İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

strongly influenced   (çok etkiledi)

Jean Henderson was strongly influenced by her parents.

West Frisian is strongly influenced by Dutch.

Cognitive development is strongly influenced by adults.

strongly opposed   (şiddetle karşı)

This position is strongly opposed by President Băsescu.

The dominant mood strongly opposed secession.

He also strongly opposed the racial doctrines of the time.

strongly supported   (kuvvetle desteklenir)

This strongly supported the hypothesis that "A.

Hitler strongly supported this new strategy.

He strongly supported the North in the American Civil War.

more strongly   (daha güçlü)

Margin of the hindwing is more strongly and broadly excavate.

The pterothorax seems to be even more strongly skewed than in damselflies.

It is more strongly influenced by Gaelic than other forms of Scottish English.

strongly associated   (kuvvetle ilişkili)

Although strongly associated with fado (lit.

The movement is strongly associated to Armenian nationalism.

It was strongly associated with Mars, both the planet and the god.

strongly criticized   (şiddetle eleştirildi)

It was strongly criticized by the conservatives.

His remarks were strongly criticized by commentators.

Shedinger's work has been strongly criticized.

strongly against   (şiddetle karşı)

Robinson was strongly against discrimination.

He inveighed strongly against all academical rules and principles.

He argued strongly against the doctrine of the soul's immortality.

very strongly   (çok kuvvetlice)

Wright felt very strongly about the connection to the desert.

Calculations show that for radiation is emitted very strongly.

So a lot of elements of that story resonated very strongly with me."

most strongly   (en kuvvetli)

Quartz is found only in the most strongly peralkaline rocks.

"Déjà vu" is most strongly associated with temporal lobe epilepsy.

Changes affect which somatostatin receptor is most strongly targeted.

so strongly   (çok güçlü)

because I feel so strongly that there are other places that need this."

Heather says she never knew Del felt so strongly for her and sees him like a brother.

Smith was, at times, reluctant to rely so strongly on Roosevelt as an advocate for his candidacy.

strongly condemned   (şiddetle kınandı)

Senior Republicans strongly condemned Akin's remarks.

The US, for whom Wo spied, and the EU strongly condemned the execution.

The "Daily Herald" strongly condemned the Nazi-Soviet Pact and the Soviet invasion of Finland.

strongly criticised   (şiddetle eleştirildi)

These techniques were strongly criticised by Sheriff Kelbie.

These works has been strongly criticised for their freedom with historical fact.

The PYD was known to oppose certain government policies, but had also strongly criticised the Syrian opposition.

strongly suggests

JSTOR now recommends against using SICI, and instead strongly suggests using DOIs instead.

His Hebrew signature, however (Cordoeiro), strongly suggests a long-lasting residence in Portugal.

The book also strongly suggests that the Cold War was soon to end, which did occur that year in December.

strongly encouraged   (şiddetle tavsiye edilir)

Community service is strongly encouraged.

Constantine granted some clemency, but strongly encouraged his suicide.

Gershwin strongly encouraged Ravel to come to the United States for a tour.

strongly linked

Poverty continues to be strongly linked to food insecurity.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina religion is strongly linked to ethnicity.

Diabetes and prediabetes are strongly linked to obesity and overweight.

strongly affected

Despite that it strongly affected Chiapas politics.

Neither are the "bony prominences" strongly affected.

Births and deaths The economy is strongly affected by geography.

strongly correlated   (kuvvetle ilişkili)

Molecular data show that genotype is strongly correlated with geographical origin.

His expertise is in condensed matter theory in strongly correlated electronic systems.

A marathon runner's velocity at lactate threshold is strongly correlated to their performance.

strongly believed

They strongly believed in the worshiping of ancestors.

Carnegie strongly believed in this because he had risen from the bottom.

Watson strongly believed that when a sale was made both sides came out ahead.

strongly advocated   (şiddetle savunuldu)

He strongly advocated a teaching known as five-fold ministry.

His writing strongly advocated Dan Sickles and his role at the Battle of Gettysburg.

The concept dates to the 1950s, and was strongly advocated by Hans Bethe during the 1970s.

strongly connected

It was strongly connected with Eastern European cultures from Dnieper Basin.

The relationship between the causes are strongly connected to power and privilege.

A strong orientation is an orientation that results in a strongly connected graph.

strongly curved   (kuvvetle kavisli)

Claws are simple, large, short and strongly curved.

not strongly

A lengthy war ensued, but the Muslim sultanates of the time were not strongly unified.

Unlike "Cream", "Champagne" is not strongly dosage-dependent, and affects both types of pigment equally.

TCM and its concept of disease does not strongly differentiate between the cause and effect of symptoms.

strongly recommended   (kesinlikle önerilir)

Film Threat strongly recommended the film.

Comic Book Resources wrote "The Art of War is strongly recommended."

Being licensed as a Certified Public Accountant is also strongly recommended.

strongly denied   (şiddetle reddedildi)

Their families strongly denied this.

Murray strongly denied claims of any wrongdoing during his stewardship.

The Attorney General Conde-Pumpido strongly denied the version of Ambassador Aguirre contained in the cables.

strongly defended

The latter was a strongly defended fortification with thick walls, which today only exist remnants.

Cankar, on the other hand, strongly defended the national and linguistic individuality of Slovenes.

Reuters reported that the Niger stations were strongly defended in preparation for a possible new attack.

strongly objected   (şiddetle itiraz)

Cao Shuang's co-regent, Sima Yi, strongly objected but Cao Shuang ignored him and went ahead.

This was described in some British papers as the 'Gordon Relief Expedition', a term Gordon strongly objected to.

He claims to have strongly objected to the selling of what he condemned as drug paraphernalia, glass smoking pipes.

felt strongly

It sat for a while, but everybody felt strongly about it.

She felt strongly that voting and freedom were tied together.

I felt strongly that we should publish the piece and we did, as did others.

strongly critical   (çok kritik)

Zappa was a heavy tobacco smoker for most of his life, and strongly critical of anti-tobacco campaigns.

In a 2006 essay in "The New York Times Magazine" strongly critical of the invasion, he identified neoconservatism with Leninism.

Camus was also strongly critical of authoritarian communism, especially in the case of the Soviet regime, which he considered totalitarian.

strongly related

It is a pattern that is strongly related to the template method pattern.

The mass-produced MWCNTs today are strongly related to the VPGCF developed by Endo.

At the time it was known that the drag at supersonic speeds was strongly related to the span of the wing.

strongly supports

Guyana strongly supports the concept of regional integration.

Croatia strongly supports Albania in its euro-integration path.

The large amount of valley networks strongly supports rain on the planet in the past.

strongly suggest   (Şiddetle önermek)

These tiles strongly suggest that the room was used as a brothel in the mid-eighteenth century.

The passages strongly suggest that the Daniel Fast will promote good health and mental performance.

While other investigations may strongly suggest tuberculosis as the diagnosis, they cannot confirm it.

strongly fortified   (kuvvetle güçlendirilmiş)

The city is strongly fortified, with a spacious harbour.

Kudarat had a large quantity of gunpowder and firearms, and his fort was very strongly fortified.

The Ottomans then withdrew within their strongly fortified camp, and continued to prosecute the siege.

strongly worded   (kuvvetle ifade edilmiş)

The Israeli Embassy also sent a strongly worded letter to the owners.

Cockburn's work is both a strongly worded critique of conventional medical practices of that time (e.g.

A week later, a more strongly worded motion threatening the withholding of supply was also passed—but only by 191 to 190.

strongly resembles   (şiddetle benziyor)

His face strongly resembles that of a young Carl Nielsen.

This hinged upon the proposed use of an Asian Fylfot, which strongly resembles a Swastika.

The Christian Science Dixon church in Dixon, Illinois strongly resembles a penis when viewed from the air.

finished strongly

She finished strongly but failed by a neck to catch the colt Vadamar.

The club finished strongly by winning the last 6 rounds of the season.

She finished strongly but was beaten in a three-way photo finish by Ask and Youmzain.

strongly discouraged   (cesareti kırılmış)

However, this friendship is strongly discouraged by Aliza's sorcerer grandfather, Everand.

Use of these ancient versions, or any un-maintained, non-supported version is strongly discouraged.

Independent candidates are strongly discouraged and face government intervention in their campaigns.

strongly held

This occurs in particular when two people have opposing but strongly held views on truth or events.

Although Rabbi Salanter strongly held that everyone required mussar study, he made an exception for Rav Laizer.

The division established a line along the edge of the high ground overlooking the Selle, the opposite bank of which was strongly held.

strongly suggested

Once cast, it was strongly suggested that actors research their roles.

Today historians strongly suggested that the invasion was actually a Srivijayan retaliation against Medang for the attacks upon the empire.

Van Seters examined the patriarchal stories and argued that their names, social milieu, and messages strongly suggested that they were Iron Age creations.