İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

string quartet   (yaylı çalgılar dörtlüsü)

The music is played by a string quartet and piano.

This theme emerges once again in his 14th string quartet.

The crossover string quartet bond also includes a cellist.

string theory   (sicim teorisi)

Recently pure spinors have attracted attention in string theory.

Indeed, string theory implies that the landscape is very big and diverse.

Mathematical aspects of string theory (San Diego, Calif., 1986), 629—646, Adv.

string quartets   (yaylı çalgılar dörtlüsü)

These include string quartets, serenades and string trios.

It was also at this time that Shostakovich composed the first of his string quartets.

Beginning in 1995, they recorded all of Dvořák's string quartets for the Naxos label.

string instruments   (telli çalgılar)

Some of his instruments are one-string string instruments, or thumb pianos.

Swan is also involved in the restoration, manufacture and design of string instruments.

Then, he watches dancers, takes a rest, plays string instruments, and finally sees guests off.

string orchestra   (yaylı çalgılar orkestrası)

More than one string orchestra can be utilized.

17 (2004–05) "Elegy" for string orchestra, op.

In 1892, he arranged it for string orchestra.

string section

A standard string section (vln., vln 2., vla., vcl, cb.)

She also coached the string section of the Pasadena Symphony.

This was the first song by ELO not to include a string section.

string arrangements   (dizi düzenlemeleri)

Clark had previously handled string arrangements for the band.

"Terrorizer" marked the quality of the production and specifically lauded the string arrangements.

The album featured a more polished sound for the band, accompanied by horn and string arrangements.

string instrument

Dulcimer A dulcimer is a type of musical string instrument.

Pipa (disambiguation) The pipa is a plucked Chinese string instrument.

Bradford Reed invented the pencilina, a custom-made string instrument in the 1980s.

long string   (uzun ip)

The current day club came out of a long string of mergers of predecessor sides.

There is also a long string of roadside kiosks selling the local Turkish delight.

Liu enjoyed a long string of success but was finally routed by Li Shimin and other Tang generals and executed.

second string

While Nepal Blue is described as the "second string team".

Australia's Test team was touring South Africa at the time so this was a second string side.

According to the "Chicago Tribune", Orton was en route to overtake Griese's (then) second string position.

string course

The plinth and string course are both chamfered.

A moulded string course with gargoyles is topped by a battlemented parapet.

The arches are elliptical barrel vaults trimmed by a projecting string course.

string of hits   (isabet dizisi)

The band found great success in the late 70s and early 80s with a string of hits.

Upon its release, "Iris" became second of a string of hits from the film's soundtrack, "".

1970's: Siman and Carson would gather a string of hits with country music legend Gary Stewart.

string players

And lush is certainly doable when you have ten string players on hand.

The band's three resident string players are depicted playing keyboards in the music video.

The string players do not coordinate their playing (even within sections) except for their entries.

string bass

in 1950 as a string bass player in a jazz club.

Born in Manhattan, Dowd grew up playing piano, tuba, violin, and string bass.

He played string bass and rhythm guitar for a western band, The Valley Ranch Boys.

string courses

The west tower is of three stages divided by string courses and has a ring of eight bells.

It had string courses at the base of the first and second story windows, and a heavy stone course at the base of the third story.

It sits on a random-ashlar foundation, and has yellow-gray stone trim as string courses, doorway and window sills and lintels, and drip moldings.

string arrangement

The power ballad "Aún" includes a string arrangement by Edney.

His string arrangement for The Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony" caused controversy.

Neil Cowley played the piano in the song, while the string arrangement was made by Chris Elliot.