İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

across the street   (sokağın karşısı)

The boys drilled in Wooster Park across the street.

Lincoln was taken across the street to Petersen House.

The shop was across the street from the bank.

main street   (ana cadde)

These dolmens flank both sides of the main street.

Many houses on the narrow main street are slate hung.

He has a main street in Mettmann named in his memory.

street level   (sokak seviyesi)

There are three entrances from street level.

The station is above ground, and also above street level.

A landscaped promenade along the street level is planned.

down the street   (caddede)

Tram routes 3, 16, 96 all run down the street.

Smiling, Douglas walks down the street and off camera.

In the last sequence, Hinano is walking down the street.

street names   (sokak isimleri)

Seddon street names were named for monarchs.

East and west street names are divided by Jerome Avenue.

(See for example List of former Swakopmund street names).

high street   (anacadde)

Shopping in Kroonstad is characterised by typical high street shopping.

The village is home to pubs, small shops and a post office on its high street.

The village high street includes two small supermarkets, cobblers and a bakery.

street art

In recent decades, East Atlanta has seen a rise of street art.

Sarajevo hosts two international festivals dedicated to street art.

The cityscape of Berlin displays large quantities of urban street art.

street children   (sokak çocukları)

Rols supports the empowerment of orphans and street children.

The Nukanti Foundation works with street children in Colombia.

In May 2009, a head count of street children was done in Accra.

street lighting   (sokak aydınlatması)

Coal gas street lighting was introduced in 1838.

Electric street lighting replaced gas lights.

His lamps were successfully used in many cities for street lighting.

street food

It is usually sold as street food.

Popular street food includes "Aloor Chop", Beguni, Kati roll, and phuchka.

It is usually sold as street food but can be found in various Latin restaurants.

street gang   (sokak çetesi)

Ryo encounters Wuying Ren, the wily leader of a street gang.

La Raza Nation La Raza is a street gang founded in Chicago in 1973.

Among the ranks of the street gang he was considered a "Ramper senior".

street vendors   (sokak satıcıları)

Broad Street has many street vendors as well.

It is typically hand-made, and often sold by street vendors.

Archer Park now has shops specializing in Mexican Products and array of street vendors.

street lights   (sokak ışıkları)

Multiple street lights form a wireless ad hoc network.

A single gateway device can control up to 500 street lights.

Electric street lights came in 1936.

street named

There is a street named in his honour in Castellón.

The city of Gorizia has a street named after him.

He has a street named after him in Manukau City.

along the street   (sokak boyunca)

Several tram lines are running along the street.

People pull "yamagasa" parade floats along the street.

A landscaped promenade along the street level is planned.

street name

What’s the “street name” for "ranitidine hydrochloride"?

He wore number 25, honoring the street name he was born on in Haiti.

It was not until 1913 that Rogers' own name was used as a street name.

shopping street

The street is Germany's third-busiest luxury shopping street.

Next to the long shopping street in the locale-center, is Gremmendorf’s main landmark.

It is near Galeria Ursynów, a small local shopping centre and a local shopping street.

residential street   (yerleşim sokağı)

After 51 Avenue, it becomes a residential street.

It is now strictly a residential street.

Fort Worth Ave, a residential street approximates Fort Worth's Civil War location.

street fighting

There was street fighting in Solesmes, but the troops waded across the Selle.

The rules for terrain were especially detailed as were the rules for street fighting.

Due to his experience in street fighting, Takaya is known as the "Streetfight Bancho".

street grid   (sokak ızgarası)

A street grid system and street-level cafés and stores are to promote walkability.

Most of Denver has a straightforward street grid oriented to the four cardinal directions.

The civic numbers range from 950 to 4756 on the Halifax Peninsula street grid numbering system.

street corner   (Sokak köşesi)

A polygonal bell tower is on the street corner.

There are food stands on virtually every street corner.

Very often, a "Shadowman" could be found in a dark alley or lurking just around a street corner.

street gangs   (cadde serserileri)

The housing projects in the area became crime-infested and controlled by street gangs.

It is also one of the most revered and feared among Asian street gangs in the country.

She worked with street gangs in South Philadelphia to decrease violence in the community.

same street

It's located in the same street as the Brel Foundation.

On the following day, a ninth bag was found in the same street.

The two toured Italy in 1923 and lived on the same street in 1924.

street circuit

The original sections of the 8 km street circuit are still in use as public roadways.

Formula One is a European-based series that runs only street circuit and race tracks.

In 2014, a new race on an 850 m street circuit in Busselton, Western Australia was announced.

street corners   (sokak köşeleri)

In Acapulco, floodwaters washed trash from street corners onto the beaches.

Part of the legacy of that plan are the chamfered street corners evident throughout the city.

He first entered business as a "San Francisco News Boy" hawking newspapers on street corners.

city street

Potranco Road continues as a city street until Ingram Road.

The film opens with a woman, Flora Bosch, walking her dog down an empty, darkened city street.

It is the oldest railway tunnel beneath a city street in North America that was fully devoted to rail.

street protests

The case of Rustavi-2 caused street protests.

This caused prices to increase, resulting in street protests.

On 6 February 2012, he resigned from office, on the background of long ongoing street protests.

street was named

The street was named after Baron Cadogan of Oakley.

A Parisian street was named after him in 1932.

Its main street was named Herzog-Albrecht-Allee in 1906.

street signs

This related trunkline was unsigned by the state with only city street signs to indicate its existence.

It features red bilingual street signs (in contrast to the standard English-only blue signs) and a few Asian groceries.

In the past, street signs saying "Penny Lane" were constant targets of tourist theft and had to be continually replaced.

street cleaning   (sokak temizliği)

This typically limits them to maintaining existing infrastructure and performing low-level improvements such as landscaping or street cleaning.

Like his predecessors, he was in charge not only of public order, but also of street cleaning and maintenance, food supply, and public health and hygiene.

As a child born into a poor family, Al-Qassim had to work various jobs including metalwork, harvesting, street cleaning, electrical work, and more tedious tasks.

street fight   (sokak dövüşü)

He observes a painting above the bar of a violent street fight.

Jun-mo gets into a street fight.

In the next match, Hangman Page faced Joey Janela in a Chicago street fight.

street scenes

He painted murals, still lifes, portraits and street scenes.

In Paris just as in China, his street scenes were met with delight.

Stuart himself (or his pony and cart) can often be seen in the street scenes.

new street

Later the city of Madgeburg named a new street "Fritz-Maenicke-Straße" in his honour.

The following year, a new street named "Avenida Dorival Caymmi" (Dorival Caymmi Avenue) opened in Salvador.

Having assembled sufficient adjoining properties he then created a new street: Virginia Street, lined with new villas.

local street

Route 443 begins as a local street near downtown Lod.

South of its intersection with Fallowfield Road, Cedarview Road is a local street in Barrhaven.

A local street leads to Ichetucknee Hideaway Cottages, a mobile home park promoted for cave diving.

street car

A street car service runs on rails on the Mainstreet.

6, double reduction 15-horse- power street car motors.

Patton Motor Company The Patton Motor Company was an street car manufacturer in Chicago.

major street   (büyük cadde)

Apart from the two major street art festivals, Sarajevo also hosts Pop-Up!

Bronx River Road Bronx River Road is a major street and neighborhood in Yonkers, New York.

The station is located in the center of Rotterdam, underneath the Coolsingel, a major street through the center.

street artist

"The Promise" is illustrated by Melbourne street artist Kaff-eine.

ROA (artist) ROA (born c. 1976) is a graffiti and street artist from Ghent, Belgium.

As a teen Basquiat moves to the Lower East Side and begins as a street artist before moving into galleries.

street is named

One such street is named after Liza (Elizaveta) Chaykina.

The street is named after Emanuel Cleaver.

In Oldenzaal a street is named after him.

street address   (Sokak adresi)

It also includes an area with a Long Beach street address.

The street address of the tower is "Shabolovka Street, 37".

Its street address is 400 Fulton Street.

street running

Rhaetian Railway has a section of street running in Chur.

Avenida Guerrero is a two-lane, one-way street running from north to south.

The tracks to the south were relocated out of street running and via the port too.

street railway

The Derby–Shelton Bridge used to carry two street railway tracks until the 1930s.

Section 7 required the consent of local authorities before a street railway can be chartered.

In Denver, Colorado, the world's second electric street railway in 1885 pioneered conduit current collection.

street life   (sokak hayatı)

He expresses his street life and overall mentality through his music.

This was the first time she completed a study from the street life of New York.

The lyrics in Latin trap are often about street life, violence, sex, and drugs.

onto the street

Many stores had openings onto the street from which they served customers.

The other corridors provide access to rooms that have windows looking out onto the street.

All of the sacred artifacts and records were desecrated, and in many cases thrown onto the street to be burned.

commercial street   (ticari cadde)

Its main commercial street is Union Turnpike.

These airstrikes hit a commercial street with a market and a police station.

The most important commercial street is Libertador Avenue, Maipú Avenue & Mitre Avenue.

street racing

The NHRA was formed to discourage street racing.

The title of the game is based on the numerals "5-1-0", which is the police code for street racing.

It was blamed for an increase in incidents of street racing, bike-borne theft and stunting on public roads.

street theatre

Janam’s street theatre journey began in October 1978.

Bartenieff also began to do "street theatre" at this time.

The streets are lined with restaurants, cafes, stalls, bars, street theatre and parades.

street through

It is located on a corner of U.S. Highway 85, the main street through town.

It then continues north as a four-lane arterial street through the rest of London.

The route continues northwest through Harwich, becoming a residential street through town.

side street   (yan sokak)

A side street is a street that intersects a main street and ends there.

On a side street from the Corso Venezia, the aforementioned Villa Reale can be seen.

Side street (disambiguation) A side street is a street that intersects a main street and ends there.

street lamps   (sokak lambaları)

In Seoul, strong winds damaged street lamps, church spires, and downed signs.

London was the best lit city in the world, with 5000 street lamps by the 1740s.

They will forage in cities where insects gather around street lamps and flood lights.

street near   (sokağa yakın)

Route 443 begins as a local street near downtown Lod.

It is on Church street near the town hall.

Florida House was located on 131 Saint George street near the Plaza.

first street

This is the company's first street retail location.

The first street in the area was called Stanley Quay, later to become Stanley Street.

The Taylors' first street performance was to raise enough money to visit their mother in Puerto Rico.

street plan

To this end, they laid out a plat and street grid that became the basis of Berkeley's modern street plan.

Gillette favored circular buildings, even for residences (25-floor apartment complexes), and a hexagonal street plan.

They provide a unique promenade to view the layout of the original town which still preserves its Renaissance style street plan.

facing the street

The double family houses have the long axis facing the street.

Pottekkat, stands facing the street.

On the upper floor, classrooms lined the outer walls facing the street.

street artists

The SAMO graffiti is still being cited by contemporary street artists.

This style of street art was first adopted by Sarajevan street artists during the Siege.

Novy is one of the few street artists in the United States who openly identifies as being gay.

street called

This is surrounded by another, larger octagonal street called Moray Place.

In December 1952, the railway station closed; however, both the line and a street called "Station Road" remain.

The street called "de la Fuente" in the cadastre of Marqués de La Ensenada from 1751 was actually the street of steps.

below street

The tracks lie below street level.

The complex consists of a central "sahn" ("courtyard") situated 1.2 meters below street level.

The platform level at Westlake station is below street level, while the mezzanine is below street level.

below street level

The tracks lie below street level.

The complex consists of a central "sahn" ("courtyard") situated 1.2 meters below street level.

The platform level at Westlake station is below street level, while the mezzanine is below street level.

off the street

Glieb lives with bats and collects them off the street.

St Michael's Street leads off the street to the east near the northern end.

Thousands have been picked up, including veterans, CTI grads, and people who are true "off the street" hires.

street market   (sokak pazarı)

One day at the street market Fuke was begging all and sundry to give him a robe.

A lively street market is held every Thursday morning along the lakeside boulevard.

The killer's next victim was Valentina Gladilina, who sold perfumes at a street market.

street photography

Casablanca has a thriving street photography scene.

He calls this series "animal-focused street photography".

Thig is also a photographer who shoots primarily fashion and street photography.

street festival

August 22, San Rocco, Mass, procession, fireworks and street festival.

July 2, Feast of Our Lady of Grace, Holy Mass, procession, fireworks and street festival.

The Auckland suburb of Remuera hosts an annual French-themed Bastille Day street festival.

street between

Emperor Flavius Arcadius raised the level of the street between the theatre and the harbour.

Friends House is on the north side of the street between Endsleigh Gardens and the Euston Road.

Short streets/avenues do not get new sequenced number, for example, 6A Calle is a short street between 6a and 7a.

street dance

Hot Blood Dance Crew Hot Blood Dance Crew () is an original Chinese reality street dance variety show produced by iQiyi.

The conga dance was believed to have been brought over from Africa by slaves in the West Indies, and became a popular street dance in Cuba.

Breakdance became an influential street dance style that emerged as part of the Hip Hop Movement in African-American and Puerto Rican communities in the South Bronx in the early 1970s.

street outside   (dış sokak)

A separate entrance provides direct access to the street outside the theater.

Arizona law (ARS 28-793) states that pedestrians crossing the street outside a crosswalk shall yield to cars.

The street outside the compound was calm, and the State Department reported no unusual activity during the day outside.

street performer

Moose is a man who has autism and works as a street performer on Hollywood Boulevard.

He is also known for his career as a live street performer, whose acts combine comedy and juggling.

The summer before 12th grade, he scored a job at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, as a street performer.

street runs

The street runs from Paradise Square to Quaking Bridge, across Castle Mill Stream.

The street runs along the "Kleiner Tiergarten" park, and past the Moabit courthouse.

The street runs south-west to north-east from Lowndes Street to a junction with Wilton Terrace, Wilton Crescent, and Belgrave Mews North.