owned subsidiary   (所有子会社)

RCI Banque is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renault.

Allos is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Spectrum.

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Recipe Unlimited.

wholly owned subsidiary   (完全子会社)

RCI Banque is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renault.

Allos is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Spectrum.

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Recipe Unlimited.

subsidiary company   (子会社)

It is operated by Helmstedter Revier GmbH, a subsidiary company of MIBRAG.

It was established in 1964 as a subsidiary company of CBS, and became independent in 1988.

Brown & Williamson later created the BATUS Retail Group as a subsidiary company for its retail holdings.

became a subsidiary   (子会社になった)

Frey Strub AG became a subsidiary of Heinzelmann AG in 2001.

Star Air became a subsidiary of now defunct Maersk Air in 1993.

In 2014, AFA became a subsidiary of the National Library Board.

subsidiary companies   (子会社)

It one of the subsidiary companies of CRRC Limited.

In total Vingroup has 48 subsidiary companies.

PFC presently has ten subsidiary companies.

through its subsidiary

In the 1920s, Keihan built another Osaka-Kyoto line through its subsidiary , which merged into Keihan in 1930.

On behalf of its creditors Kaupthing, through its subsidiary Kaupskil, took ownership of Arion Bank on 8 January 2010.

Koufu also manages Punggol Plaza, a shopping mall located in Punggol through its subsidiary, Abundance Development Pte Ltd.

new subsidiary

The new subsidiary maintained its offices at 110 East 13th Street.

A new subsidiary, Saipa Kashan will take up production of the car.

The airline established a new subsidiary based at London City Airport operating Airbus A318s.

subsidiary label

DRT had one subsidiary label, Brass Tacks Records.

These were issued on the Stax subsidiary label, Volt.

Castle also operated a subsidiary label, Essential Records.

fully owned subsidiary

It is a fully owned subsidiary of Seven Group Holdings.

Citibank Indonesia is a fully owned subsidiary of Citibank NA.

It is a fully owned subsidiary of General Electric (GE Energy).

now a subsidiary

Oppenheim, is now a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank.

Fulton's are now a subsidiary of South Side Machine Works.

It is now a subsidiary of the American International Group.

subsidiary titles

As a descendant of the first Earl of Abercorn he was also in remainder to this peerage and its subsidiary titles, including the Hamilton Baronetcy of Donalong and Neneagh.

His grandson, the second Baronet, succeeded as sixth Earl of Abercorn in 1701 and from there on the title became one of the many subsidiary titles of the earls and later marquesses and dukes of Abercorn.

On 20 October 1883, at the age of 84, Lord Edward finally succeeded his brother as Marquess of Donegall, together with several subsidiary titles, and George Chichester gained the courtesy title of Earl of Belfast.

subsidiary title   (子会社のタイトル)

He was created Earl of Balcarres on 9 January 1651, with the subsidiary title Lord Lindsay and Balneil, and hereditary governor of Edinburgh Castle in 1651.

Shortly after her accession to the throne in 1702, Queen Anne made Churchill the first "Duke of Marlborough" and granted him the subsidiary title "Marquess of Blandford".

Hailed as the conquering hero by the British, on 3 May 1814 Wellington was made Duke of Wellington, in the county of Somerset, together with the subsidiary title of Marquess Douro, in the said County.

subsidiary called

"Unish-Kuri" also has a subsidiary called "Unish-Kuri Career" that deals exclusively with careers.

Lincoln Properties ran a subsidiary called RCLP—Rockefeller, Crow, Lyle and Pogue—that did all of its mechanical work.