substance abuse   (薬物乱用)

It was later confirmed that Cousins had a substance abuse problem.

MDMA has also been proposed as an adjunct to substance abuse treatment.

Studies have shown CBT to be an effective treatment for substance abuse.

controlled substance   (規制物質)

(Cannabis is listed as a controlled substance.)

As of October 2015 TFMPP is a controlled substance in China.

(THC is listed as a "controlled substance" under Section 58-37-4's.)

substance use   (物質使用)

A few of the most studied are substance use, aggression, and depressive symptoms.

He was further ordered to get therapy to manage his anger and substance use issues.

He is known for his research on risk factors for, and protective factors against, substance use and mental disorders.

banned substance   (禁止物質)

After the bout, Briggs tested positive for a banned substance, and was suspended.

Mensing was banned for a month in 2011 for testing for a banned substance methylhexaneamine.

After winning a European title in 2008, Modzmanashvili tested positive for a banned substance.