Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

frame structure   (estructura del marco)

The house is a -story gambrel-roofed frame structure.

It is a frame structure with redwood and stone sections.

They have a frame structure usually supplemented with a veranda.

brick structure   (estructura de ladrillo)

The six-story brick structure rises to a height of .

The brick structure was carefully thought out.

It is a two-story gable-front brick structure.

wood frame structure   (estructura de marco de madera)

The house is a 1-1/2 story Cape style wood frame structure, with a central chimney.

It is a 2-1/2 story wood frame structure, with a hip roof and clapboarded exterior.

It is a 2-1/2 story wood frame structure, with a gabled roof and clapboarded exterior.

social structure   (estructura social)

The Mato Grosso dog-faced bat possibly has a harem social structure.

The political and social structure of Germany had forever been altered.

In this manner, they closely resemble African wild dogs in social structure.

crystal structure   (estructura cristalina)

It has a pink color with a cubic crystal structure.

, no crystal structure is available for class I AC.

The crystal structure of CH has been obtained.

original structure

Their original structure burned in an 1895 fire.

The original structure was destroyed about 1850.

The original structure burned down in December 1933.

new structure

These titles were assimilated into the new structure under Islam.

The original (pre 1890) market was smaller than the new structure.

This new structure was also the first church to be built during Bp.

structure built

Van Wagener Barn is lava rock structure built in 1912.

It is a 3-story brick structure built in 1903.

It is a large, 2½-story brick structure built about 1780.

structure was built

The preserved structure was built in 1938 or 1939.

This structure was built in 1870 to meet that need.

The whole structure was built with granite rock.

data structure

It was the first such data structure to be invented.

The domain name space consists of a tree data structure.

It uses S-expressions to denote both code and data structure.

organizational structure   (estructura organizativa)

The network is working under umbrella organizational structure.

In 2007, a new organizational structure as well as new program were decided.

During World War II the Red Army used the same basic organizational structure.

wooden structure   (estructura de madera)

It features a single platform with a wooden structure.

The AMA was a high wing monoplane with a wooden structure.

It has a wooden structure throughout.

command structure

Umar adopted a different approach to the command structure.

The command structure of both sides changed during the operation.

Notably the hired units were deployed with their own command structure.

internal structure

The object need not expose its internal structure.

Each of these areas has a complex internal structure.

It had also damaged the external skin and internal structure.

current structure

The current structure was built in 1929.

The building was replaced with the current structure in 1872.

In 1856, he replaced the gristmill with the current structure.

stone structure

A stone structure was later built over the location.

This is evident in its strong stone structure.

It is a -story, three-bay by three-bay, stone structure.

basic structure

It became the basic structure for the next 20 years.

The basic structure of this exam is identical to that of the CSAT.

The basic structure of matter involves charged particles bound together.

secondary structure

The majority of the secondary structure of gene is random coils.

The secondary structure prediction of ZCCHC18 was analyzed by Phyre2.

Human telomeric DNA (hTelo) can form an i-motif secondary structure in vitro.

concrete structure   (estructura de hormigon)

The bridge was a post-tensioned concrete structure.

In 1912, the light was placed on a small, concrete structure.

A blue glass facade was added, hiding the concrete structure.

main structure   (estructura principal)

The main structure measures long, wide and high.

Other bays project randomly from the main structure.

The main structure is a one-story two-bay dry stone quarters.

structure and function

Demyelinating Schwann cells causes abnormal axon structure and function.

He finds clear similarities in character, structure and function of these texts.

BDNF is a protein that regulates the structure and function of neuronal synapses.

chemical structure

Linear acetylenic carbon has the chemical structure −(C:::C)−.

The chemical structure of proteins was still under debate at that time.

The term was originally used to describe variations in chemical structure.

complex structure

This is due to its very complex structure.

The clitoris is a complex structure, and its size and sensitivity can vary.

Samori's army was well equipped with modern firearms and a complex structure of permanent units.

historic structure

The historic structure is now vacant.

The historic structure now operates as a guest house and restaurant.

Another historic structure is the Satterly Barn which was built in the early 1700s.

political structure

This indicates his special position within the Church political structure.

The political structure and agencies of the city and the canton are identical.

It might be a state affecting imperial policies or a particular political structure.

present structure   (estructura actual)

The present structure is boarded up and not used.

It was immediately replaced with the present structure.

The present structure is located in the center of the city's old town.

protein structure

In protein structure examinations, amino acid-specific SLs can be used.

A spin label's built-in protein structure can be detected by EPR spectroscopy.

Wrinch developed this suggestion into a full-fledged model of protein structure.

administrative structure

In 1972 it assumed its current place in the administrative structure.

Al-Bahri described al-Qaeda's formal administrative structure and vast arsenal.

Garcia ensured that he would not change the administrative structure of the city.

molecular structure   (estructura molecular)

The molecular structure of the general cadherin class is known.

At low temperatures, solid acids have an ordered molecular structure like most salts.

Hydroxycarboxylic Acids – They have hydroxyl carboxyl groups in their molecular structure.

contributing structure

The contributing structure is the remains of a mill race.

It included 27 contributing buildings and a contributing structure.

the listing included six contributing buildings and a contributing structure.

similar structure

The extensor retinaculum of the foot has similar structure.

The result is a message with a similar structure as described above.

Many of these RNAs share a similar structure composed of three stem-loops.

structure located

This factory was a three-story brick structure located near the Engineering Building.

The office building and laboratory is a 2.5-story structure located at the west end of island 3.

The baggage and dormitory structure is a three-story structure located north of the main building.

power structure

As other Chinese political power structure.

"Napster was a huge threat to the power structure," Winter said.

"Iqtaʿat" were a central component of the Mamluk power structure.

entire structure   (estructura completa)

The entire structure is covered with a glass roof.

The entire structure may be gravity gradient stabilized.

In fact, a single change can change the entire structure.

structure called

Fianna Fáil uses a structure called a cumann system.

Instead, their DNA is organized into a structure called the nucleoid.

These proteins organize the DNA into a compact structure called chromatin.

tallest structure   (estructura más alta)

The cathedral is the tallest structure in Croatia.

The tallest structure ever relocated is BREN Tower.

It is the tallest structure in the temple.

steel structure

The concrete was added to the steel structure two months later.

The deck was replaced, along with pier and steel structure repair.

The school is a steel structure with an ashlar limestone brick pattern.

masonry structure   (estructura de albañilería)

The original masonry structure was high.

It is a two-story masonry structure, built in handmade brick.

It is a single story masonry structure, finished in brick with limestone trim.

structure consists

The structure consists of three elevations.

The structure consists of four levels containing 14 rooms with .

The structure consists of 31 rooms, including chambers in the central hall.

same structure

have completely the same structure and appearance.

Many traditional Tuvan songs share the same structure.

It retained the same structure when Rhodesia unilaterally declared independence in 1965.

similar in structure

Black arsenic is similar in structure to black phosphorus.

Germane (GeH) is a compound similar in structure to methane.

Chemically, it is similar in structure to urushiol, the irritant found in poison ivy.

roof structure

The roof structure was supported by sixty wrought-iron columns.

The roof structure is battened to receive shingles below the iron tiles.

The steel structure was completed in June 2005 along with the roof structure.

existing structure

It has 17th-century origins but the existing structure dates from 1838.

Like other bridges across the canal, the existing structure dates from 1826.

Above the gateway is a late 18th-century clock that was inserted into the existing structure.

narrative structure   (estructura narrativa)

The "formula" is defined specifically by predictable narrative structure.

At that point Boe developed a style of movie making and playing with narrative structure.

At that time, Kubrick talked about wanting to explode the usual conventions of narrative structure.

overall structure   (estructura general)

Much of the skull is formed from cartilage, and its overall structure is reduced.

The overall structure of the peripherin gene is nine exons separated by eight introns.

SHV-1 shares 68 percent of its amino acids with TEM-1 and has a similar overall structure.

hierarchical structure   (estructura jerarquica)

The SSNP was organised with a hierarchical structure and a powerful leader.

The Great Chain of Being is a hierarchical structure of all matter and life.

Many taxonomies have a hierarchical structure, but this is not a requirement.

log structure

It was built originally as a double pen log structure in c. 1840.

The log structure consists of a single room with wood floor, unfinished walls and roof.

The rustic log structure comprises a single room with a woodstove, and a small cellar food cache.

management structure

Following financial challenges, the management structure was changed.

Apart from military and diplomatic problems, he was also concerned with the management structure of the state.

He comes to believe that there are inherent problems with the organization's management structure, and decides to leave in 2006.

electronic structure

Its basic electronic structure is the p-i-n junction.

The support has a substantial effect on the electronic structure of gold clusters.

In AIMS, nuclear dynamics and electronic structure problems are solved simultaneously.

family structure   (estructura familiar)

Little is known of family structure among the Celts.

The family structure of Kerista was composed of fidelitous groups called B-FICs (Best-Friend Identity Clusters).

The high presence of men in drag is a reference to the central role of women in Martinique's society and family structure.

structure was designed

The structure was designed by Bartolomeo Vecchione.

The Gothic Revival style structure was designed by Ludvig Lnudsen.

The structure was designed to have 26 cells and a sheriff's residence.

rank structure

The rank structure follows the UK HM Customs rank structure.

The Boston Police rank structure is as follows: The Superintendent In Chief is Gregory P. Long.

structure similar

h-BN has a hexagonal structure similar to graphene's.

It has a layer structure similar to that of black phosphorus.

Estonian has a structure similar to Finnish, with both repetitions and interjections.

listed structure

Today the plinth is a Grade II listed structure.

It is a Grade II* listed structure.

parking structure

DTE shares use of the parking structure along with casino guests.

A parking structure was also added adjacent to the current Macy's.

The parking structure is named the Gerald Ratner Athletics Center Parking Structure.

first structure

It was the first structure to reach a height of 300 metres.

In November 1926, this first structure was destroyed in a fire.

It was also the first structure to use red sandstone at such a scale.

whole structure

The whole structure was built with granite rock.

The whole structure has been listed at Grade II.

The whole structure centers on parks and green areas.

structure was completed

Construction of the structure was completed in 1915.

Work to significantly widen the structure was completed in 1848.

The structure was completed in 1972.

tertiary structure

The predicted ZCCHC18 tertiary structure is shown in the figure..

A tertiary structure has not yet been confirmed by X-ray crystallography.

In this way proteins serve to organise and stabilise the rRNA tertiary structure.

support structure   (estructura de soporte)

Wooden roof support structure (battens and beams).

The plates contain a support structure for the filter cloth.

Graphene attached to a polycarbonate support structure was initially effective at removing salt.

structure within

Kollmeier's research focuses on the formation of structure within the universe.

There were very few titles and little organizational structure within the physicists.

This maintains the stability of the structure within localized segments of the protein.

structure known

Traditionally, "yonkoma" follow a structure known as "kishōtenketsu".

Whittier once boasted a second structure known as the Buckner Building.

Then a temporary structure known as a center or centering would be built of wood or iron.

structure consisting

166) adopts a double-layered structure consisting of many interlocked, ruffled, six-membered rings.

Porin B has an alpha helical core structure consisting of four alpha-helices surrounding a nonpolar interior.

A structure consisting of 11 rings representing the 11 countries was also lit up as part of the countdown ceremony.

rectangular structure

Each pavilion is a 1.5-story rectangular structure.

The temple consists of rectangular structure oriented west to east, covered in differentiated roof tile.

The site includes the ruins of the tannery, a one-story, rectangular structure measuring 55 feet by 22 feet.

structure made

Amorphous materials have an internal structure made of interconnected structural blocks.

Ice palace An ice palace or ice castle is a castle-like structure made of blocks of ice.

Nazi Germany's tangled command structure made it difficult for Rommel to achieve his task.

structure designed

Safar is a flexible, innovative structure designed by Janak Mistry.

It has a structure designed by Birch Burdette Long, who was a Frank Lloyd Wright protege.

The EAU-RF has created a governance structure designed to achieve its targets most efficiently.

corporate structure

The articles of incorporation typically include the name of the corporation, the type of corporate structure (e.g.

In 1998 Taubman Centers simplified its corporate structure and turned over full ownership to its financial partner, the GM Pension Trusts.

Macquarie Film Corporation's strengths are in the substantial capital and corporate structure supporting the company and its portfolio approach to investment.

league structure

With the 1975–76 season, the league structure was changed into a ten team first league (1.

It will be played by the first and second level divisions of the Qatari football league structure.

In 1990, the unofficial Welsh championship was replaced by a league structure involving promotion and relegation.

organisational structure   (estructura organizacional)

In 1772, there were further reforms to the organisational structure.

Cyprus and Germany are a part of St John Ambulance as two districts, unattached to any region, within the organisational structure.

For the organisational structure of the admiralty department and how it developed through the centuries see the following articles below.

physical structure

One distinctly shows the physical structure of the original castle.

Often, the only binder in a forcemeat is the physical structure of the protein used.

It is similar in physical structure (but not appearance) to the red-bellied black snake.

story structure   (estructura de la historia)

The 2½ story structure follows an irregular plan.

The school building is a four story structure.

He praised the twist ending, but felt the film lacked a balanced story structure.

economic structure

The economic structure of the people of Sawahlunto is mainly supported by mining.

The economic structure of Rize is based primarily around its geographic location.

The country's economic structure shows a declining trend in the agricultural sector.

structure used

A companion data structure used together with the FCB was the Disk Transfer Area (DTA).

The builders of this structure used the diameter of the bullring of Quintanar de la Orden as a guide.

Tymbal The tymbal (or timbal) is the corrugated exoskeletal structure used to produce sounds in insects.

permanent structure   (estructura permanente)

In 1849 a competition was held to design a replacement permanent structure.

The station was founded on Spitsbergen in 1971, when the first permanent structure was built.

In 1906 construction began on a permanent structure for the southern end of the outer breakwater.

within the structure

There is no diagonal bracing between the legs within the structure.

Technopromexport carries out works within the structure of the EPC/EPCM contracts.

The entrance is within the structure, penetrating the building on one side with a covered carport on the other.

sentence structure   (estructura de la oración)

The basic sentence structure is Subject Object Verb.

Czech syntax has a subject–verb–object sentence structure.

Paragraph and sentence structure in New Guinea Highlands languages.

primary structure   (estructura primaria)

Such a sequence is called the primary structure of the biopolymer.

The following content uses protein primary structure single-letter location.

The tetrameric structure was deduced as its primary structure is only 28 kDa.

domain structure

These kinases have different biological functions, but are all large proteins with common domain structure.

The reason may be different requirements of the transactivation domain structure of the AH receptor for different genes.

Olfactory receptors share a 7-transmembrane domain structure with many neurotransmitter and hormone receptors and are responsible for the recognition and G protein-mediated transduction of odorant signals.

temporary structure   (estructura temporal)

The temporary structure was lightweight, portable, and photoluminescent.

Then a temporary structure known as a center or centering would be built of wood or iron.

Since 2012, the temporary structure A Room for London has been located on top of the auditorium building.

governance structure   (estructura de gobierno)

The governance structure announced involves a number of top figures from the Socca world.

The EAU-RF has created a governance structure designed to achieve its targets most efficiently.

Effective action by these units is particularly dependent on a well-organized governance structure.

ownership structure

The new ownership structure of Gambro became effective in June 2006.

Thus, the ownership structure has an influence on the incentives to invest.

Each has a different legal purpose, ownership structure, and governance model.

structure itself

The central structure itself would have also provided additional niche space.

The hyperboloid structure itself is a result of 16 identical assembled concrete columns.

A promotion and relegation system operates within the Leinster Senior League structure itself.

church structure

That original church structure burned in 1953.

In 1906, a large permanent church structure was built under the supervision of Reverend M.A.

The antiprelatical factions fell into a pamphlet war with those supporting the Anglican church structure.

military structure

In swift fashion, a military structure was assembled.

At the time, nurses were given no rank in the military structure.

The Emperor Gallienus (253–268 AD) began a reorganization that created the final military structure of the late Empire.

body structure

Additionally, stripes, spots, and different colors occur along the body structure.

It includes the bones, cartilage and other body structure still attached after this initial butchering.

They have a distinctive body structure with long ears and neck and a large body, and a distinctive color.

timber structure

The first bridge to carry this road was a timber structure built from 1833 through 1834.

The building however has lost its integrity having been reconstructed in 2007 after the original timber structure was destroyed by fire.

The Redesdale Bridge is a wrought iron and timber structure with bluestone abutments, located over the Campaspe River near the town of Redesdale.

formal structure

Leonarda’s sonatas, however, are unusual in their formal structure.

Instead of formal structure, the poem focuses on the flow of sound.

The piece has no apparent formal structure and has been through-composed.

class structure

They wanted to protect Chile from "the enemy of class structure".

As the class structure in America changed, so did measures of real wealth.

The series returns to the three class structure that it previously held in 2016.

song structure

The Ai version features a slightly different song structure, melody and lyrics.

Death metal may include chromatic chord progressions and a varied song structure.

The song structure is similar of that to the original rap with Portman engaging in a mock interview.

structure prediction   (predicción de estructura)

The secondary structure prediction of ZCCHC18 was analyzed by Phyre2.

Protein structure prediction is another important application of bioinformatics.

Based on structure prediction softwares, the rest of the protein consists of alpha helices and random coils.

crystalline structure   (estructura cristalina)

Diabase is a black igneous rock with a dense and finely crystalline structure.

BPM 37093 is a white dwarf star whose carbon atoms are thought to have formed a crystalline structure.

In 1987, he became a senior scientist studying the crystalline structure and mechanical properties of solids.

bridge structure

It is supported by a stone arch bridge structure with five spans.

The bridge structure was also removed and a large bridge similar to that used in the battleships installed in its place.

According to MDOT, "this route would only be used in emergency situations and worst-case scenarios impacting the entire bridge structure."

government structure   (estructura de gobierno)

Despite its convoluted government structure, the CAF economy was a success.

With a government structure yet to be established, chaos broke out in Kabul.

It specified a government structure remarkably similar to the current system.

phrase structure

It is a phrase structure account that relies on unseen movement/copying mechanisms below the surface.

This is because nominal sentences cannot be accounted for using traditional phrase structure rules, which state: TP → {NP/ CP} (T) (VP).

However, phrase structure rules are supposed to be universal, therefore this new rule would also allow us to generate "I happy" in English.

algebraic structure

This shows that the order on R is determined by its algebraic structure.

The endomorphisms of a nonabelian group generate an algebraic structure known as a near-ring.

The purpose of defining a group homomorphism is to create functions that preserve the algebraic structure.

general structure   (estructura general)

The general structure of the algorithm is a Feistel-like network.

The general structure of the endoplasmic reticulum is a network of membranes called cisternae.

Madagascar in its general structure, as in flora and fauna, forms a connecting link between Africa and southern Asia.

ring structure

For operator algebras, there is still the additional ring structure.

Another valid reading of the text utilizes ring structure (see Chiastic structure).

This section closes with a few praises to God making a ring structure which is very noticeable.

structure with many

Olfactory receptors share a 7-transmembrane domain structure with many neurotransmitter and hormone receptors and are responsible for the recognition and G protein-mediated transduction of odorant signals.

style structure

The Gothic Revival style structure was designed by Ludvig Lnudsen.

And the City Court House, also a Greek Revival style structure built between 1853-1855.

Architect Paul O. Moratz of Bloomington, Illinois designed the Classical Revival style structure.

earlier structure

An earlier structure at the site was built after 1474.

The castle replaced an earlier structure.

It replaced an earlier structure of 1823 at the cost of £2,300.