not strictly   (厳密ではない)

The term "corporate bond" is not strictly defined.

A parking ban in the area was not strictly enforced.

Convexity is not strictly necessary for BFPT.

strictly speaking   (厳密に言えば)

However, Plato and the Greek philosophers, strictly speaking, were dichotomists.

This latter form is called "meter" and it is recited rather than sung, strictly speaking.

So strictly speaking, the "first" overtone is the "second" partial (and usually the "second" harmonic).

strictly enforced   (厳しく執行された)

A parking ban in the area was not strictly enforced.

The ISU has strictly enforced the rules in recent years.

Non-smoking rules were strictly enforced.

strictly limited   (厳しく制限された)

All physical interactions are strictly limited.

At the time Japan's policy of "sakoku" strictly limited foreign trade.

Both cases, however, are strictly limited to the body's natural abilities.

strictly forbidden   (厳禁)

Circumcision was also strictly forbidden.

In Sikhism, premarital or extra-marital sex is strictly forbidden.

Marriage between higher castes and the kauwa was strictly forbidden.

strictly aerobic

The strain was Gram-staining-negative, strictly aerobic, motile by gliding, rod-shaped and formed translucent yellow colonies.

"Parvularcula" isolates are Gram-negative, strictly aerobic, chemoheterotrophic, slightly motile short rods with a single flagellum.

Sphingomonas Sphingomonas was defined in 1990 as a group of Gram-negative, rod-shaped, chemoheterotrophic, strictly aerobic bacteria.

more strictly

The second form of opposition movement was more strictly political in character.

They accused the NFL of grading officials over age 60 more strictly than their younger colleagues.

empathy boxes and Wilbur Mercer), it falls more strictly within the cyberpunk genre than the novel does.

strictly prohibited   (固く禁止)

Collecting plants or animals is strictly prohibited.

Anal sex with one's wife is also strictly prohibited.

Glass bottles, however, are strictly prohibited at the track.

strictly controlled

Access to dang'an is strictly controlled.

Much of the economy was centrally organized and strictly controlled.

The sweep flow is strictly controlled by an orifice and is not a function of temperature.

strictly regulated   (厳しく規制されている)

Textbooks were strictly regulated by the government.

At that time, dollars was strictly regulated.

The rents and the product quality were strictly regulated.

strictly defined

The term "corporate bond" is not strictly defined.

The exact geographical location of this area has not been strictly defined.

The districts have strictly defined boundaries and they vary in size and number of reindeer.