struggle against   (と闘う)

Their central theme is the struggle against the Ottoman Empire.

He was to struggle against the West Indies throughout his career.

Kupang became the base of the Dutch struggle against the Portuguese.

struggle between   (間の闘争)

The power struggle between Agrippina and her son had begun.

Soon, he is caught in a vicious struggle between two rival Tomies.

He points to the myth of the struggle between Baal and Yam as evidence.

power struggle   (権力闘争)

Around 1520, the power struggle broke into civil war.

A power struggle followed Mao's death in 1976.

The power struggle between Agrippina and her son had begun.

armed struggle   (武装闘争)

He took no part in the armed struggle taking place in that area.

Although the armed struggle continued, it was generally ineffectual.

The desperate situation forced the Bulgarians to resort to armed struggle.

class struggle   (階級闘争)

It is a natural response to natural struggle blended with class struggle."

The film deals with environmental destruction, pollution and class struggle.

These films were noted for their emphasis on class struggle and external threats (i.e.

continued to struggle   (苦労し続けた)

He continued to struggle, playing four games in 2001.

Bencic continued to struggle at the beginning of 2017.

He continued to struggle with his hamstring.

struggle for independence   (独立のための闘争)

In 1988 the struggle for independence in the Karabagh region started.

Historic events, especially the struggle for independence which has the most monuments.

The central sharpened bamboo spear represents the Dairi people's struggle for independence.

power struggle between   (間の権力闘争)

The power struggle between Agrippina and her son had begun.

Eventually, artistic differences created a power struggle between Meade and Walker.

The second, Dialogue and Power, focuses on the inherent power struggle between the interviewer and the interviewee.

political struggle   (政治闘争)

The term was also used in political struggle.

Zhao became the first victim of the political struggle or purge.

He vowed "to continue the political struggle for democracy, for the rule of law".

freedom struggle   (自由の闘争)

Bhandari took active part in the freedom struggle.

The village made tremendous sacrifices in the Indian freedom struggle.

Later, which he resigns from this post and joins the freedom struggle.

long struggle   (長い闘争)

After a long struggle, Norreys gradually got the upper hand.

Dijkstra died on 6 August 2002 after a long struggle with cancer.

He might have been gathering supplies for a long struggle in Santander.

struggle for power   (権力闘争)

Also present was a struggle for power between the king and some of the nobility.

This breakdown caused a power vacuum and a subsequent struggle for power in Eastern Europe.

On 24 July 1788, Breteuil resigned, exhausted by the struggle for power in the King's Council.

began to struggle   (苦労し始めました)

After St. Petersburg, Bencic began to struggle.

However, McNally soon began to struggle with his command.

In 2010, after leading the division standing by the end of April, the Mets again began to struggle.

during the struggle   (闘争中)

Azrael shoots Natarle during the struggle and then prepares to destroy the "Archangel" himself.

He also claims that most of the cuts were from broken glass Euronymous had fallen on during the struggle.

Human rights groups denounced the widespread abuse of innocent citizens during the struggle against the rebel groups.

struggle to find   (見つけるのに苦労する)

On the reservations, they struggle to find employment and alcoholism is rampant.

This book explores these themes as part of Steph's struggle to find her place and herself.

The start of the new season found Niculae continuing to struggle to find his spot in the first team squad.

independence struggle   (独立闘争)

The party supported the independence struggle in Indonesia.

In India, he was reputed to have taken part in the independence struggle with Gandhi.

A large number of Bengalis died in the independence struggle and many were exiled in Cellular Jail, located in Andaman.

liberation struggle   (解放闘争)

The church was an icon of the liberation struggle in South Africa.

UNITA is very unpopular in Namibia since it helped South Africa fight SWAPO during the liberation struggle.

Sonia Sanchez, voice of the liberation struggle of a people was a God-daughter adored by Queen Mother Moore.

struggle to survive   (生き残るのに苦労する)

The boys struggle to survive in a very harsh, difficult environment.

This struggle to survive can often be seen in hymns and devotional writings.

He has noted: "They struggle to survive, but they accept whatever happens to them."

struggle for freedom   (自由のための闘争)

A second statue's arms back, symbolizing the struggle for freedom.

Soon after, being an active participant in Goa's struggle for freedom, he was imprisoned by the Portuguese.

internal struggle   (内部闘争)

His internal struggle to accept and embrace his identity inform the beginning of covering.

Opposing Piłsudski's Coup d'État of 1926, he did not rejoin the army during the internal struggle.

The Clan has split between conservative and progressive factions and the bitter internal struggle reaches its peak.

armed struggle against   (武装闘争)

Nonetheless, Nart did recognize the necessity of armed struggle against the Somoza oligarchy in Nicaragua.

The revolutionaries planned to land in the province of Oriente and begin an armed struggle against the government of Batista.

In 1999, Diniz released his first independent comic: "Subversivos", about the armed struggle against the Brazilian military dictatorship.

struggle within   (内で闘う)

The struggle within the Upper Saxon Circle however went on.

In October 2019, there was a power struggle within the group.

In 1724, Agaja offered his military to help with a succession struggle within Allada.

struggle for survival   (生存のための闘争)

The main theme in his work is the struggle for survival.

Early November found the besieged locked in a desperate struggle for survival.

The late 1970s and early 1980s were a time to either abandon the genre or fight a losing struggle for survival.