subject matter   (主题)

The subject matter treated is: Volume 1: Volume 2:

He emphasized the importance of the subject matter.

The subject matter is The Empire Pool Wembley.

not subject   (不是主题)

Its acts are not subject to judicial review.

They cannot be “uniform” objectives that are not subject to change.

Foreigners receiving the order are not subject to the seniority clause.

became the subject   (成为主题)

Jonah became the subject of her next book, "After Cleo".

Kalis became the subject of threats from Ohio State fans.

The first conference also became the subject of a documentary video.

same subject   (同一主题)

Several of Hicks's other papers deal with the same subject.

"dai" 題); "kanshi" alternate with "waka" on the same subject.

degree in the same subject from Virginia State University in 1988.

subject of much   (很多主题)

1-D metals have been the subject of much research.

Her antecedents are unclear and the subject of much speculation.

In particular four models have been the subject of much investigation.

subject areas

using one copy of the shared dimension across subject areas.

Maheswaran has carried out research in several different subject areas.

They also take an Academic Proficiency Test (APT) in intended major subject areas.

subject of controversy   (有争议的主题)

They continue to be the subject of controversy, e.g.

TCM has been the subject of controversy within China.

It was a subject of controversy for its violent content.

subject of several

The film has been the subject of several documentaries.

Tarkovsky has been the subject of several documentaries.

Her works have been the subject of several doctoral theses.

subject of debate

The colour used has been the subject of debate.

This has been the subject of debate among modern scholars.

Its origin remains the subject of debate.

subject of many

The battle was the subject of many popular prints.

She has been the subject of many of his portraits.

The exact origin of flamenco is unknown and the subject of many hypotheses.

short subject

is the 30th animated cartoon short subject in the "Woody Woodpecker" series.

is the 17th animated cartoon short subject in the "Woody Woodpecker" series.

Lewis and his orchestra also appeared in a short subject called "Is Everybody Happy?"

main subject

The main subject of his work is the crisis of the Left.

These classes are a main subject of study in model theory.

He is the main subject of the documentary "Who is Mike Bocchetti?".

became subject

Under Prasatthong, Cambodia became subject to Siam again.

The building was left and became subject to vandalism and arson.

It became subject to the Kingdom of Castile in the 13th century.

subject to change

Release dates are subject to change.

They cannot be “uniform” objectives that are not subject to change.

Schedules are subject to change, particularly over July and August.

subject of numerous

The play was later the subject of numerous revisions.

It has been subject of numerous commentaries.

The manner of his death has been the subject of numerous religious tracts.

still subject

It was still subject to raids by Bedouin nomads at that time.

The exact timeline of this development is still subject to debate.

LCR opposed the request, noting that gay personnel were still subject to discharge.

each subject

On average, only the top 3–4% in each subject can get an A.

Each coin is numbered in sequence of each subject's presidency.

Regular experts in each subject appear to discuss the topic at hand.

subject area

Diderot emphasized the abundance of knowledge within each subject area.

Honors classes and Advanced Placement courses are offered in every subject area.

The university also placed the best in Hungary in the broad subject area of life sciences and medicine.

test subject

The test subject, Leon, shoots Holden on the second question.

Undeterred, Rand continued research using himself as the test subject.

James, however, became the successful test subject that was dubbed Cobra.

federal subject

Music of Krasnoyarsk Krai Evenk Autonomous Okrug (or Evenkia) was a federal subject of Russia.

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan which is a federal subject of the Russian Federation.

It is the second-largest city in Russia that is not the administrative centre of any federal subject or district.

popular subject

Tomomori has become a popular subject for kabuki plays.

Milan was a popular subject for writers.

Suspended animation is a popular subject in science fiction and fantasy settings.

not be subject

Parties contesting the election within an alliance would not be subject to the 10% threshold.

Using euros and the yuan, this bank should not be subject to US sanctions against companies that use US dollars.

The agreement also stated that braceros would not be subject to discrimination such as exclusion from "white" areas.

subject to certain

Matrices, subject to certain requirements tend to form groups known as matrix groups.

One was travel at their own expense and the other free of charge but subject to certain conditions.

The Area Planning Zones (APZs) are areas where urban development is permitted subject to certain regulations.

become the subject

"Hawksmoor" has become the subject of numerous studies, especially on Postmodernism.

He is persuaded to stay and become the subject of a stage hypnotist, "The Great Mendoza".

In recent years, drug courts and drug court research have become the subject of significant criticism.

became a subject

Which became a subject of the documentary Salaam Dunk.

The disposition of Rodrigo's body became a subject of dispute.

It became a subject of contention however as the reputation of William grew.

subject to approval

The transaction was subject to approval of the U.S.

This meant the plans were not subject to approval from Trafford Council.

Permission for a loan of £950,000 was granted, subject to approval by plebiscite.

subject of criticism

But by 1946 it too was the subject of criticism.

Comcast is frequently the subject of criticism.

However, Williams’ films have also been the subject of criticism.

subject matters

where she practiced civil litigation in a variety of subject matters.

The album's themes include medieval times and the Black Death, along with more modern subject matters.

This collection covered an assortment of subject matters and served as a vehicle for this new type of journalism to flourish.

subject and object

Hungarian allows deletion of both the subject and object pronouns.

Nouns make no distinction between subject and object forms, and the genitive is formed by adding to the end of a word.

It is worth noting that the subject and object may be omitted in conversation between two people where they are clear from context.

controversial subject

Graffiti is a controversial subject.

Science education is a controversial subject in the United States.

Publishing of magic methods has proved a controversial subject at times.

particular subject

Certificates were also issued for completion of a particular subject, such as English.

Informative Vlogs Video Blog that is designed to educate the viewer about a particular subject.

a business dictionary), a single-field dictionary narrowly covers one particular subject field (e.g.

often subject

Suspected witches are often subject to mob violence.

Consequently, they are often subject to feedback loops.

Therefore, AIM-listed companies are often subject to manipulation by institutional investors.

subject to criticism

The film was subject to criticism upon its release.

Aurangzeb has been subject to criticism.

Nonetheless, Estonia's e-Residency system has been subject to criticism.

subject only

Having personal history with a subject only complicates this — but not always, nor necessarily, in bad ways.

The Kriegskommissariat was subject only to the prince-elector (later king) and not to the provincial government.

Players can also build "Wonders of the World" in each of the epochs of the game, subject only to obtaining the prerequisite knowledge.

subject of considerable

SR 9 has been the subject of considerable debate.

The source of the money behind MSI was a subject of considerable speculation.

The ectomycorrhizae of "T. vaccinum" has been the subject of considerable research.

subject to frequent

The Highwood River is subject to frequent flooding.

The higher-denomination notes were subject to frequent counterfeiting.

The course of the rivers within Tandlianwala are winding and often subject to frequent alterations.

subject to various

Abalones are subject to various diseases.

It was subject to various feudal lords and was sold to the municipality of Vienna in 1798.

Because the term "humanure" has no authoritative definition it is subject to various uses.

subject to debate

The origins of the name of Midlothian are subject to debate.

Issues of ethnicity are a delicate topic and subject to debate.

The exact timeline of this development is still subject to debate.

second subject

</score> For the second subject, it modulates to the unusual key of C major.

The second subject, which should be in the relative major, is minor and remote.

In the recapitulation of the main part of the movement the second subject does not appear at all, etc.

when the subject

For example, when the subject receives a visual cue.

It is most useful when the subject is greatly magnified e.g.

A CT scan of the head is usually performed first when the subject is symptomatic.

subject of intense

As such, it has been the subject of intense study by military analysts and historians.

The issue of non-Polish minorities was a subject of intense debate within the Polish leadership.

Blumenthal would remain the subject of intense attention from anti-Clintonites two decades later.

subject to much

"Animal Farm" has been subject to much comment in the decades since these early remarks.

The parish history of the St Germans area is complex and has been subject to much change.

The "halakhic" commitment of Conservative Judaism has been subject to much criticism, from within and without.

first subject   (第一科目)

The piano introduces the first subject, a rapid chordal figure, with dissonant interjections from the winds and brass.

An abridged version of the first subject begins the recapitulation, after which a piano cadenza restates the second theme.

The recapitulation features an abridged version of the first subject, working around to C minor for the transition section.

subject of study

These classes are a main subject of study in model theory.

These parallels with human societies have long been an inspiration and subject of study.

Subsequently, the temple became a subject of study among archaeologists such as and in 1923.