Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

structural damage   (daño estructural)

It caused some structural damage, breaking the front door of the Sheahan's home.

The structural damage was significant, and the central temple suffered the worst.

Landfalling storms of Category 3 intensity can cause significant structural damage.

structural changes   (cambios estructurales)

India's agricultural economy is undergoing structural changes.

Chromatin undergoes various structural changes during a cell cycle.

The resulting structural changes were implemented between 1995 and 1998.

structural integrity   (integridad estructural)

It was the car's tremendous structural integrity that saved his life.

Anodic regions dissolve and destroy the structural integrity of the metal.

It has better structural integrity and forms a thicker, more localized dentinal bridge.

structural elements   (elementos estructurales)

Many of its structural elements are damaged.

He was not disassembling or combining or using them as structural elements.

They form major structural elements in extracellular matrices of cartilage, skin, and tendon.

structural engineering   (Ingeniería estructural)

Merit Award for quality structural engineering.

DeSimone Consulting Engineers is the structural engineering firm.

Earthquake engineering is a sub-discipline of structural engineering.

structural problems

It was built, but structural problems appeared, and it was eventually demolished in 1993.

Part of the Teall family plot, the gravesite has some structural problems and issues of disrepair.

Combined with the major structural problems and expensive operation, this led to closure on 21 March 1963.

structural engineer

He also had a successful career as a structural engineer.

Mark Sarkisian Mark Sarkisian is an American structural engineer.

Madhukar Gogate Madhukar Narayan Gogate (born ) is a retired structural engineer.

structural steel

It is constructed of structural steel faced with brick.

On these a structural steel framework with 5 projections was set up.

The structure has a concrete foundation and structural steel framing.

major structural   (estructural principal)

They form major structural elements in extracellular matrices of cartilage, skin, and tendon.

The Coleraine Town Hall required major structural work, and was not reopened until August 1995.

This line clearly marks a major structural feature in the Martian crust, but its origin is uncertain.

structural features

Even Forth's structural features are stack-based.

VMIL studies conceptual and structural features of the medical information unique to animals.

Key structural features are the Arlit Fault, and intrusions and ring dikes from 480 to 145 Ma in age.

structural design

The structural design was the responsibility of "TMJ Tomasz Ziętała".

The legal issues fall upon water right, air rights, and structural design.

He became an expert in structural design, writing the standard textbook of the time.

structural failure

Nationally, SGH is recognized as an expert on the science and causes of structural failure.

The deck must be absent of flame after the 40 minute test period and lack structural failure of any boards.

It's noted as one of the few concrete single-angle thin-arch dams to be breached, although it was not a structural failure.

structural reform   (reforma estructural)

Recent accession to the EU gives further impetus and direction to structural reform.

The economic liberalisation and structural reform measures were necessary and had been overdue at that time.

It is focused on policy-led, national structural reform and liberalisation programmes with a sector-wide approach.

structural change

Repeated firing causes a structural change in the synapses.

Vidal made one structural change which was not revised, however.

Such a need for structural change is likely to result in a violent conflict.

structural components

starch and glycogen) and as structural components (e.g.

No structural components were salvaged.

During these events, the structural components of the nucleus — the envelope and lamina — can be systematically degraded.

structural support   (Soporte estructural)

In critical electronic applications, beryllium is both a structural support and heat sink.

A bent is a structural support, like a truss, consisting of two posts, a tie beam and two rafters.

Alongside the overall change in appearance, the new bodywork marked improvements in structural support.

structural analysis

MSC Nastran is commonly utilized for performing structural analysis.

These conclusions have been confirmed by structural analysis of adrenodoxin and P450 complex.

In the 1970s, engineers were just starting to use computer structural analysis on a large scale.

due to structural

In 1889 the complex was closed due to structural instability.

On October 16, 2009, the Champlain Bridge was closed to traffic due to structural concerns.

However, these cars ended up being stored due to structural issues and are now awaiting scrapping.

structural proteins

Most of the genome coded for structural proteins.

There are two structural proteins in the virion.

They contain two structural proteins.

structural biology

Jones completed her PhD at Georgia State University and specialized in structural biology.

John McGeehan John McGeehan is a British research scientist and professor of structural biology.

In structural biology, it aids in the simulation and modeling of DNA, RNA, proteins as well as biomolecular interactions.

structural and functional

However, there is consistent evidence of structural and functional deficits in MDMA users with high lifetime exposure.

Production of these chemicals effects neuronal differentiation, survival, regeneration, and structural and functional plasticity.

However, it was well known that proteins are structural and functional macromolecules, some of which carry out enzymatic reactions of cells.

structural engineers

The structural engineers where Civic Engineers.

Masao Sitoh and Arata Ono were the structural engineers.

Mike arranges for structural engineers to secretly visit and assess the site while Gus silently observes.

structural system

Later buildings to use this structural system include the Petronas Towers.

The first building to use this structural system was the 35-stories Brunswick Building.

This structural system uses combinations of shear walls and frames designed to resist lateral forces.

structural reforms

But she did not carry out significant structural reforms.

All five countries are implementing structural reforms to improve competitiveness.

The Counter-Reformation was a comprehensive effort, involving ecclesiastical or structural reforms as well as a political dimension and spiritual movements.

no structural

The columns are decorative only, and appear to serve no structural purpose.

While the home has a traditional construction date of about 1651, there is no structural evidence to indicate a date earlier than about 1725.

However, despite such restrictions and variability seen in both Arabic and Hungarian above, there are no structural differences between the languages.

structural similarity   (similitud estructural)

because of its structural similarity to another substance).

CNG ion channels share a high degree of sequence and structural similarity to mammalian CNG channels.

The bulky, bicyclic aromatic substituents (R and R) account for the structural similarity to corticoids.

other structural   (otro estructural)

Occasionally, other structural needs may require high-strength concrete.

It is used in tank armor, bulletproof vests, and numerous other structural applications.

Diplopodia is often found in conjunction with other structural abnormalities and can be lethal.