İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not succeed   (başarısız)

He would not succeed again until 2 January 1917.

They did not succeed however, in kidnapping Nicholas.

They planted and cultivated vineyards that did not succeed.

did not succeed   (başarılı olamadı)

They did not succeed however, in kidnapping Nicholas.

They planted and cultivated vineyards that did not succeed.

The effort did not succeed, as the B&M was bankrupt by 1976.

elected to succeed   (başarılı olmak için seçildi)

He was elected to succeed to these titles on his father's death in 880.

David Evans, Jr. was elected to succeed him in the ensuing special election.

His term as abbot ended in 2005 when Venerable Hsin Pei was elected to succeed him.

appointed to succeed   (başarılı olmak için atandı)

The young French pianist Romain Descharmes was appointed to succeed her.

Drown died in office and Alfred B. Chapman was appointed to succeed him.

Raynes was deeply concerned about who should be appointed to succeed him.

did succeed   (başarılı oldu)

Apparently, they did succeed in sustaining a true "cinema of the masses".

He did succeed in capturing some supplies and inflicting some hardship on his enemies.

The MPP did succeed in obtaining a letter from the Khan's court, albeit with difficulty.

succeed his father

After Wang Wujun died in 801, Emperor Dezong made Wang Shizhen military governor to succeed his father.

Chiyya did not, however, succeed his father as head of the academy: this post fell to Rav's disciple Rav Huna.

Immediately after the death of Zhang Zuolin, Zhang Xueliang returned to Shenyang to succeed his father's position.

likely to succeed   (başarılı olma ihtimali)

Weishaupt's radical rationalism and vocabulary were not likely to succeed.

Those with very good family and community support are most likely to succeed."

Dreier presided over the Lawrence High School student council, and graduated "most likely to succeed".

election to succeed   (başarılı olmak için seçim)

Anderson won the special election to succeed him, and would be re-elected several times.

In 1965, Feeney was a candidate in the special election to succeed the deceased Julius Ansel in the Sixth Suffolk District.

His son Seán Sherlock, then a member of both Cork County Council and Mallow Town Council, was elected at the 2007 general election to succeed him.

chosen to succeed

Sturgeon was chosen to succeed Salmond as SNP leader on 15 October.

In 1997, he was chosen to succeed Schelim Hannan in the British boyband Worlds Apart.

In 2001, he was chosen to succeed Scott Davies in the title role in "The Phantom of the Opera".

ran to succeed

Curley was ineligible to run in 1925 and Glynn ran to succeed him.

In 1981, incumbent Mayor Joseph Amaral chose not to seek re-election and Johnson ran to succeed him.

When he resigned his council seat on being sworn into the Senate, she successfully ran to succeed him.

candidate to succeed

Hanley was the leading candidate to succeed him.

He was a candidate to succeed fellow Republican David Vitter, who did not seek a third term in 2016.

In 2015, he was considered a serious candidate to succeed Bill Blair as Chief of Police but was passed over in favour of Mark Saunders.