suburban areas   (郊外)

It also includes suburban areas to the east of Oldham.

A 2011 project is to establish "dark sky oasis" in suburban areas.

suburban area   (郊外)

The video depicts a family living in a suburban area.

At the age of nine, she moved to a suburban area of Queens.

Now, it has become the most developed suburban area of Thrissur city.

suburban railway   (郊外鉄道)

It is located in Chennai - Arakkonam suburban railway route.

A parallel railway bridge built lies on the harbour line of Mumbai suburban railway.

suburban development   (郊外開発)

I-295 turns southwest past suburban development containing some farmland.

The opening of the train line kickstarted a suburban development of the area.

Early-20th-century population growth coincided with lower-density suburban development.

suburban rail   (郊外鉄道)

The line forms part of the suburban rail networks in both cities.

Le Plessis-Robinson is not served by the Paris Métro, RER, or the suburban rail network.

Metro systems are not present in the island, although a suburban rail network exists in Havana.

suburban trains

The station has four tracks, two exclusively for suburban trains.

They served long second careers hauling local and suburban trains.

suburban services

Such an extension would extend suburban services by around 2 km.

Gold Bus provides additional suburban services as well as the Ballarat School Bus Network.

Used for outer suburban services, the Class 450 was built with standard and first class accommodation.

urban and suburban

Aqua Pennsylvania operates in the greater urban and suburban Philadelphia area.

And food truck parks, offering permanent locations, are found in urban and suburban areas across the US.

Populations in urban and suburban areas have been greatly reduced due to building activities and pesticide use.

suburban community   (郊外コミュニティ)

It is a typical evening in a typical suburban community.

Eric Chandler enjoys a life of privilege in a quiet suburban community.

Orion began to change to a suburban community, but with an intact historic core.

suburban residential

This area is suburban residential neighborhoods as the freeway approaches the Maumee River.

I-295 continues west-southwest near suburban residential areas and features a westbound rest area.

The route continues through suburban residential areas with some businesses and runs through Blue Bell.

suburban communities

Students come from Philadelphia and its surrounding suburban communities.

The road is intended to serve the fast-growing suburban communities of Cedar Park and Leander.

The major Jewish suburban communities include Evanston, Skokie, Glencoe, Northbrook, and Highland Park.

suburban lines

SYSTRA proposed 4 express lines similar to RER suburban lines in Paris.

Five 99s were employed on the Vienna suburban lines in charge of light trains.

Many rural and suburban lines were closed along with selected main line trunk routes.

suburban housing   (郊外住宅)

It was developed into spacious suburban housing during the 1980s.

Jacob lives in Burlwood, California in a suburban housing development.

The surrounding residential housing is laid out in suburban housing estates.

suburban town   (郊外の町)

Wythenshawe Wythenshawe () is a suburban town of south Manchester, England.

Sprowston Sprowston ( or ) is a small suburban town bordering Norwich in Norfolk, England.

Changchun, Hunan Changchun Town () is a suburban town in Ziyang District of Yiyang, Hunan, China.

more suburban

At the same time membership in environmental groups became more suburban and urban.

The roadway passes more suburban neighborhoods as it turns north and crosses CR 617.

Texaco relocated to Purchase, New York in 1977 in favor of a more suburban workplace.