succeeded his father   (彼の父の後継者)

He succeeded his father in the baronetcy in 1892.

He succeeded his father as Seigneur of Courtenay.

He succeeded his father as Earl of Denbigh in 1892.

later succeeded   (後で成功しました)

Malayketu was later succeeded by his son Bhadraketu.

She later succeeded in joining the label as a trainee.

Their first son, Anarawd, later succeeded Rhodri in Gwynedd.

eventually succeeded   (最終的に成功しました)

Teuta was eventually succeeded by Gentius in 181 BC.

Bourlas eventually succeeded to regain his citizenship in 1999.

She eventually succeeded Carly Fiorina as chairman of the board.

succeeded in getting

Merry has finally succeeded in getting pregnant.

She succeeded in getting the province to investigate.

The convicts succeeded in getting several of the guard to join their plot.

when he succeeded   (彼が成功したとき)

when he succeeded Van C. Gessel as dean.

He was only six years old when he succeeded his father in 1438.

Curling then kept the manuscript until 1848, when he succeeded in getting it published.

succeeded his brother

Son of Aplahanda, he succeeded his brother Yatar-Ami.

He succeeded his brother to the family estates in 1657.

He succeeded his brother Ralph as 4th Baronet on 22 September 1732.

then succeeded

She was then succeeded by Representative Justin Moed.

She was then succeeded by Puan Hodaima Bt Haji Halil.

He then succeeded his father Earl Congdon Jr. as executive chairman.

finally succeeded   (ついに成功した)

Merry has finally succeeded in getting pregnant.

In the 9th game, Murray finally succeeded and served it out for 6–4.

The Whitney armory finally succeeded not long after his death in 1825.

succeeded in capturing

Ivan III succeeded in capturing Smolensk in 1514.

Ptolemy's forces at Ptolemais also succeeded in capturing the city.

After an 11-hour chase, "Porcupine" succeeded in capturing her about four leagues south of Bastia.

succeeded in making

He succeeded in making Benevento an archdiocese in 969.

He succeeded in making a good impression for a short while and share price firmed up.

Not even Peruvians or Ecuadorians succeeded in making headway in this area some fifty years ago.

succeeded in having

Lobbyists then succeeded in having the bill referred to the voters in 1940.

Initially, Sneed informed the police and succeeded in having Boyce and Mrs. Sneed arrested.

In 1991, the preservationists succeeded in having a number of the structures designated as historic sites.

succeeded his uncle

In 1047, he succeeded his uncle Dietrich II (d. 30 April 1047) as Bishop of Metz.

In May 1863 he succeeded his uncle, Sir William Lascelles Wraxall, as third baronet.

In 1810, he succeeded his uncle Richard Ramsbottom as MP for the constituency of New Windsor.

succeeded in taking

Russian forces succeeded in taking much of the Caucasian territories from Iran for several years.

Losing 5 killed and 40 wounded, they had succeeded in taking a heavy toll on the British artillery.

On the following day the loyalists, led by Colonel Konstantin Ryabtsev, succeeded in taking over the Kremlin.

succeeded in obtaining   (取得に成功)

He succeeded in obtaining for his nephew a commission in the Army of the Nizam of Hyderabad.

This group succeeded in obtaining sponsorship for exhibitions of Dominican Art in popular locations.

Taking advantage of the great division of the right, left Moselle in 2001 succeeded in obtaining for the first time three senators.

never succeeded

The airport never succeeded at attracting any regular charter services.

He predeceased his father and is therefore an example of an heir apparent who never succeeded.

However, it never succeeded in this goal, despite making progress on several ecumenical fronts.

having succeeded

The King's son, having succeeded to the throne, rejects Isabel and arranges the death of Mortimer.

She is the current General Secretary of the Labour Party, having succeeded Iain McNicol in April 2018.

Shikongo was appointed Commandant of the Namibian Military School in 14 April 2014, having succeeded Brig.

succeeded in winning

The partnership succeeded in winning the competition in 1983.

Subsequently, however, they succeeded in winning a victory over the Athenian fleet.

This time, an aggressive advertising campaign preceding the poll succeeded in winning approval for the loan.

succeeded his elder

He succeeded his elder brother Sukkhasoem in 1852.

He succeeded his elder brother James in the barony in 1836.

He succeeded his elder brother Mutwa Liswani II who died in 1996.

not succeeded

Crédit Agricole and Gerolsteiner stopped sponsorship of a team, and were not succeeded by new sponsors.

Attempts to signal, attract, or activate hypothetical Bracewell probes in Earth's vicinity have not succeeded.

By the following day, the company had not succeeded in reestablishing the normal function of their computer systems.

succeeded in establishing

Lietz eventually succeeded in establishing five more Landerziehungsheime.

The Shansabani succeeded in establishing their seniority, if not its unification.

In 1966 they succeeded in establishing the first German forest museum in Zwiesel.

succeeded in bringing

The next election reform was enacted in 1896 by Kasimir Felix Graf Badeni, who succeeded in bringing about more radical reforms than Taaffe had achieved.

A campaign titled The Danse Society Reformation Plot was started on Facebook at the end of 2009 and succeeded in bringing most of the band back together.

Fire and rescue parties, in some cases forced to use gas masks, succeeded in bringing the blaze under control but not before 11 men had died and 16 more had been injured.

succeeded in gaining

It succeeded in gaining and sustaining a bridgehead for five months.

Four years later they succeeded in gaining the right to complete the murals.

The Arabs succeeded in gaining the fort with help of Ru'b Khan, ruler of Ru'b and Siminjan.

whom he succeeded

He was the son of Wulgrin I, Count of Angoulême, whom he succeeded on 3 May 886.

He was the son of Thomas Taylour, 1st Earl of Bective, whom he succeeded in 1795.

He was the only son of Sir William Musgrave of Hartley and Edenhall, whom he succeeded in 1544.

turn succeeded

Pravira succeeded Puru and was in turn succeeded by his son Manasyu.

He was in turn succeeded by his son Hjør, who was buried in Rogaland.

SFOR was in turn succeeded by an even smaller, European Union-led European Union Force, EUFOR Althea.

only succeeded   (成功しただけ)

An attempt to blow up a church in the path of the fire only succeeded in helping to spread the flames."

Rocky Barton also attempted to take his own life, but only succeeded in blowing off the lower half of his face.

Upon the intervention of the Holy See, the Minorites only succeeded in regaining Béla's remains after a long lawsuit.

succeeded in creating

By 1973, he had succeeded in creating a separate dermatology department at Howard's Freedmen's Hospital.

The Waseda University (Japan) and NTT Docomo's manufacturers have succeeded in creating a shape-shifting robot "WD-2".

Yet Fra Angelico has succeeded in creating designs which continue to reveal his own preoccupation with humanity, with humility and with piety.