İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

subjects such   (gibi konular)

He painted rural scenes, frequently of subjects such as Gypsies and horses.

Lyrically, most songs tackle subjects such as loyalty, society, and general strife.

Extra fees were charged for other subjects such as foreign languages, music and dance.

other subjects   (diğer konular)

Among other subjects, she studied French.

The students taught Tamil, English, Hebrew and other subjects.

Two other subjects are with her.

range of subjects   (konu aralığı)

The Triads of Ireland cover a vast range of subjects.

Nine NZQA scholarships were achieved in a range of subjects.

Currently JES offers over 13 programs on a range of subjects.

variety of subjects   (çeşitli konular)

Mantinadas are written about a variety of subjects.

Capoeiristas sing about a wide variety of subjects.

Alexandr Onishenko portrays a wide variety of subjects in his work.

subjects including   (dahil konular)

Hale produced paintings with a wide variety of subjects including still lifes, florals, landscapes, portraits and nudes.

They covered a wide range of scientific subjects including the origin of life and a perspective of humans' place on Earth.

He has tried to shed light on various socially relevant subjects including Indians believed to be detained in Pakistani jails.

various subjects

The museum publishes booklets on various subjects.

Members contribute articles on various subjects.

His primary work has been "historical dictionaries" on various subjects.

all subjects   (bütün konular)

There are limitations to collecting consent forms from all subjects.

A KWL chart can be used for all subjects in a whole group or small group atmosphere.

Faculties in Computer Department: P.N Kalvadekar: Expert in all subjects in Computer engineering.

test subjects   (test konuları)

These are test subjects with the ultimate goal of doing this to humans.

Abigail notices the blood veins of all the test subjects becoming darker.

Geoff Ramsey and Gus Sorola were the test subjects throughout the first season.

human subjects

The study only included 9 human subjects.

West eventually realizes he must experiment on human subjects.

By 1910 her electrical experiments had progressed to human subjects.

religious subjects

He painted mostly historical and religious subjects.

It's articles highlighted religious subjects and denominational news.

It is known for its academic emphasis on its language and religious subjects.

different subjects   (farklı konular)

There are also meetings for different subjects of Muslims in Iceland.

LOTS also has society meetings most months with speakers on different subjects.

The game features eight different subjects, which are chosen at the start the game.

core subjects   (temel konular)

Fee based English lessons are in the core subjects of math, science, social studies and other subjects.

The seven core subjects are: English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Physical Education, Fine Arts, and French.

Ladovsky's course on "Space", delivered by his senior students, became one of the core subjects in this program.

related subjects

S.S Shaikh :Multimedia and Communications related subjects specialist.

all go to show the range of Frère's fondness for all book related subjects.

He developed tests that were standardized to measure performance in school related subjects.

academic subjects

He also wrote songs about academic subjects.

In the elementary years, a core teacher teaches the primary academic subjects.

Ullapara Science College's curriculum includes traditional intermediate level academic subjects.

many subjects

He has written on many subjects, and on all well.

Analysis can be used to deduce conclusion on many subjects.

The book tackles many subjects, such as Zionism and idealism.

historical subjects

He engraved a number of historical subjects and portraits which enhanced his reputation.

This indicates a deep knowledge of a variety of historical subjects that he could not help but share.

He also wrote on theological and historical subjects, and edited philological and bibliographical journals.

such subjects

One of the several such subjects is a Group Discussion.

The laws covered such subjects as:

He also began lecturing on such subjects as the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar and Reconstruction.

subjects include

Interview subjects include:

The subjects include science, Maths, English, and options for Hindi and Bengali.

Interview subjects include: Producer Kevin Miller began active work on "Hellbound?"

following subjects

The following subjects are there for the high and M.E.

AOM AOM is a commonly used acronym for the following subjects:

Fraser Brown Fraser Brown may refer to one of the following subjects:

short subjects

HIs short subjects included "Can John Braund Cure Cancer?"

In the short subjects, the dress and ribbons are blue, but by the time of her Harvey Comics runs, they are red.

In 1948 Columbia Pictures producer Jules White teamed Quillan with veteran movie comic Wally Vernon for a series of comedy short subjects.

subjects ranging

Weekend specialty shows on the station covered subjects ranging from pro wrestling to gay issues.

Weekly meetings covered subjects ranging from music, literature, economics, job opportunities, and art.

During next few years wrote incessantly on variety of subjects ranging from baby food to non-ferrous alloys.

subjects related

Every issue included drawings of a variety of subjects related to the history and culture of the Venezuelan state of Zulia.

Hellman is called on to testify, write and speak on subjects related to the environment, water, and sustainable development.

Riehl is a host of the n-Category Café, a blog on subjects related to category theory in mathematics, physics, and philosophy.

subjects included

Other subjects included geography, history, and spelling.

Notable subjects included Neil Bartlett and Adnan Sarwar.

Her subjects included landscapes, abstracts and portraits.

main subjects   (ana konular)

In particular, Hopper’s pieces that contain two main subjects cut deep to the idea of loneliness.

Sex, dancing, freedom and love continued to be Spears's music main subjects on her subsequent albums.

The main subjects taught at the college are related to the food chain and much research is done there.

federal subjects   (federal konular)

Currently, there are 85 federal subjects of Russia.

By 18 December the provincial legislatures of all 83 federal subjects of Russia had approved the amendments.

It was contested by 38 teams from eleven federal subjects, and won by Interros Moscow, which also won the national championship.

number of subjects   (konu sayısı)

It also offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses in a number of subjects.

In 1962, school number 36 was introduced teaching a number of subjects in English.

The number of subjects is often limited, making robust statistical conclusions challenging.

subjects taught

Free group or individual tutoring is provided to all students in most subjects taught at the college.

The main subjects taught at the college are related to the food chain and much research is done there.

In 2011, a department of International Educational Programs was launched with subjects taught in English.