subsequent years   (その後の年)

The CSU's popularity declined in subsequent years.

However, they saw success in the subsequent years.

Further performances followed in subsequent years.

all subsequent   (以降のすべて)

He has appeared thus on all subsequent Idaho ballots.

member was present at all subsequent meetings.

In all subsequent reigns, they have been scarlet and blue.

each subsequent   (後続の各)

She retained her seat at each subsequent election.

The trailing team began each subsequent round.

Additional publishers have added journals each subsequent year.

subsequent decades   (その後の数十年)

The group broadened its mission in the subsequent decades.

In the subsequent decades, many of these wooden buildings would be demolished.

A great degree of segregation has largely continued over the subsequent decades.

during the subsequent   (その後の)

Rees-Mogg kept a low-profile during the subsequent 2019 general election.

He was first elected as a municipal councillor in Rufisque in 1964 and was continuously re-elected during the subsequent decades.

A total of 18 confirmed cases of infection with "E. coli" O157:H7 were reported during the subsequent outbreak linked to XL Foods.

subsequent editions

She has revised many of the books for subsequent editions.

For the subsequent editions, the tournament moved to the Portimão Arena.

The first Italian edition has a red spine, while subsequent editions have a blue one.

subsequent work   (その後の仕事)

Veryard's subsequent work on organic planning for SOA has been referenced by a number of authors.

His subsequent work is in the minority languages of China, especially Khitan, Manchu, and Mongolian.

Notable work was done to the house in 1810, subsequent work done in 1830, and drastic work done in 1930.

many subsequent

These actions have cost many subsequent restorations dearly.

Toto belongs to Dorothy Gale, the heroine of the first and many subsequent books.

Most of the tracks on this album would also appear on many subsequent compilations of Who material.

subsequent seasons

LNR chose to continue with this system for subsequent seasons.

Fiorentina were runners-up again in the three subsequent seasons.

subsequent releases

All subsequent releases have been in a jewel case.

", the group decided to abandon their exclamation mark for subsequent releases.

All of Demon Hunter's subsequent releases would be dropped even lower to Drop B.

subsequent investigation   (その後の調査)

The subsequent investigation shed light on the murders.

A subsequent investigation of the collapse determined the cause to be scour.

A subsequent investigation established the cause of the accident as pilot error.

subsequent elections

However, it failed to win any seat in this and subsequent elections.

Devananda has been re-elected to Parliament in all subsequent elections.

He also supervised the Cambodian peace negotiations and subsequent elections in 1993.

subsequent development   (その後の開発)

All subsequent development of electrical motors, lights, etc.

Vladimir the Great's political choice determined the subsequent development of the Rus culture.

In the subsequent development of the modern park, Pittencrieff House was designed as a centre piece.

several subsequent

The track is included on several subsequent Hendrix compilations.

This was Andre's final WWF match, although he was involved in several subsequent storylines.

The decision has been followed in several subsequent cases, and is now regarded as settled law.

subsequent election   (その後の選挙)

She retained her seat at each subsequent election.

She retained her seat in every subsequent election until her retirement in 2011.

A majority of voters approved the alternative proposal in a subsequent election.

every subsequent

He was re-elected at every subsequent general election up to 1957.

He was re-elected at every subsequent general election up to 1951.

He was re-elected at every subsequent general election up to 1944.

subsequent events

However, some subsequent events led to further speculation of the curse.

In subsequent events starting in 1830, a part of this Kingdom split out to become Belgium.

After the concert they produced subsequent events of the same type and operated a leveraged buyout firm in Manhattan.

subsequent episodes

Neil does not appear in any subsequent episodes.

He also performed "Vimata" and "Hamogela" in subsequent episodes.

But keep your head down," foreshadows Gaeta's actions in subsequent episodes.

subsequent generations

The indenture system had two positive effects on subsequent generations.

Most of their descendants during subsequent generations were members of the Ajaccio town council.

She wanted to help not only these young women and girls, but also their children and subsequent generations.

subsequent albums

Drewery and Connell have been the core on all subsequent albums.

Their subsequent albums straddled black, death, and thrash metal.

Brigati's songwriting and vocal contributions would continue to decline on subsequent albums.

subsequent tour

The song did not appear on any subsequent tour until their 2013 Tour.

Bachman–Turner Overdrive then re-formed for a 1984 album and subsequent tour.

The subsequent tour involved more than 100 gigs in Italy and other parts of Europe and even Australia.

subsequent death   (その後の死)

Due to his father's long illness and subsequent death, the live streaming ended on 25 April 2019.

While Danceny faces murder charges, Marianne loses her reason with the shock of Valmont's rejection of her and subsequent death.

In some patients (33% in one study), transverse myelitis in the cervical spinal cord resulted in respiratory failure and subsequent death.

subsequent research

These discoveries, and subsequent research, led to a renewed understanding of Wright's career as an art dealer.

The excavations and subsequent research support a date for the construction of the structures no earlier than the 19th century.

Some subsequent research has confirmed Jensen's original findings and has extended the hypothesis to other ethnic and racial groups.

subsequent trial   (その後の裁判)

Nonetheless he is condemned to become a galley slave in a subsequent trial.'

Majocchi appeared as a prosecution witness in her subsequent trial for adultery.

At the subsequent trial, they were acquitted by a jury, on the grounds of self defence.

subsequent films

(The surname was spelled "Lawrence" in subsequent films.)

Cohn's subsequent films have been documentaries on relevant social issues.

It was the first movie Hall made from a script by Frank Harvey, who would write most of his subsequent films.

subsequent album

The subsequent album, "Villa Elaine", generated some acclaim.

It was included as the first track on the subsequent album released of the telethon performances.

The songwriter of The Sidehackers, John Clayton, played bass on Spoon's subsequent album, "Kill the Moonlight".

subsequent year

Additional publishers have added journals each subsequent year.

With each subsequent year, an additional grade was added, reaching grade 12 in the fall of 2012.

He performed at Busch Gardens for two more summers and in a subsequent year performed at a 900-seat theater there.

subsequent release

This caused the trial's collapse, and subsequent release of those charged with wrongdoing.

It was released in Australia on 26 October 2006, with subsequent release around the world.

A subsequent release called "Just Whistle for Me" failed to attract much attention or airplay either, and his recording career came to an end.

subsequent series

Each subsequent series also reissued some albums from the previous series.

Budgets in subsequent series have varied, depending on the target vehicle.

The subsequent series Sōten no Ken: Re:Genesis series premiered on April 2, 2018 on Tokyo MX.

subsequent career

His subsequent career was restricted by injuries.

Paetus' subsequent career and date of death are unknown.

Of his subsequent career we know little.

subsequent studies

However, subsequent studies showed no significant effect on the brains.

The San Francisco syncope rule however was not validated by subsequent studies.

However, subsequent studies assume eccentricity zero for orbit, and they have failed to find the convincing orbital solution.

subsequent works

"Microethics" is a term introduced by Paul Komesaroff in 1995 and elaborated in a series of subsequent works .

The novel functions along with Sebald's subsequent works "The Emigrants" and "The Rings of Saturn" as a trilogy.

Ken Wilber referred to and quoted Gebser (along with many other theorists) in his 1981 "Up from Eden" and subsequent works.

subsequent film   (続編)

Presley would receive top billing on every subsequent film he made.

"The Origin of Love" is a song from the stage show "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" and subsequent film.

Her other subsequent film roles included roles in "Unbeatable Harold" and "When the Nines Roll Over".

subsequent versions

Additional improvements came with subsequent versions of Windows Server.

Like the subsequent versions of the Constitution, the 1954 Constitution was not entrenched.

The first edition contained a ""Preface"" and a ""Moralité"", which were excised from subsequent versions.

subsequent centuries

In the subsequent centuries the Portuguese dominated the scene.

The British, French and Dutch joined in the slave trade in subsequent centuries.

During the war of the subsequent centuries surgical skills developed in treating the wounded.

during subsequent

Most of their descendants during subsequent generations were members of the Ajaccio town council.

Much effort went into distinguishing the original glazes from those added during subsequent restorations.

She later wrote, suddenly: Excited by the experience, Goldman refined her public persona during subsequent engagements.

subsequent books

One of Tomkinson's subsequent books was called "None but Christ".

Her subsequent books got progressively less attention from reviewers.

It was not as glamorous as subsequent books and films have made it appear".

subsequent months

A series of tribute albums was released in the subsequent months by the companies owning his catalogs.

She was fired abruptly after having a sexual encounter with Blake, and has spent the subsequent months trying to contact him.

During the subsequent months of fighting, they destroyed numerous bunkers and fighting positions which were protected by mines and booby-traps.

subsequent history

His subsequent history is unknown.

The subsequent history of the village is closely connected with aviation.

"Rambler" returned to the United States in 1815 and her subsequent history is currently obscure.

subsequent court   (その後の裁判所)

and the subsequent court trial.

The subsequent court martial exonerated Burr for the loss of his ship.

In subsequent court proceedings, Evans was convicted and fined $4,000.

subsequent loss   (その後の損失)

The defendant was not liable for any subsequent loss that arose from the storm encounter.

Others have blamed the economic stagnation and subsequent loss of faith by the general populace in communist ideology.

Although the subsequent loss of each hydrogen ion is less favorable, all of the conjugate bases are present in solution.