplify matters plain text data streams, including files, on Multics used line feed (LF) alone as a line terminator.

revenue streams

By the 1970s, the Northeastern railroad industry was in decline, and M&E looked to alternative revenue streams.

Crane Kenney, the Cubs' president, said that a regional network owned by the Cubs would create additional revenue streams.

JobTeaser used a two-sided market approach by equipping one market for free and getting revenue streams from another market.

several streams

Its source is the confluence of several streams.

The Howse River is a corded river, with several streams crossing in its flood plain.

Its source is located near Bronte, from the union of several streams of the Nebrodi Mountains.

lakes and streams

"Leavitt fished often with Williams in the lakes and streams of Maine and Canada.

is a widespread and locally common undescribed parasite in New Zealand lakes and streams.

Baetids breed in a wide range of waters from lakes and streams to ditches and even water butts.

streams and lakes

Water (streams and lakes) made up 0.4% of the total area.

Sand can alter aquatic habitats where roads are near streams and lakes.

It is a secretive inhabitant of fast-flowing highland streams and lakes.

smaller streams

There are also smaller streams ("i.e.," branches, creeks, drains, forks, licks, runs, etc.)

The Aabach has its origin in Lake Baldegg, which is fed by the Ron and a number of smaller streams.

Among smaller streams, Beal Slough, a primary tributary to Salt Creek, passes through Wilderness Park.

many streams

There are also many streams in the township.

There are many streams in Poorananthode.

Newman Run is one of many streams in Warren County named after settlers.

video streams

The final digital video streams ran to LED screens."

In addition,'s ESPN Motion received nearly 600,000 video streams for Bulls/Heat content.

Using the eight-core Mac Pros, we were able to take in eight digital sources and treat them as video streams.

streams flowing

It is found in streams flowing to Lakes Eber and Akşehir in central Anatolia.

They form losing streams flowing to the sea, while springs of lower yield dry up during summer.

Numerous brooks and streams flowing out of the Ramapo Mountains to the west feed the river as it runs south.

streams flow

It takes care about Galga and all of the streams flow into the river.

Twinning throughout the mountains, streams flow into lakes of pure water.

Few perennial streams flow out of the Arkansas Hills, as the area is arid.