Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

suffered a stroke   (sufrido un derrame)

On 10 December 1896, he suffered a stroke and died.

In early 1999, he suffered a stroke and hemiplegia.

He suffered a stroke on 18 April 1869 in Chester.

bore and stroke   (diámetro y carrera)

It is a square engine, with bore and stroke of .

Cylinder bore and stroke was with a five bearing crank.

In this form it had a bore and stroke of .

suffering a stroke   (sufrir un derrame cerebral)

Oliver Bosbyshell died on August 1, 1921, after suffering a stroke.

After suffering a stroke in 1863, he died at home in Cambridge in 1869.

He died on February 8, 2018 in Portland, Oregon after suffering a stroke.

stroke play   (juego por golpes)

The event is a 72-hole stroke play team event with each team consisting of two players.

Girls' Junior and was the medalist in the stroke play portion of the U.S. Women's Amateur.

4 rounds of 18 holes) individual stroke play tournaments under the official rules of golf.

following a stroke   (después de un derrame cerebral)

She died of pneumonia following a stroke in 1966.

He died following a stroke and subsequent pneumonia.

He resigned in June 2014 following a stroke.

heat stroke   (golpe de calor)

She died in 1920 as a result of a heat stroke.

At age 52, he died in Washington, D.C. of heat stroke.

Many people suffered from heat stroke and heat exhaustion, particularly the elderly.