Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

struck down   (quật ngã)

Then Mick the Miller was struck down with distemper.

In 2016, the Texas law was struck down as unconstitutional.

Our gallant young president has been struck down in his prime!"

struck by lightning   (bị sét đánh)

It was struck by lightning in 1872, but not restored.

His life ended when he was struck by lightning.

A pilot develops super powers after being struck by lightning.

struck up   (đánh lên)

He struck up a friendship with Urquhart.

The two women revive the young man and an acquaintance is struck up.

In the Serpent Society she struck up a friendship with Asp and Diamondback.

struck a deal   (đạt được một thỏa thuận)

Also in 2003, CBS struck a deal with Yahoo!

The band struck a deal with the Italian Scarlet Records for two albums.

Daugherty then struck a deal with Berry and Orlins to vote with them against Tanner.

name was struck

Her name was struck from the Navy list on 21 February.

Her name was struck from the Navy List on 28 August 1946.

Her name was struck from the Navy List on 1 October 1958.

earthquake struck   (trận động đất xảy ra)

A 9.2-magnitude earthquake struck the state in 1964.

Another powerful earthquake struck the community in 1931.

Most recently, a 7.1 earthquake struck Haiti on January 12, 2010.

tornado struck   (cơn lốc xoáy)

A tornado struck Foshan, Shanwei and Shaoguan, killing nine.

A tornado struck Star on May 5, 1904.

When a tornado struck Lubbock on May 11, 1970, she refused to give up her post.

struck first

Alaric struck first at the eastern empire.

Fane's Anglo-Spanish naval expedition struck first on 10 September.

New York struck first.

struck back   (Đánh lại)

The Cubs struck back in their half of the sixth.

The next evening the Twins struck back, taking Game 2 by a 7–2 score.

Nadal struck back in the next game after Djokovic saved two break points.

struck again

The Memphis rushing attack struck again quickly.

The building was finished, but fire struck again in 1875.

The week after Dunn had a major surgery, Howe struck again.

struck off

They were struck off charge in June 1947.

Yudhmanyu struck off the head of Chitrasena(Karna's brother).

The industry was of small tools made of bladelets struck off single-platform cores.

then struck

The quarry fired a few shots and then struck.

The cyclone then struck Montserrat as a strong tropical storm.

"Trio" fired a gun and then struck.

struck and killed

One of them struck and killed him with a poker.

Denzil F. Dowell was struck and killed.

Fisheries employee, was struck and killed by lightning on the summit in 1904.

tragedy struck   (xảy ra thảm kịch)

In 2002, tragedy struck the Last Dance.

In the years following the wars, tragedy struck Gifu once again.

His parents reconciled in late 1925; then tragedy struck in March 1926.

when struck   (khi bị đánh)

Flexible bollards are bollards designed to bend when struck by vehicles.

The boulder, when struck with a wooden hammer, produces sounds which are heard up to away.

Boomwhackers produce musical tones when struck together, on the floor, or against nearly any surface.

deal was struck

A deal was struck between militants of PCG and "Combat Ouvrier".

A deal was struck between Barnsley and Grimsby for a permanent switch that was completed two days later.

On 8 August 2013, it was announced that a deal was struck between Liverpool and Bolton subject to a medical on the same afternoon.

storm struck   (bão đánh)

A storm struck them when they were near Galveston Island, Texas.

After becoming extratropical, the remnants of this storm struck Newfoundland.

Early on February 3, the storm struck Cape Sable, Florida and quickly crossed the state.

struck a chord

He cites Public Enemy and N.W.A as two rap groups that really struck a chord with him.

The production struck a chord with listeners and served as a prototype for dramatic productions that followed it.

Torkan first appeared in Sydney's "Sunday Telegraph" newspaper in June 1976 and immediately struck a chord with readers.

struck between

No commemorative coins were struck between 1939 and 1945.

A deal was struck between militants of PCG and "Combat Ouvrier".

This was a deal struck between Comcept and Tecmo Koei, as Keiji Inafune is spearheading both titles.

disaster struck   (thảm họa xảy ra)

They spent their honeymoon at the "Idle Hour" estate but disaster struck when fire broke out and the mansion burned to the ground.

However, disaster struck when the club was notified by the County Council that the property could not be used for sporting purposes.

In August 1979, Pakhtakor made it back to the Soviet Top League, but shortly thereafter disaster struck the club and Soviet football.