İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

architectural style   (mimari tarz)

The edifice is in the Gothic architectural style.

It is designed in the modern architectural style.

The cathedral is in the Baroque architectural style.

musical style   (müzik tarzı)

Their musical style is often described as doo-wop.

Agam's musical style is Carnatic Progressive Rock.

Quezergue did not have a signature musical style.

new style   (yeni stil)

The Swiss manufacturer Intamin pioneered this new style.

"I Wanna Dance" is the opening song of her new style era.

This was the unveiling of the new style on the world stage.

writing style   (yazma stili)

Yu Hua's writing style focuses on quality over quantity.

His writing style included Expressionism and Social realism.

This poem is commonly used as an example of her writing style.

style of play   (oyun stili)

Her style of play was based on the counterattack.

This style of play is the focus of most competitions.

Following are two games showing Charlick's style of play.

own style

She developed her own style of Tachisme abstract painting.

His disciple Beryl Bender Birch developed her own style of yoga.

He is known for inventing his own style of unique hand drumming.

style of architecture   (mimari tarzı)

It is built in the International style of architecture.

It was designed in the international style of architecture.

Downing "cottage" style of architecture.

playing style

Hawes' playing style developed in the early 1950s.

He is best known for his agitating playing style.

This resulted in change in playing style and equipment.

unique style   (benzersiz stil)

He certainly had a unique style of go.

It was thus marketed as being "fun and funky" with a unique style.

Rasquache art is a unique style subset of the Chicano Arts movement.

style of music

Their style of music is referred to as “Brewgrass”.

His style of music is referred to as reggae fusion.

Their style of music is out-jazz or avant garde.

same style

I don’t want to do the same style on every album.

Murray created portraits with the same style, especially across gender.

The author wrote in the same style and alluded to Marlowe several times.

art style

IGN criticized the game's art style, calling it "dated".

Ikemoto mentioned he remained optimistic about his art style.

Finder deemed its art style as both "striking" and "impressive".

visual style

The game's visual style is both cartoon-like and gritty.

Its vivid visual style was noted by critics.

Windows XP includes 22 preset color schemes for this visual style.

similar style

The farm manager's house was built in a similar style.

It was based off a similar style to that of "You've Been Framed!

The stable block attached at the rear of the house is in a similar style.

vocal style

Her soulful vocal style has been compared to Amy Winehouse.

The song's lyrics and vocal style have been compared to glossolalia.

Sue Tompkins' unique vocal style was singled out in multiple reviews.

style architecture

It includes Queen Anne, Pueblo, and Territorial style architecture.

The house is a significant example of Queen Anne style architecture in the United States.

The building was constructed in 1742 in a Baroque style architecture on behalf of the Eltz dynasty.

music style

However, their music style was completely different.

It is a collection of their ambient music style works.

It is a collection of their industrial music style works.

classical style   (klasik tarz)

This miniature shows some remnants of classical style.

It is the earliest Cornish mansion in the classical style (i.e.

Old laws are also left in the classical style unless fully revised.

style building

The Neoclassical style building was completed in 1909.

It is a combined Tuscan Villa / Italianate style building.

Awsumb designed the church’s Gothic Revival style building in 1926.

body style

It is currently Ibanez's flagship model for S body style guitars.

The dolls feature an all new face sculpt, a new body style, and flat feet.

The body style was shared with the President and Commander series for 1936.

fighting style

He employs Western Ninjutsu as his fighting style.

His fighting style relies on his strength and power.

He has a fighting style primarily based on lucha libre.

style house

It is a two-and-a-half-story Queen Anne style house.

It is a two-story Federal style house built in stages.

The two-story Italianate style house was built in 1845.

different style

This book was written in a very different style.

They danced a different style than the others.

They have a different style.

distinctive style   (kendine özgü stil)

From this emerged his distinctive style.

By the 1990s Selkirk was known as a portraitist with a distinctive style.

Thus displaying a very personal distinctive style, characteristic for his work.

modern style

Most of these artists taught in the modern style.

The church is brick, built in a modern style.

It is a brick building with a modern style.

traditional style

It is known for its bird observatory and a traditional style of knitting.

With CECA's prominence, the traditional style came to be called "Capoeira Angola".

The traditional style of these uniforms has been in place for nearly twenty years.

style brick

the stupa is multi-eaves style brick stupa with 9 stories.

The stupa is multi-eaves style brick pagoda with 13 stories.

It is a two-story, Neoclassical style brick building on a raised basement.

similar in style

It was similar in style to the current Eastern Market building.

It was similar in style to controllers found on Nintendo and Sega Systems.

The Verandah Café was similar in style on both the "Olympic" and the "Titanic".

personal style   (kişisel stil)

The microphone made possible the more personal style.

The album presented a more "dark", "fragile" and personal style.

Grot is credited with contributing significantly to Curtiz’ personal style.

old style

Joachim was born on January 23, 1678 (old style) in Sweden.

The old style of a left-facing eagle logo was still in use through 1989.

They probably actually stand for an old style medial S, for words related to Sound.

artistic style

He was devoted to his new religion and artistic style.

His artistic style relates to Art Nouveau and Modernism.

Philomé was instrumental in developing Obin's artistic style.

neoclassical style

The building is presented in neoclassical style.

Small neoclassical style church erected in 1808 by Mons.

The chapel dates back to 1826 and is in a neoclassical style.

style similar

It is written in a style similar to Mishnaic Hebrew.

Chang, unlike most of Agassi's big rivals, had a playing style similar to his.

It features some of the highly romantic style similar to 1981's "The Garden" album.

singing style

His singing style was said to have influenced the singer Prince.

This new singing style was "easier and healthier for me to perform," Gilbert said.

"Body Love" and "Sarasvati" both feature Lambert using a talk-rhythm singing style.

style of writing

He was known for his "Chhayavaad" style of writing.

The printing technology affected the style of writing.

However, his style of writing was criticized.

life style   (yaşam tarzı)

The life style of this village is simple.

People have improved their life style.

Mollo's life style was exceptional.

revival style   (canlanma tarzı)

Hargis addressed audiences with his revival style.

It was built in 1823 in the Greek revival style.

The cathedral was built in a French Gothic revival style.

architecture style

It is in the Beaux-Arts architecture style.

It is in the Gothic architecture style.

Today he is regarded as a pioneer of the modern architecture style.

rock style

The First disc contains a more rock style that B'z built their career on.

Although he described himself as a "cuarteto fan", his first album had a rock style.

Though they primarily play with a Southern rock style, they are also known as a hard rock act.

style known

It was built in a style known as "Osmanian Architecture".

(referring to the Indian musical style known for its length and complexity).

Extensive use is usually made of a diagrammatic style known as the block diagram.

painting style

McCartney knew the late artist, with whom he shared a similar painting style.

Magee’s painting style is minimal in concept, but his brushstrokes are expressive.

Her painting style is bright, direct and colourful, often depicting flowers, birds and the New Zealand coastline.

style frame

It is a -story Queen Anne style frame house built in 1887 by James Cannon.

It has a road bike style frame and handlebars, disc brakes, and room for wide tires.

It is a two-story, three bay Federal style frame house, with a fine view of the Port Tobacco Valley.

baroque style   (barok tarzı)

The baroque style was first used in Italy around 1575.

The showgrounds were built from 1738-46, in a baroque style.

The church was built in baroque style.

style of painting

His style of painting is identified by some as "Mak Art".

She is said to call her style of painting "imaginary free."

His style of painting is sometimes termed "the Muscovite mannerism".

original style

After 1975, he returned to his original style.

In 1993 it was decided to recreate the park in its original style.

Its original style of usage was by lines drawn in sand with pebbles.

management style

Donald Trump respected Esposito and his management style.

Povenmire praised this management style for letting him "have [...] fun."

Schorenstein's blunt, transactional management style would profoundly influence Esposito.

literary style

Thoreau called his literary style ""sublimo-slipshod"".

His literary style is also a mixture of fantasy and realism.

Churchill modelled much of his own literary style on Gibbon's.

style became

In the 1930s, the more austere streamline style became popular.

With time, the human form disappeared as his style became more sketchy.

Between 1000 and 1200 the romanesque style became popular across Europe.

leadership style   (liderlik tarzı)

Young's leadership style has been viewed as autocratic.

Takuto eventually won them over and they accept his unorthodox leadership style.

Theodore's vigorous leadership style and reforming zeal made him Franklin's role model and hero.

particular style   (belirli stil)

Records can be recorded while climbing in a particular style.

Cited examples are not necessarily exclusive to one particular style.

Her particular style of singing drew many comparisons to Billie Holiday.

style used

Mayles recounted that the "childish" visual style used in "It's Mr.

The new style used elements of traditional folk theatre from indigenous Bihari culture.

The new style used voices to emulate modern rock instruments, including vocal percussion/"beatboxing".

dance style

The Kathak dance style was founded by the master Maharaj Binda Din.

Modern flamenco is a highly technical dance style requiring years of study.

The Tari Topeng Cirebon, or Cirebon mask dance, is a dance style peculiar to the city.

production style

John Lehr has described their production style as "similar to Spinal Tap."

Hamilton is also known in his production style for his sampling of soul songs.

Official promotional materials termed the album a "deluxe mixtape" on the basis of this production style.

signature style   (imza stili)

The album established the group's signature style of comical sexually explicit lyrics.

While Chierchini was clearly influenced by Carpi, he quickly developed his own signature style.

"Feel Good" showcases the Turners' signature style of rock infused soul with a mix of early funk.

narrative style   (anlatı tarzı)

His fragmented, bizarre narrative style influenced later science fiction writers, notably Philip K. Dick.

In a 1913 review of her book, economist Thomas Nixon Carver praised Coman's narrative style and lively prose.

Cheng Xiaoqing’s translated works from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced China to a new type of narrative style.

style of playing

This style of playing occurs often in heavy metal leads.

He has a progressive style of playing bass.

In Bamako (Mali), a style of playing with two dunun developed.

church style

The white, wooden chapel was built in a long church style in 1976.

The white, wooden chapel was built in a long church style in 1965.

The brown, wooden chapel was built in a long church style in 1981.

whose style

When still very young he went to Italy, where he studied under Carlo Maratti, whose style he imitated.

Kinsman's style differs from that of her first teacher, Amédée Ozenfant, whose style was primarily cubist.

The AFL also spawned coaches whose style and techniques have profoundly affected the play of professional football to this day.

style called

Goa has become a home for electronic music, especially a style called Goa trance.

However, the success of Miami Vice did spark a trend in the facial hair style called designer stubble.

Multiple courses would be prepared, but served in a style called "service en confusion", or all at once.

long church style   (uzun kilise tarzı)

The white, wooden chapel was built in a long church style in 1976.

The white, wooden chapel was built in a long church style in 1965.

The brown, wooden chapel was built in a long church style in 1981.

style design

It has some Colonial Revival style design elements.

It is a 2 1/2-story, Federal style brick double house with Greek Revival style design elements.

It is a "rare example" of Art Moderne style design in Orem and in Utah more widely, built in an agrarian and war-time economy.

gothic style   (gotik tarzı)

The hamlet houses the gothic style church of San Sebastián.

The common style was much like the gothic style, but in a simplified way.

There were connected by a drawbridge in bay 5, and gothic style stone arches for the other ten.

style frame dwelling   (tarzı çerçeve konut)

It is a -story Queen Anne style frame dwelling with a one-story wraparound porch and a corner tower.

aggressive style

Miller showed off his aggressive style by stopping Kassi.

He earned the nickname "Lukasz the Lionhearted" for his aggressive style of play.

Satterfield, known for his punching power and aggressive style, was a fan favorite.

style reminiscent   (anımsatan stil)

The video has a vintage style reminiscent of VHS tapes.

In benga, the electric bass guitar is played in a style reminiscent of the nyatiti.

He later painted landscapes in a highly Romantic style reminiscent of P. C. Skovgaard's.

popular style

New wave, glam rock and heavy metal had become the most popular style of rock in the mid-1980s.

By this time Bruinier himself was beginning to compose songs in the popular style of the times.

Marcelled hair was a popular style for women's hair in the 1920s, often in conjunction with a bob cut.

guitar style

Memphis Minnie was famous for her virtuoso guitar style.

King based his guitar style on Texas blues and Chicago blues influences.

Pedersen had already developed a distinct guitar style performing mostly in northern Norway.

modernist style   (modernist tarz)

It was designed in the modernist style by Taylor & Crabtree.

He adheres to the modernist style, and has been awarded several prizes.

It was designed by architect Flemming Lassen in the modernist style and built in 1961.

distinct style

In the process, Taiwan developed a distinct style of cuisine.

Both of them had their distinct style.

Pianist Memphis Slim began his career in Memphis, but his distinct style was smoother and had some swing elements.

style between

It was built in the Baroque style between 1726 and 1732.

The exterior of the church was reworked in Romanesque style between 1059 and 1128.

They constitute an intermediate style between Novgorodian and Northern icon painting.

performance style   (performans stili)

Opera is a similarly demanding performance style that remains popular.

Choreography by Graham Tainton also contributed to their performance style.

He is known to have a pulsating and rhythmic yet traditional performance style on the accordion.

prose style   (nesir tarzı)

In addition to this loss, U Kala's prose style was seen as a model in the eyes of all subsequent historians.

Although Potter was aware of art and artistic trends, her drawing and her prose style were uniquely her own.

Wollstonecraft did not employ the formal argumentation or logical prose style common to 18th-century philosophical writing.

style during

Decker continued this collaborative style during production.

Dixon developed his style during this early period, and Western themes became a trademark for him.

While the pottery became more homogeneous in style during MM, the wares did not become any less ornate.

s style

Klepacki defined "Red Alert 2"s style with heavy metal guitar and fast-paced beats.

"A Frightened Woman" (1945) served as a seminal point in establishing Hester’s style and media moving forward.

Although he stayed there for only six months, he relied on the "Star"s style guide as a foundation for his writing: "Use short sentences.

style influenced

These were in a style influenced by Japanese pagodas.

His style influenced practically every postwar blues pianist of note.

The Sudanese style influenced public building and important residences.

eclectic style   (eklektik tarz)

His eclectic style is described as Balkan music mixed with difirent styles.

The building was designed in an eclectic style, with hints of German Renaissance Revival.

They went on to record one demo entitled "Expressions" which showcased their new eclectic style.

metal style

The EP often features groove metal style guitar riffs and overdriven Moog bass.

Necrophagist and Spawn of Possession are known for a classical music-influenced death metal style.

"The Child of Eternity" is an exclusive track, not featured on the album, as it is more in tune with the band's earlier death metal style.

style developed

Hawes' playing style developed in the early 1950s.

In the 1940s, the jump blues style developed.

His style developed towards the abstract.

s style

"A Frightened Woman" (1945) served as a seminal point in establishing Hester’s style and media moving forward.

In an essay "Learning to be a composer", Palmer wrote: Palmer’s style is essentially lyrical, ranging through the full spectrum of emotions.

After 1912 he continuously developed the teaching t'ai chi ch'uan at the Beijing Sport Research Society, gradually refining his father’s style.

style of singing

Her particular style of singing drew many comparisons to Billie Holiday.

Both words originally referred to antiphons, a call-and-response style of singing.

realistic style   (gerçekçi stil)

It tells the story of his career and is drawn in a realistic style.

It followed the anti-imperialist and anti-feudalist realistic style of the May Fourth literature.

She also painted in oil and pastel, but there she dealt with her subjects in a more realistic style.

contemporary style

reflect the contemporary style prevalent in the Mysore Palace.

It broadcasts family-oriented programs and mature, contemporary style music.

The two aimed at revising traditional folk standards into a contemporary style.

house style

His art soon established the publisher's house style.

In 2018, the National Trust said it would continue to use BC/AD as its house style.

The majority of the song has an upbeat electro house style until vocals from Harris come in.

animation style

The movie aimed to emulate the Rankin/Bass animation style.

Cutscenes for the game are rendered in a Saturday-morning cartoon animation style.

Since its animation style was unsophisticated, the production was considered as a mediocre.

style brick dwelling

It is a modest two story, four bay Federal style brick dwelling constructed about 1817.

It was built about 1832, and is a two-story, Federal style brick dwelling with a rear ell added about 1839 to form an I-house.

compositional style   (kompozisyon stili)

Much of his trademark compositional style is already in evidence.

Asheim’s compositional style is characterized by a modernist attitude.

His compositional style includes both traditional and progressive elements.

style buildings

It is near Shamian Island, where the White Swan Hotel and many Western style buildings are.

Most Gothic style buildings date from that era and are therefore said to be built in a neo-gothic style.

Cape Town is noted for its architectural heritage, with the highest density of Cape Dutch style buildings in the world.

documentary style

"Ghost Adventures" began as an independent film, produced in a documentary style.

The distance provided by the documentary style makes the strong performances come to us.

More serious documentary style films have also been made such as the German made documentary "Nanking".

drawing style

Many reviewers praise Ashinano's drawing style, meticulous pacing, and engaging characters.

Chast's drawing style shuns conventional craft in her figure drawing, perspective, shading, etc.

Marc Brown's depictions of the other characters also slowly changed and shifted, as did his drawing style.

style structure

The Gothic Revival style structure was designed by Ludvig Lnudsen.

And the City Court House, also a Greek Revival style structure built between 1853-1855.

Architect Paul O. Moratz of Bloomington, Illinois designed the Classical Revival style structure.

style of dress

Increased religious observance also accounted for women's new style of dress.

This class started to adopt a characteristic style of dress and carry regalia.

Costume may refer to the style of dress particular to a nation, a class, or a period.

style houses

The entire area was first cleared of the residents and their homes, mostly Queenslander style houses.

The city was rebuilt in the 18th century with many of its fine Georgian style houses still surviving.

Vander Veer is surrounded by large Queen Anne and Tudor Revival style houses that were built between 1895 and 1915.

western style   (Batı tarzı)

Many also wear western style dresses, skirts, and blouses.

The young and kids wear other Indian and western style attire.

Example: codice_127, codice_128 and codice_129 (same function as T in western style).

hair style

He refers to this hair style as a "duck tail."

She directed her hair style and makeup.

Scrunchies were very popular in the side ponytail hair style.

teaching style

A very important aspect of this program is teaching style.

Alston's teaching style was influenced by the work of John Dewey, Arthur Wesley Dow, and Thomas Munro.

One of the most essential aspects of Lecoq's teaching style involves the relationship of the performer to the audience.

poetic style   (şiirsel tarz)

His powerful and honest poetic style earned great popularity in his time.

They also argue that Bacon has been praised for his poetic style, even in his prose works.

Fairy-tales were recurring motifs and these were often intertwined with psychological realism presented in a poetic style.

style based

Legasista is a Japanese dungeon crawling role-playing game featuring an art style based on sprites.

The accompaniment for the a sections is in a Latin style based on [...] one of Silver's favorite patterns.

Each guild features a different play style based on range, strength and speed of attack and a special ability.

change in style

This change in style prompted a change of the band's name to "The Showdown".

The film featured a change in style, becoming more openly sexual and explicit.

In 1959, Vodanović, began to write for the university theaters, leading to a change in style.

colonial style

Marie was built in 1796 in a French colonial style.

The Memorial Building is of a colonial style of architecture.

The town was built in an old colonial style, in the Cordillera Volcánica de Guanacaste.

batting style

Ollivant's batting style is unknown.

Campbell's batting style is unknown.

Smalley's batting style is unknown.