Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

very strong   (muy fuerte)

She is a very strong character despite her losses.

In the rainy season, the currents are very strong.

Sahelian goats are very strong and hardy animals.

strong enough   (suficientemente fuerte)

It was strong enough to be felt several miles away.

Their jaws and teeth are strong enough to crack any kind of nuts.

If it wasn't for the song, I wouldn't be strong enough to not call.

strong winds   (vientos fuertes)

Rain and strong winds prevented movements the next day.

This storm produced strong winds which exceeded 187 km/hr.

Severe damage was reported in the state due to strong winds.

strong influence   (fuerte influencia)

Ritter had a strong influence on Richard Strauss.

Huxley, who had a strong influence on Samuel Alexander.

The disco sound had a strong influence on early hip hop.

strong support   (apoyo fuerte)

This is fairly expensive and requires strong support.

Spain provided strong support to the Croatian ascension to the EU.

With the strong support of her fans, she became the popular vote winner.

strong supporter   (fuerte partidario)

She is a strong supporter of the Gaia hypothesis.

Geddes was a strong supporter of musical education.

Mekki is a strong supporter of judicial independence.

strong opposition   (fuerte oposición)

Al Smith stood in strong opposition to forces of intolerance.

However, strong opposition to the building of this monument arose.

However, this committee has faced strong opposition from the Assad regime.

strong sense   (sentido fuerte)

I have a terribly strong sense that it is wrong".

This story has a strong sense of melancholy.

He [Rosen] felt I didn't have a strong sense of urgency".

strong or special

The place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.

too strong

In Frank's case it is not too strong ...

On the day, however, Cork were far too strong for Horan's team.

I have but too strong, too plain reason to doubt of your regard.

particularly strong   (particularmente fuerte)

This referendum had a particularly strong "Yes" vote.

It is particularly strong in the former Eastern Bloc.

Recruitment was particularly strong in heavy industries.

strong interest

Piperno studied guitar and has a strong interest in music.

She exhibited a strong interest in dance from a very early age.

She has a strong interest in jazz, improvisation, and new music.

so strong

But when that incident happened, it fired up so strong, it had to be over.

The collision was so strong that "Marcellus" had her bow practically cut off.

Stokes' interest in the Prize was not so strong as to prompt her to enter again.

strong advocate   (fuerte defensor)

Barnes is a strong advocate for philanthropy.

Antonucci is a strong advocate of hand-drawn animation.

As mayor, Cicilline was a strong advocate for outlawing it.

strong legs

They have long strong legs with powerful talons.

They walk steadily on strong legs and big toes, pecking for food as they go.

strong ties   (lazos fuertes)

Many of Simmons' works have strong ties with classic literature.

It has strong ties to nearby U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The community maintains strong ties with Mishkeegogamang First Nation.

strong evidence   (fuerte evidencia)

While Smith has strong evidence to believe that Jones will get the job, he is wrong.

The review did not find strong evidence of publication bias biasing these estimates.

This is because there is strong evidence of transgenerational epigenetic effects in general.

strong emphasis   (fuerte énfasis)

A strong emphasis on technology is also encouraged.

and a strong emphasis on developmental readings.

Czech cuisine is marked by a strong emphasis on meat dishes.

strong performance   (fuerte rendimiento)

Aisuluu continued her strong performance following Asian Games.

Penn State RB Tony Hunt turned in a strong performance, running for 165 yards.

It was this strong performance that caught the attention of the Ottawa Senators.

strong presence   (Presencia fuerte)

The Potter's House has a strong presence in Australia.

The gaming industry has a strong presence in the election.

Sheriff Lee maintained a strong presence during Hurricane Katrina.

not strong

However, the coalition was not strong and collapsed c. 1330.

Thus, it is not strong at gathering light for stop action photography.

Populations is not strong enough to justify the creating of separate guidelines.

strong safety

He played strong safety, outside linebacker and middle linebacker.

During that span, Jaquiski Tartt flourished in Reid's strong safety role.

Golden started the regular season as the backup strong safety to Sean Davis.

strong wind

The match was played in strong wind & heavy rain.

The storm continued to weakening due to strong wind shear.

Madi started losing all its convection to the strong wind shear.

developed a strong

He soon developed a strong dislike for Hogg.

From 1890 onwards Sir David developed a strong interest in photography.

He has developed a strong rivalry with Iceman, as an opponent and as an ally.

strong performances

The casting is commended, with many strong performances.

His consistent, strong performances have helped his Elo rating to edge past 2600.

Over the last half year, he has convinced us with his continued strong performances.

due to strong

The storm continued to weakening due to strong wind shear.

Severe damage was reported in the state due to strong winds.

Twenty-two flights were delayed in the prefecture due to strong winds.

strong links   (enlaces fuertes)

Ivan Đikić holds strong links to his homeland Croatia.

He is part of a family which has strong links with motorsport.

With Aird’s fluency in Russian, he was able to forge strong links with that country.

strong position

At the time of negotiations, China was in a strong position.

I think I am in a strong position because I accomplished my goals."

That night, the Union army established a strong position on Malvern Hill.

strong relationship

It bears a strong relationship to vowel length.

Ghana has a strong relationship with the United States.

They have a strong relationship with their maid Gumara (Aurora Alonso).

not strong enough

Populations is not strong enough to justify the creating of separate guidelines.

The Romans had cranes but they were not strong enough to lift something this heavy.

The lofts on the Herengracht were not strong enough to bear the weight of heavy books.

strong political

However, not all have such a strong political emphasis.

Some diaspora communities maintain strong political ties with their homeland.

The Datu is usually a man with a strong political and physical leadership among the community folks.

strong resemblance   (fuerte parecido)

Bóris bears a strong resemblance to Barnabas Collins from the TV Series Dark Shadows.

The main character Khlynov bore strong resemblance to the Moscow millionaire trader M.A.

To save her own skin, she fingers Venus, who bears a strong resemblance to the real robber.

made a strong

He made a strong effort to improve the standards at public schools.

However, Upendra made a strong comeback in the next three years, i.e.

They stock-piled food and there was plenty of water, so it made a strong refuge.

strong start

The Sun got off to a strong start, going 3–0 in May.

In 1998, the team got off to a strong start and was briefly in the top ten.

Despite being back outside of the top 50, Bencic had a strong start to 2019.

remained strong

Growth remained strong in 2005 and 2006, led by oil.

Although his vision remained strong, he had lost the full strength of his hand.

The project failed, but links of Fiume with the Banat of Temesvar remained strong.

strong focus

A strong focus on music in the family home also played a key role.

as Caliper Technologies with a strong focus on microfluidics technology.

The company has a strong focus on technology dating back over fifty years.

strong connection

Her family had a strong connection to the theater.

The music of the region has a strong connection to Pan.

The FCR has a strong connection to the false discovery rate (FDR).

strong points

at one of the strong points encountered.

Each one is full of strong points and supported by valid reasoning.

He has listed his speed, strength, and finishing as his strong points.

strong resistance

These protests were met with strong resistance from the population majority.

His proposals for reform met strong resistance and defense of the status quo.

Although its marzaban Aparviz put up a strong resistance, he was forced to surrender.

strong proponent   (fuerte defensor)

He was a strong proponent of German opera.

Rep. Morrison has been a strong proponent of pension reform.

Sun Microsystems was a strong proponent of open source software.

strong showing

Hawkes's strong showing played a major role in defeating incumbent Liberal Tim Murphy.

Walker attributed his strong showing to divine intervention: "I spent a lot of time praying.

In spite of this, he made a strong showing in the race but was defeated by the Tammany Hall candidate Hugh J.

received strong

Many of the titles have received strong sales.

Series two received strong ratings of 6.38 to 8.62 million.

The album received strong reviews.

strong association

Mehigan hailed from a family with a strong association with Gaelic games.

Random House has a holding in the company and has a strong association with Andersen.

There is a strong association between the development of PNP and malignancy of the tumor.

strong defensive

The fortress was a strong defensive tower.

By the time of the Axis attack, Petrov's force held a strong defensive position.

Gen. Fitz John Porter's V Corps had established a strong defensive line behind Boatswain's Swamp.

strong force

The strong force only acts "directly" upon elementary particles.

With an alliance of opposition created, a strong force was rendered.

At distances greater than 10 femtometers, the strong force is practically unobservable.

strong desire

He has a strong desire to become Tycoon Shō's successor.

She expressed a strong desire to give back to the sport and entering into coaching alongside Sutton.

The Griffon Bruxellois is known to have a huge heart, and a strong desire to snuggle and be with its master.

strong local

It was shelved in the face of strong local opposition.

Papua New Guinea does not have a tradition of strong local police authorities.

A strong local rivalry exists with the SCL Tigers, SC Bern, EHC Olten, and HC Ajoie.

strong criticism

Its final report contained strong criticism of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This statement brought him strong criticism, especially from the Senior Citizens Union (Senioren-Union).

Obama's proposal received both strong criticism and praise from different elements of the Cuban American community.

became a strong

The family moved to Jersey where Nicola attended the Victoria College and became a strong horse rider.

He was a civil service officer for several years and became a strong supporter of Sourou-Migan Apithy.

When the revolution broke out Odell became a strong loyalist and wrote poetry promoting the loyalist cause.

extremely strong

The cervical callus is present but not extremely strong.

It is extremely strong and durable.

He was an extremely strong critic of that election’s winner, Carlos Prío Socarrás.

strong tradition

The school has a strong tradition of sport.

Bahamians have a strong tradition in the sprints and jumps.

This began a strong tradition of animated films (Zdeněk Miler's "Mole" etc.).

strong bond   (Fuerte vinculo)

Such conditions still prevent a strong bond between the snow layers.

Sharing a strong bond with Rau, Rey wishes to kill Kira Yamato for Rau's death.

Blends of OCA and n-BCA are available which offer both flexibility and a strong bond.

strong female   (hembra fuerte)

She possesses a strong female personality, which inspires strength within Mariamar.

Coming from strong female characters, it’s not that easy to create nuances for your new role.

Yondalla is represented as a strong female halfling with red-golden hair, looking determined and proud.

strong point   (punto fuerte)

A strong point of the game was its models.

Plot and dialogue was not a strong point of DeMille's films.

His biggest strong point was his uncanny ability to score goals.

another strong   (otro fuerte)

At the same meeting in the Hardwicke Stakes he faced another strong field.

Justin Verlander enjoyed another strong season (18–9 record, 3.37 ERA, 219 strikeouts).

Though defeated in the 1955 final, Manchester City had another strong season in 1955–56.

strong social   (fuerte social)

Some groups encourage cousin marriage while others attach a strong social stigma to it.

Reflecting the state's large evangelical population, the state has a strong social conservative bent.

Henry maintained strong social as well as professional relations throughout the city and the music industry.

strong economic

Armenia's unemployment rate, however, remains high, despite strong economic growth.

The partition of India severed the once strong economic links which integrated the region.

Bavaria has strong economic ties with Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Northern Italy.

strong competition   (fuerte competencia)

Nevertheless, the site acknowledged that the game was pitted against strong competition.

Saltair thus had to survive solely against strong competition, and in a dwindling market.

For a few years it provided strong competition to the traditional colonial trading companies.

strong feelings

Qiu Shi, having such strong feelings for Su La.

Preservation of the language has evoked strong feelings.

He is supervised by one of his colleagues at work who has strong feelings for him.

not as strong

Juveniles resemble females, but the streaking below is typically not as strong.

In Eastern Ontario, Canadian raising is not as strong as it is in the rest of the province.

Although not as strong as a risk factor as social adversity, illness is often associated with depression.

especially strong

It was especially strong in the Boer republics.

This enemy was especially strong in the defense and could not be taken by surprise.

The demoscene grew especially strong in Scandinavia, where annual gatherings are hosted.

strong base

The party has a strong base in Suphan Buri Province.

The party has a strong base in Buriram Province.

Caesium hydroxide is a very strong base, and will rapidly corrode glass.

strong team   (equipo fuerte)

Canton was a particularly strong team that scored over 100 points in many of its games.

Cincinnati fielded a strong team that year, with five of the famous team already in place.

But despite having what was regarded as a strong team, England lost 4–0 in Australia in 1958–59.

strong connections

The study also revealed strong connections between consumption of comfort foods and feelings of guilt.

Mehta's sister, Vijay Kumari Khan, married an aristocratic Muslim with strong connections to Pakistan.

Recent studies have shown strong connections between SAPs and tuberculosis rates in developing nations.

strong currents

In strong currents or heavy seas, it stops feeding and retracts all its arms.

The search and rescue missions were hampered by strong currents in flooded streets.

The Japanese fishing vessel "Yahata-Maru" is caught in strong currents off the shores of Daikoku Island.

having a strong

Sati is known having a strong (95.8 decibels) and diversive voice.

Mishti is characterised as having a strong passion for physical fitness and is family oriented.

His father, having a strong interest in literature, named Pablo after Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

no strong

Their preliminary report pointed out some patterns, but drew no strong conclusions.

However there is no strong evidence for strange matter surfaces on neutron stars (see below).

This was the peak of Maratha expansion, which caused great trouble for the Mughal Empire, already weak with no strong ruler.

strong opponent   (oponente fuerte)

Theodor Bischoff (1807–1882), was a strong opponent of Darwinism.

He was a strong opponent of the nazi regime and refused to meet Hitler or any member of the NSDAP.

Adeang was regarded as a strong opponent of Hammer DeRoburt, who had served as Nauru's first president.

relatively strong   (relativamente fuerte)

Deprotonation requires relatively strong bases, such as alkoxides.

The outer bands produced relatively strong winds in Palm Beach County.

Many of the Allied generals were hesitant to attack such a relatively strong position.

strong following

Freestyle continues to have a strong following in New York.

Motel has a strong following in the underground Spanish music scene.

Amongst these is the Murabitun, a group that has a strong following in Spain.

strong belief   (fuerte creencia)

He also had a strong belief in the benefits of capitalism.

They instilled in him a strong belief in freedom, religion and in the value and power of education.

It can involve prayer, a visit to a religious shrine, or simply a strong belief in a supreme being.

despite strong   (a pesar de fuerte)

The Rosia Water Tanks were demolished in August 2006 despite strong opposition.

Armenia's unemployment rate, however, remains high, despite strong economic growth.

The Allies pushed ashore and expanded their beachhead despite strong German resistance.

strong growth

Like China and South Korea, India is experiencing strong growth in online gaming.

Hunter has since seen strong growth with international distribution in over 30 countries.

The index identifies emerging nations that have strong growth potential based on energy reserves and GDP.

strong impact   (Fuerte impacto)

During his season at Wasps, Piutau had a strong impact.

1 in D major (1855)—had a strong impact on the young composer.

News Stories with a strong impact can be easily understood by a reader.

strong religious

His family had a strong religious background.

The Center benefits from a strong religious and educational environment.

The town also had strong religious ties, another attraction for the pious princess.

strong commitment   (fuerte compromiso)

The school has a strong commitment to dance, drama and music.

Tres Agaves has maintained a strong commitment to making the freshest, best tasting Tequila and margaritas.

Implementing the recommendations of the WRD will require a strong commitment from a broad range of stakeholders.

strong friendship

He has an affection for Clovis, and the two develop a strong friendship.

He breaks down in her arms, and a strong friendship between the two blossoms.

He also befriends many of the Soukaizan natives, and forms some very strong friendship bonds.

such a strong

However, not all have such a strong political emphasis.

They have such a strong identity.” Maurizio Cattelan Artists' Books

The image engenders such a strong emotional component that it has become an icon of Israel.

strong season

The 2006–2007 proved to be a very strong season for the pair.

Justin Verlander enjoyed another strong season (18–9 record, 3.37 ERA, 219 strikeouts).

strong public   (público fuerte)

After a strong public outcry, King George I dismissed Voulgaris.

The proposal nevertheless became law, with strong public support.

The measure was met with strong public opposition and did not pass.

strong reputation

The brand also gained a strong reputation for quality at the expense of other brands.

Channel 4 has a strong reputation for history programmes and real-life documentaries.

Malang has a strong reputation throughout Indonesia as a center for higher education and learning.

strong impression

La Crioz felt the game made a "strong impression".

Later in 1907 he visited Egypt, where his experiences left a strong impression on him.

Mileikowsky's numerous speeches made a strong impression on the American Jewish community.

strong man

This seems highly unlikely because an executioner must be a strong man.

He was a huge, strong man, and easily handled a large stick as whether it was nothing.

Ghias ad-din is reported by the Georgian annals to have been a handsome and physically strong man.

still strong   (Todavía fuerte)

Horowitz continued: "Presley's voice was still strong and clear.

Kamakura had just been conquered and its desire of independence was still strong.

There was still strong opposition, particularly among the Cheyenne camped at Cantonment.

strong character

She is a very strong character despite her losses.

She has also won numerous awards for her strong character driven roles.

Märit, the eldest daughter, possesses a strong character and studies law.

strong sales

Many of the titles have received strong sales.

The series debuted to strong sales and critical acclaim.

"Billboard" gave it a 4-star prefix for strong sales potential.

strong correlation   (fuerte correlación)

However, a strong correlation between the accessible surface area (ASA) exposed upon unfolding, i.e.

The number of hours spent driving has a strong correlation to the number of fatigue-related accidents.

Recent studies have shown a strong correlation between tick exposure and bartonellosis, including human bartonellosis.

strong central

Croly’s strong central government needed strong individuals to lead it.

The tribe has a strong central authority structure and a long-established royal lineage.

Tupper argued in favour of a strong central government as a second best to a pure legislative union.

up a strong

During his three years there, he built up a strong church.

Miami put up a strong offensive and defensive effort but could not beat NIU.

Although its marzaban Aparviz put up a strong resistance, he was forced to surrender.

strong voice

NATaT is known in the Nation's Capital as the strong voice of #smalltown America.

Meijboom was a strong voice in the debate on the 1897 feminist novel "" by Cecile van Beek en Donk.

In this role he gained a reputation as a strong voice for the Polish-American community, also known as Polonia.

maintained a strong

Sheriff Lee maintained a strong presence during Hurricane Katrina.

He also maintained a strong rivalry with Aragonese tenor Miguel Fleta.

Yulon has maintained a strong cooperative relationship with Nissan since 1957.

strong military

Denmark managed to maintain its neutrality during the First World War, with a relative strong military force.

Young landed at Anzac Cove with the battalion on 25 April 1915 and soon gained prominence as a strong military leader.

Most US conservatives prefer Republicans over Democrats and most factions favor a strong foreign policy and a strong military.

strong leadership   (liderazgo fuerte)

He gradually took on a strong leadership role, a trait he worked hard to develop.

Health care, catering and the strong leadership of the school were specifically mentioned.

As such, matrons usually "provide strong leadership and act as a link between Board-level nurses and clinical practice."

strong personality

He was a strong personality, we all respected him.

They didn't have the store owner or a strong personality doing theirs."

"We both have a strong personality, but we understand and support each other."

met with strong

The measure was met with strong public opposition and did not pass.

They are met with strong opposition from Krug and decide to leave him alone.

These protests were met with strong resistance from the population majority.

strong reviews

"Song and Dance Man" was published to very strong reviews.

The album received strong reviews.

Though not as much of a commercial success, the second book got strong reviews.

strong cultural

The Alpine region has a strong cultural identity.

Armenians have a very strong cultural connection to the Armenian Apostolic Church.

There exist a strong cultural connection exists between Kayalpattinam, Adirampattinam and Kilakarai.

strong field

In FIM the presence of a strong field is critical.

Nevertheless, the tournament attracted a strong field headlined by the No.

At the same meeting in the Hardwicke Stakes he faced another strong field.

took a strong

Na'Vi took a strong 9-1 lead going into the 11th round.

Positions on which he took a strong stance included scrapping the carbon tax and being "tough on crime".

In 1945–1970 the Democratic Party took a strong anti-Communist line and supported wars in Korea and Vietnam.

strong community   (comunidad fuerte)

Most definitions also required a strong community aspect, such as obsessed fans or ritualistic behavior.

By the early 1960s, the dam proposal had begun moving forward, generating strong community opposition in both states.

Kurrawang is a strong community hosting a range of facilities including school, shop, adult learning centre and workshops.