İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not submit   (gönderme)

Cuba confirmed that it would not submit a film.

The Jurchens starved him for a time, but Zhu would not submit.

Likewise, President Bush did not submit the Convention to the Senate.

required to submit   (sunmak zorunda)

At the end of the course students were required to submit a dissertation.

Although publishers were required to submit manuscripts before publication, Gosizdat was remarkably inefficient and was unable to enforce this.

In TSCA's section 5, companies are required to submit such data if the effect already exists when they submit a premanufacture notice (PMN) to the EPA.

refused to submit   (göndermeyi reddetti)

Only Duke Arechis II of Benevento refused to submit and proclaimed independence.

Holland and Zeeland protested against this arrangement and refused to submit to it.

In response, Wang Chengzong had Xue arrested and refused to submit the two prefectures.

did not submit   (teslim etmedi)

Likewise, President Bush did not submit the Convention to the Senate.

For Sarmiento, Rosas and Quiroga were "caudillos"—strongmen who did not submit to the law.

However, he did not submit his thesis and left academia, at least partly, for a career in journalism.

invited to submit   (göndermeye davet edildi)

In April 1985 promoters were invited to submit scheme proposals.

State Parties are invited to submit Periodic reports every six years.

Finally, all four bidders were invited to submit revised technical proposals, accompanied by financial bids.

submit a report   (Rapor Gönder)

The State Secretary then asked the Magistrate in Lydenburg to investigate the matter and for David Wilson, the Gold Commissioner, to submit a report.

They blamed it on the deaf servant guarding the door, however, and bribed the military officer Wei put in charge of the investigation to submit a report indicating such.

Governors give a yearly public accounting to the State Comptroller for their office, and submit a report on the same to the Legislative Council and the Public Policy Planning and Coordination Council.