substantially more   (大幅に)

There are substantially more females (77–92%) than males (2–23%).

Jersey's economy since the 1980s has been substantially more reliant on finance.

The final act was substantially more limited in scope than the initial white paper.

substantially different   (実質的に異なる)

The storyboard for the episode is substantially different from the finished episode.

Daniel French's steam engine and drive train were substantially different from Fulton's.

While Daubert has superseded Frye, the standard of Daubert is not substantially different.

increased substantially   (大幅に増加した)

The CCPOA's membership increased substantially.

Its prices increased substantially in the early 21st Century.

Research on apoptosis has increased substantially since the early 1990s.

substantially increased   (大幅に増加)

Protection was substantially increased.

Protection was substantially increased and armament was modernized.

substantially higher   (かなり高い)

A substantially higher choir was added to the nave.

For allowed transitions, the gas density can be substantially higher.

While the XB-38 delivered a substantially higher top speed, its service ceiling was lower.

substantially reduced   (大幅に削減)

However, the debut of the competing Palm Pilot substantially reduced its market share.

In recent years, the diversity of fossil hydrochoerines has been substantially reduced.

It substantially reduced the cost of book production, and made books more widely available.

substantially intact   (ほぼ無傷)

A checking station at the road remains substantially intact.

The aircraft had crashed on Koolpinyah Station, where it was later discovered substantially intact.

The old town, a World Heritage Site, though in ruins, is still substantially intact, while a small modern settlement lies outside its gate.

substantially lower   (かなり低い)

The substantially lower allocation proposed from below on roads was surprising.

Parts and components received substantially lower tariffs to help fledgling carmakers.

Durgada has an average literacy rate of 53%, substantially lower than the national average of 74%.

substantially larger   (かなり大きい)

Likewise, the central field is not substantially larger than the main border.

It seems logical that the new premises were substantially larger, or more favourably positioned.

The skull, carrying the large horns, was substantially larger and more elongated than in most cattle breeds.

substantially less   (実質的に少ない)

This mass can be substantially less than the original star.

The Ms tone undergoes substantially less tonal alternations than the Mw tone.

In contrast, other capital cities in Australia have substantially less green space.

substantially altered   (大幅に変更された)

The 2-1/2 story house was built in 1874, and has since been substantially altered.

The firebox was substantially altered to take into account the properties of Collie coal.

The earliest extant Petrine Baroque building in Moscow, Menshikov Tower was substantially altered in the 1770s.

substantially similar   (ほぼ同じ)

It is substantially similar to the Kintla Lake fire cache.

The structures are substantially similar, but mirror images of each other.

Such acts, substantially similar in content, have been passed in all 50 states.

not substantially   (実質的ではない)

Likewise, the central field is not substantially larger than the main border.

This does not substantially increase space consumption or maintenance on the tree.

While Daubert has superseded Frye, the standard of Daubert is not substantially different.

substantially the same   (ほぼ同じ)

The law as to what constitutes a nuisance is substantially the same as in England.

Although these fields may have different motivators, the mathematics involved are substantially the same, e.g.

The transmitter network has remained substantially the same for Digital broadcasting of ITV Cymru Wales and ITV West.

grew substantially   (大幅に成長した)

At the same time, the organization grew substantially.

Several smaller banks grew substantially between 2004 and 2006.

Despite these tensions, Australia’s economic relationship with the PRC grew substantially.

substantially revised   (大幅に改訂)

In 1985, Kevin Dunlap of DEC substantially revised the DNS implementation.

In response, Harvey Smith substantially revised the augmentations and skills.

The constitution first approved in 1980 and substantially revised in 1992 forms the basis of government organization.

contributed substantially   (かなり貢献した)

She contributed substantially to the income of her family.

FC Kochin had contributed substantially to the advancement of Kerala football within its short span.

As team manager and talent scout, he has contributed substantially to Exeter Chiefs’ current success.

substantially rebuilt   (実質的に再建)

In the 1990s, the estate was substantially rebuilt.

The original house was substantially rebuilt in 1723–27.

He acquired the old Theatre Royal in the Cambridge suburb of Barnwell, and substantially rebuilt it.

grown substantially   (大幅に成長した)

The black middle class has grown substantially.

Since its acquisition by Warren, Stephens Inc. has grown substantially.

By 1941 ZOW had grown substantially with "High Five" creating numerous sub-groups.