İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

graduate studies   (Lisansüstü çalışmaları)

At this time, she also began her graduate studies.

Paterson Award for his graduate studies in 1978.

In 1956, Healy was accepted into graduate studies at Caltech.

continued his studies   (çalışmalarına devam etti)

He continued his studies at Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.

He continued his studies at Pavia University.

Then, he continued his studies in Copenhagen University.

studies have shown   (çalışmalar göstermiştir)

Although other studies have shown much higher figures.

Later studies have shown that the effect disappears in this context.

However, detailed studies have shown these materials to be distinct.

further studies   (ileriki çalışmalar)

He was sent to US by the company for further studies.

Kang San moves to America for further studies.

He then left Makerere to pursue further studies in Canada.

case studies   (durum çalışmaları)

The historical case studies approach might be biased.

A review of 59 case studies by Veyssier-Belot, C et al.

'Wetland Valuation: three case studies', in Perring "et al."

recent studies

In recent studies, two methods have been identified.

The two most recent studies subscribe to the kidnap theory.

Some recent studies also advocated a more upward directed neck.

undergraduate studies   (lisans çalışmaları)

After undergraduate studies at Seton Hall, he completed his D.M.D.

Lea Sirk completed her undergraduate studies early and with honours.

She completed her undergraduate studies at Bilkent University in 2009.

social studies   (sosyal çalışmalar)

Due to this they are a subject of social studies.

Payne is a retired social studies middle school teacher.

Mr. Iles returned to Peabody in 1934 to teach social studies.

doctoral studies   (doktora çalışmaları)

Since March 1950 he continued his doctoral studies.

Karp also completed doctoral studies in anthropology at Stanford.

In February 1950 he went back to Moscow to complete his doctoral studies.

studies show   (çalışmalar gösteriyor)

Isotopic studies show the oil deposits to be about 110 million years old.

New studies show that PCR may identify "E. vogeli" in the patients tissues.

Results of several studies show the effects of increased empathy with others.

religious studies   (dini çalışmalar)

in religious studies at Yale University in 1981.

All previously allowed religious studies were forbidden.

These priests were organized and well trained in religious studies.

studies suggest   (çalışmalar önerdi)

Several studies suggest it has a role in neuronal plasticity.

Some studies suggest that this may also be true for oral estriol.

Isotopic labelling studies suggest that plants also obtain nitrogen from the ants.

completed his studies

He completed his studies after five years in 1926.

He completed his studies in dental medicine in 1942.

BTR completed his studies in 1927, obtaining an M.A.

postgraduate studies   (Lisansüstü çalışmalar)

He did further postgraduate studies in Paris and London.

The college offers courses from pre-school to postgraduate studies.

He then undertook postgraduate studies at Dundee gaining a PhD in 1932.

other studies   (diğer çalışmalar)

Three other studies came to the opposite conclusion.

This was later proven by other studies as well.

Although other studies have shown much higher figures.

completing his studies   (çalışmalarını tamamlamak)

After completing his studies, he worked at several places.

After completing his studies, he relocated to Paris for three years.

After completing his studies, he toured throughout Asia in the mid-1890s.

studies have found   (çalışmalar buldu)

Many studies have found that certain fears (e.g.

Regarding environmental health, studies have found no or a positive effect.

Other studies have found evidence of price convergence, in particular for cars.

scientific studies

RGZ has published five scientific studies (May 2018).

He didn't regret his medicinal and scientific studies.

FGL is the subject of multiple scientific studies per year.

university studies

They both completed their university studies in the US.

She joined the Slovak National Theatre after finishing her university studies.

In preparation for her university studies she learned Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

began his studies

He began his studies at Winchester College in 1573.

Mann began his studies at the Glasgow School of Art.

He began his studies at the Spanish National Ballet.

medical studies   (tıbbi çalışmalar)

Tagliacozzi began his medical studies in 1565.

Beaumanoir returned to her medical studies in Marseille.

Mangin started her medical studies in 1896.

cultural studies

as they intersect with cultural studies.

He wrote a large number of Armenian-language historical and cultural studies.

Johansson notes that "more recent analyses within media and cultural studies (e.g.

several studies

Bauer made several studies of this motif.

A review of several studies found average flaccid length to be .

The Erlich group published several studies on the subject of genetic privacy.

research studies

This population has been subject to research studies.

The research studies are published as WIDER working papers.

IAE de Lille participates in the management research studies.

academic studies

Rossbacher began her academic studies at Dickinson College.

He is the subject of various biographies and academic studies.

He began his academic studies at the age of 7 and soon excelled in Persian.

continue his studies

He moved to Mumbai to continue his studies.

Later on, he moved to Munich to continue his studies there.

In 1900, Majkowski moved to Greifswald to continue his studies.

theological studies   (teolojik çalışmalar)

In 1881 he gained a doctorate in theological studies.

He did his theological studies in Granada from 1939 until 1942.

In the same year, he began theological studies in the Pelplin Seminary.

many studies

Somewhat similar techniques were used in many studies.

An initial amorphous layer was observed in many studies.

This work has motivated many studies, but is also controversial.

continued her studies

She continued her studies and completed her B.

In 1947, Seidel continued her studies at Kiel.

She continued her studies at the Chicago Art Institute.

studies indicate   (çalışmalar gösteriyor)

Some studies indicate slight increased consumption."

Other studies indicate sand tiger sharks can be indifferent to divers.

These studies indicate the vegetation of the island may be changing rapidly.

clinical studies

As of December 2017, it is in phase II clinical studies for this purpose.

Animal studies have been conducted as well as clinical studies in humans.

The center is financed mainly through research projects and clinical studies.

higher studies

For higher studies, he went to Columbia University, US.

He went to United States for higher studies.

Very less students migrate to the Capital for higher studies.

number of studies   (çalışma sayısı)

He made a number of studies of Richmond Bridge.

A number of studies on a strategic-range counterpart followed.

Mitrofanov composed a number of studies jointly with grandmaster Alexander Beliavsky.

animal studies   (hayvan çalışmaları)

The NCI found that no "in vivo" animal studies had been conducted.

No convincing animal studies or masked clinical trials have been reported.

The idea was brought back with a series of animal studies in the early 1980s.

environmental studies

She was an affiliate faculty of the Goucher environmental studies program.

Polak attended the University of Waterloo in the environmental studies program.

The Science exam included content in science, technology, ecology and the environmental studies.

legal studies

Constitutional law is a major focus of legal studies and research.

He continued his legal studies while imprisoned, and was also an amateur actor.

with additional legal studies at London School of Economics and University of Salzburg.

studies conducted

Phylogenetic studies conducted by Senter, "et al."

He is remembered for studies conducted in the field of medical statistics.

Many charts derive their data from studies conducted on opioid-naïve patients.

studies showed

The studies showed that the toxin is embryotoxic in mice.

However, subsequent studies showed no significant effect on the brains.

Later studies showed squirrel monkeys were also vulnerable to infection.

musical studies

Ricker first began his musical studies on the clarinet.

She completed her musical studies at the University of Bremen under John Modinos (1980).

Despite his fondness for drawing he began his artistic career with musical studies and became a virtuoso cellist.

genetic studies

Two more recent genetic studies (Shinde et al.

This was later confirmed by genetic studies.

and "Racosperma", which was underpinned by later genetic studies.

phylogenetic studies   (filogenetik çalışmalar)

Molecular phylogenetic studies of Murinae include Lecompte, et al.

The monophyly of the group is currently supported by several molecular phylogenetic studies.

Molecular phylogenetic studies show that the Echinodontiaceae belong in the Russuloid clade.

media studies

In effect, he produced works of media studies.

Additionally, the theory of the panopticon has been applied to fat media studies.

She graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in film and media studies.

studies found

Two studies found evidence of irritation in ocular tests.

A review of several studies found average flaccid length to be .

This behaviour was once considered mutualistic, but later studies found the birds to be parasitic.

gender studies

The new gender studies introduced biases in archaeological theory.

She is considered a founder of women's musicological and gender studies.

In 1997, Alexander was teaching at Lang College, where she taught gender studies.

finished his studies

He finished his studies in 1883 with a doctorate in law.

In 1958, Matusevitch finished his studies.

In 1935 he finished his studies at Leningrad Conservatory.

classical studies

Teaching at the academy "perfect[ed] his classical studies."

He worked as a seal carver while pursuing classical studies.

Classics Classics or classical studies is the study of classical antiquity.

studies using

A number of pharmacological studies using MEAs on dissociated neuronal networks, e.g.

He supports this phenomenon by relying on his 21 single case studies using the archival research method.

In 2000, scientists performed studies using mouse retina and molecular cloning to find a new subunit of the channel, CNG6.

began studies

She began studies at Paris 8 University in 1975.

In 1927 he began studies at the University of Warsaw.

Smuts began studies of wild baboons in 1976.

law studies

In 1926 he started law studies in Latvian University.

Throughout his law studies, he received a number of prizes.

After completing his law studies, he practiced law in Mostar.

previous studies

This aspect may have been largely underestimated by previous studies.

Their development has been benefited from previous studies with PI3K-selective inhibitors.

Applying to liberal adult education is possible for anyone without the requirements of previous studies.

early studies

Many of the early studies were based on dead specimens and myth.

She completed her early studies from Arniko Secondary Boarding School.

One of her early studies involved the impact of language skills upon the education process.

film studies   (film çalışmaları)

In part because the field of film studies itself had changed.

At the time the university did not have a film studies curriculum.

Urbanovitch graduated in film studies from the University of Alberta.

school studies   (okul çalışmaları)

After completing his school studies Krishan Mohan obtained his B.A.

Michelle completed her high school studies at Belridge Senior High School.

After completing his school studies at Chakwal High-School, he obtained his BA (Hons.)

field studies

Li conducted field studies of American Indian languages.

However, these effects were not seen in field studies with field-realistic dosages.

In his research he has combined field studies with the use of space and airborne images.

numerous studies   (sayısız çalışmalar)

Based on numerous studies in different groups (e.g.

LactoLycopene has been used in numerous studies focused on lycopene bioavailability.

"Hawksmoor" has become the subject of numerous studies, especially on Postmodernism.

secondary studies

She completed her secondary studies in Trieste.

He finished his secondary studies in Debrecen in 1970.

There he completed his secondary studies.

studies program

Students at Hunter College also demanded a Black studies program.

Yeoju University has begun to develop an international studies program.

She was an affiliate faculty of the Goucher environmental studies program.

feasibility studies   (fizibilite çalışmaları)

To begin, $5 million was invested for feasibility studies.

The feasibility studies for this power station were conducted in 1986.

The idea was abandoned after feasibility studies failed to prove it was possible.

finishing his studies

After finishing his studies in Berea Roberts married in 1913.

After finishing his studies, he worked in Željezara in Nikšić.

According to Von Putkamer he moved to Paris after finishing his studies.

advanced studies

Their qualified graduates can continue their advanced studies at UCSM.

Then he went to New York Film Academy and California for advanced studies.

In 2002, he pursued advanced studies in Singapore, he studied music under Lee Wei Song.

complete his studies

He returned to Berlin to complete his studies.

Gates never returned to Harvard to complete his studies.

Kāñcī) with his teacher Vīraśarma to complete his studies.

literary studies

After the war, and graduated in literary studies from the University of Belgrade.

Mujāhid was a patron of theological and literary studies, especially of "kirāʾāt" (recitation).

Grabowicz writes that its importance for both American and general literary studies is "indisputable".

art studies

It was in Detroit when he began his art studies with Samuel Cashwan.

Meanwhile, Evelyn Tucker was pursuing art studies at the University of Miami.

His art studies began at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts under János Greguss.

studies have suggested   (çalışmalar önerdi)

Several studies have suggested that the family "Ascoviridae" evolved from the "Iridoviridae".

Morphological studies have suggested a close relationship between Boryaceae and Blandfordiaceae.

Although some studies have suggested a high density of these serpents on Guam, residents rarely see them.

empirical studies   (ampirik çalışmalar)

Early empirical studies of fiscal incidence date to the 1940s.

The components that Tart identified have not, however, been validated by empirical studies.

Theoretical models have demonstrated symmetry-breaking similar to observations in empirical studies.

historical studies

Tokarev returned to Moscow University in 1922, where he began social and historical studies.

He is remembered for his historical studies of psychiatry, being the author of three well-regarded works:

He was the author of several historical studies, political pamphlets and reports on the progress of the canal.

studies were interrupted   (çalışmalar kesildi)

In 1966, his studies were interrupted when he was detained for 190 days.

His studies were interrupted by the Finnish Civil War, in which he fought.

His studies were interrupted by military service during the First World War.

preparatory studies   (hazırlık çalışmaları)

Smith completed preparatory studies and graduated from Yale College in 1815.

He completed preparatory studies and then embarked on the study of medicine.

Born in Cumberland, Maryland, Perry completed preparatory studies and also studied law.

during his studies

He was a member of Hatfield College during his studies.

He won many awards during his studies and after graduating.

Ranicki received numerous awards and honors for his scientific achievements during his studies.

international studies

degree in international studies from American University and a S.M.

Yeoju University has begun to develop an international studies program.

He is also an honorary professor of international studies at Sogang University.

series of studies   (bir dizi çalışma)

He carried out a series of studies on tribochemical synthesis of coordination compounds.

This stimulated a whole series of studies on the cases of imperfect competition in Cambridge.

In this series of studies, mesterolone lead to a significant decrease in luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels.

various studies   (çeşitli çalışmalar)

The reliability and validity of the UWES is documented is various studies.

Over the next two years, there were various studies and in 2007, work began.

There are currently various studies in place to improve the green strength of powder metallurgy.

completing her studies

After completing her studies Brooks set up a studio in Philadelphia.

In October 1946, after completing her studies, she immigrated to Israel.

molecular studies

Future molecular studies should provide further insights into their evolutionary relationships.

It was proposed in 2005 by Bogner and Hesse after molecular studies indicated the need for the subfamily.

One of the first molecular studies, published in 1967 measured immunological distances (IDs) between different primates.

music studies

A native of Paris, Olivier Ochanine began music studies in France.

His music studies revolved around vocal composition and thoroughbass.

Jazz and music studies is currently headed by Grammy nominated musician, Dr Greg Johnson.

few studies   (birkaç çalışma)

There are few studies about the origin of vaqueiros and their culture.

A few studies have documented allergic reactions from chocolate in children.

Very little is known about colonial social behaviours as few studies have been performed.

first studies

It included one of the first studies of binocular vision.

He did his first studies at the Colegio Aleman in Madrid from 1914 until 1917.

He published the first studies demonstrating the method's safety and efficacy in 1974.

published studies

Krosnick has published studies questioning the use of Internet opt-in surveys.

, there were over fifty published studies relating the FFM to personality disorders.

He coined the term ""World English"" and also published studies on the Kashmiri language.

experimental studies

This work stimulated many new theoretical and experimental studies.

This has been observed both in population and experimental studies.

There have been several experimental studies of sighted people with the disorder.

studies have demonstrated

Early human studies have demonstrated encouraging results and additional studies are pending.

However, several animal studies have demonstrated damage to the blood-brain barrier from phone radiation.

Several studies have demonstrated that the presence of TcdB in mammalian cells leads to rapid changes within cell morphology and cell signaling.

studies scholar

Buddhist studies scholar L. S. Cousins dated Ānanda's death twenty years after the Buddha's.

Juliane House Juliane House (born 1942) is a German linguist and translation studies scholar.

As Pagan studies scholar Catherine Noble later put it, "Burr has hardly a kind word for Murray".

business studies   (iş çalışmaları)

In 1998 an evening course in business studies for adults commenced.

He is considered the founder of modern German business studies after World War II.

business studies.

communication studies

He was professor of communication studies at St.

The issue of cultural imperialism emerged largely from communication studies.

Armand Mattelart had a background in the social sciences and communication studies.

later studies

Clancy's later studies focus on rural Polish populations.

Stratton's studies on binocular vision inspired many later studies on the subject.

However, some later studies still argue for its classification in the human lineage.

comparative studies

He is known for comparative studies in evolutionary biology.

The site is important for comparative studies of the Rhaetic.

His methods include both social history and comparative studies.

studies done

In 1958 the NIH supported his postdoctoral studies done with Dr. H.A.

There have been several studies done researching the impact of nitrogen on human health.

According to ophthalmology studies done on ptosis patients, occurrence rates are as follows.

biblical studies   (İncil çalışmaları)

She has developed an approach to biblical studies known as Temple Theology.

In 1854 he became a teacher at a Berlin public school, but this did not interrupt his biblical studies.

He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1971, majoring in systematic theology, church history and biblical studies.

continue her studies

She even travelled with Murray to Tenerife to continue her studies.

Audrey's father, Stanley Sr., sends her to Cebu to continue her studies.

In 1879 she went to Paris to continue her studies under Jean-Jacques Henner.

conducted studies

He also conducted studies on cow's milk and various plants for cattle fodder.

PSB has also conducted studies for the Aspen Institute and the related Aspen Ideas Festival.

Retzinger (1991) conducted studies of married couples who experienced cycles of rage and shame.

extensive studies

He was well known for his extensive studies on fairy-wrens.

Khan conducted extensive studies and excavations in the site from 1958 to 1965.

It also funded extensive studies on atmospheric processes and potential control programs.

completed her studies

When she completed her studies, she was already 38.

She completed her studies and works as a model.

Back in Tübingen she successfully completed her studies in 1939.

studies involving

These findings were recapitulated in studies involving civilians with PTSD.

Evidence for related epigenetic changes has come from human studies involving alcohol, nicotine, and opiate abuse.

This property has allowed it to be used for biological studies involving ligand docking, active site detection, and protein folding.

studies showing

In those studies showing a protective effect, the data are inconsistent.

This hypothesis has been refuted by studies showing that air and water are not absorbed.

Due to studies showing that the whale populations were being threatened, the International Whaling Commission instituted a moratorium on commercial whaling in 1982.

high school studies   (lise çalışmaları)

Michelle completed her high school studies at Belridge Senior High School.

She studied at a government-run primary school before she commenced her high school studies.

He attended Liceo Classico Massimo d'Azeglio in Turin for his sixth form/senior high school studies.

epidemiological studies   (epidemiyolojik çalışmalar)

Although it does not seem to be more common in either sex, results of epidemiological studies on this issue are not fully consistent.

Other screening tools for RBD are lengthy and difficult to use for epidemiological studies, needed to determine the prevalence of RBD.

The most comprehensive epidemiological studies linking adverse human health effects to PFASs, particularly PFOA, come from The C8 Science Panel.

piano studies

He completed his piano studies with Germaine Mounier.

Wania started his piano studies at age three.

She continued her piano studies with Edwin Fischer and Rudolf Serkin.

more recent studies

However, more recent studies have tested yeasts, fungi, and even viruses.

Below is a cladogram from the analysis: However, more recent studies have found it to be a basal phytosaur.

Earlier studies generally give younger dates than more recent studies, which have been preferred in the table below.

detailed studies

They have been the subject of detailed studies for many years.

However, detailed studies have shown these materials to be distinct.

This view has yet to be corroborated by more detailed studies of the growth of "A.ramidus".

resumed his studies

He resumed his studies at Vanderbilt and graduated in 1947.

In 1947, Winkler resumed his studies at the University of Graz.

In 1987, Profumo resumed his studies and obtained a degree in Business Economics.

studies published

As of 2018, Alivecor products had been tested in about 40 clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals.

A meta-analysis of 122 studies published in the journal of "Aggressive Behavior" found males are more likely to cyber-bully than females.

Molecular studies published by Anthony Tosi in 2003 had raised doubts about the classification of L'Hoest's monkey as a member of the genus "Cercopithecus".