very strict   (非常に厳しいです)

Columbanus' Rule regarding diet was very strict.

Anthony maintained a very strict ascetic diet.

His followers observed a very strict rule of discipline.

strict rules   (厳しい規則)

The alphabetization of articles in the and follows strict rules.

Today, visits are allowed to Chernobyl, but limited by strict rules.

The NAWCH developed a series of techniques to get hospitals to relax their strict rules.

strict sense   (厳格な感覚)

In a strict sense, Czech literature is the literature written in the Czech language.

One is ferromagnetism in the strict sense, where all the magnetic moments are aligned.

In a very strict sense, it is not entirely orthodox to call the Holy Scriptures the "Word of God".

strict adherence   (厳守)

In poetry, it adopts strict adherence to metre.

The abbey was noted for its strict adherence to the Rule of St. Benedict.

Overall, the system is designed to encourage role-playing over strict adherence to a set of rules.

strict liability   (厳格責任)

That made strict liability a more practical standard.

This is similar to the modern concept of strict liability in tort.

Thus, smells emanating from pig sties, strict liability against dumping rubbish, or damage from exploding dams.

strict discipline   (厳しい規律)

There was no natural justice, just strict discipline and punishment.

The Institute was famous for its strict discipline and high level of education.

Instead of patronage and corruption in the officer corps, he imposed strict discipline in all ranks.

more strict   (より厳しい)

Stamford's standard is a more strict 10%.

Later, more strict crash regulations mandated doors that offered as much protection as passenger car doors.

During the extremist Islamism of Zia-ul-Haq, a more strict anti-Ahmadiyya law was passed known as Ordinance XX.

less strict   (それほど厳しくない)

In UFJ, the court permitted a less strict standard.

The exact standard, however, may be more or less strict.

The 1959 reforms resulted in a less strict system of criminal justice.

strict control   (厳格な管理)

Exemptions would be granted under strict control.

Having granted entrepreneurs with benefits, Peter the Great established strict control over them.

The guild, known as the University maintained a very strict control over the glassmakers' techniques .

strict scrutiny   (厳しい精査)

In the beginning, racial classifications that identified race were inherently suspect and subject to strict scrutiny.

In January 2013 the U.S. District court ruled that the law did not specifically target religion and therefore must not pass strict scrutiny.

Likewise, in "Adarand Constructors, Inc. v. Peña" , an affirmative action program by the federal government was subjected to strict scrutiny based on equal protection.

strict regulations   (厳しい規制)

These units were reportedly capable of meeting the EPA's strict regulations and began delivery in the latter half of 2007.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has very strict regulations as to what can and what cannot be called a "synthetic" stone.

Since the only raw material not available in the country was wood, it was purchased from neighbouring countries under strict regulations.

strict nature   (厳格な性質)

Bosutska šuma is one of two strict nature reserves in Vojvodina.

Pure Lutheranism was now fortified in a number of local churches by Corpora doctrinæ of a strict nature, and the work for concord went on more and more definitely along the lines of eliminating Melanchthonism.

Polistovsky Nature Reserve Polistovsky Nature Reserve, Polistovsky Zapovednik () is a strict nature reserve (a "zapovednik") in the northwest of Russia, located in Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky Districts of Pskov Oblast, in the Polist-Lovat Swamp System.

strict disciplinarian   (厳しい懲戒)

A strict disciplinarian, he was sometimes known as 'Hughes-Hitler'.

Rudran (Girish Karnad), a very strict disciplinarian father of two daughters, hates the word 'Love'.

She was a strict disciplinarian, who ensured that Da'Ville attended church and sang in the church choir.