İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

successfully defended   (başarıyla savundu)

Lasserre successfully defended his title in 2010.

In addition, it successfully defended its cup title.

They successfully defended their world title in 1987.

successfully completed   (başarıyla tamamlandı)

They successfully completed the program in June 2012.

The film successfully completed 50 days in 38 centers.

Not all of these projects were successfully completed.

successfully used   (başarıyla kullanıldı)

Research has also successfully used the IAT in consumer research.

A Hollerith (IBM section) was successfully used in this instance.

To date, the MEJA has been successfully used in four prosecutions.

successfully launched   (başarıyla başlatıldı)

These two models were successfully launched in late 2006.

The system was successfully launched on 30 December 2001.

In 2012, The SET successfully launched its new trading platform, SET CONNECT.

able to successfully   (başarıyla yapabilir)

Pam would be able to successfully pursue a claim for $5.

In 2015, scientists from the US and UK were able to successfully map the whale's genome.

Eventually, Copy II Plus version 5 was able to successfully defeat this copy protection.

successfully applied   (başarıyla uygulandı)

These formulae have been successfully applied to many materials.

Green then successfully applied for membership of the Scottish Football League.

Sturmey successfully applied for a patent for his three-speed hub in August 1901.

successfully lobbied   (başarıyla ısındı)

Bacon successfully lobbied the Greek government to allow him to leave the country.

In this capacity, he successfully lobbied for government support for civil aviation.

William Francis also successfully lobbied through a bill against racial discrimination in hairdressing schools.

successfully ran

UCF successfully ran out the clock, and secured the victory.

The project successfully ran for thirteen consecutive years.

Sablan successfully ran unopposed in the November 2016 election.

successfully sued   (başarıyla dava edildi)

Rector successfully sued to regain use of his own name.

In 2013, Ticketus successfully sued Craig Whyte for damages.

Several communities successfully sued, won and are now legally restricting access.

successfully complete

Students must successfully complete 24 units to graduate.

Students who successfully complete the CultureWorks program are granted entrance to King's.

A good level of knowledge about machining is necessary to successfully complete these kits.

successfully defend

On April 6, he would successfully defend the title against ACH.

He went on to successfully defend the title an impressive 11 times.

He went on to successfully defend his title two years later at middle weight.

successfully passed

He successfully passed the Ukda position.

This was one of the few (eight) referendum questions which were successfully passed.

In July 2009, it was reported that the B-2 had successfully passed a major USAF audit.

used successfully

LOR was the strategy used successfully in Apollo.

Rebreathers were also used successfully in South Wales, Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

Surfactants such as sodium dodecyl sulfate, Triton and nanoparticles have been used successfully.

successfully completing   (başarıyla tamamlanıyor)

After successfully completing the program as per the relevant regulations JNUTK, Kakinada will award the degree.

The game has 28 additional vehicles that can be unlocked by successfully completing various challenges and missions.

With questions set by music expert Phil Swern, it offers a DAB radio for successfully completing the "3 in 10" bonus round.

successfully contested

In 2012, he successfully contested from Dharamkot.

That time his seat was successfully contested by Republican candidate Lynch.

Blandford had successfully contested the matter in court, even though she had a child by him.

successfully tested   (başarıyla test edildi)

TRANSIT was first successfully tested in 1960.

Jenner successfully tested his hypothesis on 23 additional subjects.

Prototypes of the Type 79Y air-warning system were successfully tested at sea in early 1938.

successfully defending

Ho partnered Sébastien Lareau, successfully defending his title.

1 Serena Williams in the final, successfully defending her title.

Reneberg partnered Jared Palmer, successfully defending his title.

successfully argued   (başarıyla tartışıldı)

She successfully argued for their release, citing the Geneva Convention.

He successfully argued two voting rights cases before the United States Supreme Court.

Longford had successfully argued that to keep a sick man in jail was an "indefensible cruelty".

ran successfully

Accident ran successfully in theatres for 50 days.

He ran successfully for reelection on 26 April 2011.

Lamido ran successfully for reelection on 26 April 2011.

successfully petitioned   (başarıyla dilekçe verildi)

Grünne also successfully petitioned the emperor to retain his role as captain of the gendarmerie guards.

Balharry continued in post into 2017 as Strathglass successfully petitioned to be promoted to the National Division structure.

Since the civil-rights claim included a violation of Section 1983, the city successfully petitioned for removal to federal court.

then successfully

He then successfully ran for the United States presidency in 2016.

Whiley then successfully defended both titles at the North West Challenge.

Green then successfully applied for membership of the Scottish Football League.

successfully negotiated   (başarıyla müzakere)

In this role he successfully negotiated UK and EU support for Jersey's Zero-Ten tax regime.

Waterstone's then announced that it had successfully negotiated a takeover of Ottakar's on 31 May 2006.

France successfully negotiated a treaty with Spain known as the Family Compact which was signed on 15 August 1761.

successfully made

He successfully made Wallace Chung a super-star.

Two platoons successfully made their way to the other side.

He successfully made it across, but nearly drowned on the way back.

successfully challenged   (başarıyla meydan okundu)

This decision was again successfully challenged in September 2000.

California ACLU affiliates successfully challenged the California state loyalty oath.

As a result, she was part of a lawsuit that successfully challenged warrantless wiretapping.

successfully led

FIFCO has also led successfully led water-management initiatives.

During that period, he held many party positions and successfully led several agitations.

Zrínyi Ilona successfully led the defence of the castle for three years, but capitulated in 1688.

successfully fought

They successfully fought the will in court.

He successfully fought in Polish Livonia against Sweden from 1600s to 1617.

Hyde was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010 and successfully fought it off in 2011.

having successfully

The group gained more notoriety after having successfully leaked data of the Israeli Defense Force on April 7, 2016.

In 1998, a group led by Carl Collins of the University of Texas at Dallas reported having successfully initiated such a trigger.

However, having successfully rounded Cape Horn, Jan and his shipmates found unsettling news waiting for them at their Chilean destination.

not successfully

They are also lost if they are announced and not successfully achieved.

Arafat and Abu Jihad blamed themselves for not successfully organizing a rescue effort.

Large bythograeid crabs have been observed attempting attacks on the fish, though not successfully.

successfully campaigned   (başarıyla kampanya yapıldı)

The cars were successfully campaigned in trials and racing events.

Many Chico 30s have been successfully campaigned and even circumnavigated the globe.

She successfully campaigned for tighter restrictions on child marriage in her home state of Florida.

successfully treated   (başarıyla tedavi edildi)

Spies successfully treated numerous pellagra patients.

He was successfully treated and resumed his guitar duties in 2015.

Often, degenerative disc disease can be successfully treated without surgery.

successfully managed   (başarıyla yönetildi)

Faber successfully managed to find his way to London by way of Paris and Spain.

He also successfully managed other lands owned by the family in the Salinas Valley.

This job was one of a kind in the region and was successfully managed with high safety standards.

successfully resisted   (başarıyla direnildi)

Its inhabitants successfully resisted a siege by Ottoman forces in 1822.

The community has successfully resisted several threats to its continuation over the years.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese garrisons in Extremadura successfully resisted a Castilian siege.

successfully captured

The Shu forces thus successfully captured Wudu and Yinping commanderies.

The port—which had, for the most part, been abandoned—was, indeed, successfully captured.

Llano's forces successfully captured Matamoros who was tried and executed shortly after that battle.

successfully appealed

On 3 July 2019, Nancy successfully appealed the "DNCG" decision, and will remain in Ligue 2.

She successfully appealed for the lives of the rebels involved in the Evil May Day for the sake of their families.

She successfully appealed for the lives of the rebels involved in the Evil May Day, for the sake of their families.

successfully implemented

The experts in Houston found a solution, which was successfully implemented by the crew.

The IRRDB successfully implemented the expedition into Brazil for collection of new germplasm.

These efforts take a minimum commitment of 3 to 5 years in order for programs to be successfully implemented.

successfully performed

Anonymous successfully performed DDoS attacks on eight Tunisian government websites.

Early of 2012, she successfully performed the song Nhat Ky Cua Me from young composer Nguyen Van Chung.

She is considered the first African American after Ira Aldridge to have successfully performed Shakespeare.

successfully retained

At Hell in a Cell, they successfully retained against The Usos.

At the event, Sabre successfully retained the title against Tanahashi.

26 Councillors successfully retained their seats – 20 Labour and 6 Conservative.

successfully established

The backers persisted, and the district was successfully established as of 16 August 1925.

The trio was awarded three times with the ECHO Jazz, and has successfully established itself internationally.

Marketing costs often take up a large percentage of a game's budget, but successfully established brands require less marketing.

successfully held

As early as 1967, the Independent Party of Connecticut has successfully held meetings throughout the State.

Czech Republic successfully held their place as Davis Cup champions, by defeating Serbia in the final, in Belgrade, by a 3–2 score.

Queen's achieved finalist status at the 2011 Central Canadian Championship, and successfully held the regional title from 2006 to 2008.

very successfully

Quantum theory does this very successfully."

It was all designed (very successfully) to get major heat from the crowd.

Sugar factory was running very successfully till the end of the British rule.

successfully against   (başarıyla karşı)

He waged war successfully against the Latins, and a number of them were settled on the Aventine Hill.

In 1982, Teissier ran successfully against Jean-Victor Cordonnier for a seat on the departmental council.

Aboro defended the title successfully against Jeffries on 10 February 2001, with a ten-round decision win.

successfully developed

A similar concept, the Pacer, was successfully developed by British Rail in the 1980s.

A British beekeeper successfully developed a strain of bees that are resistant to varroa mites.

In 1932, English engineer Francis Thomas Bacon successfully developed a 5 kW stationary fuel cell.

successfully raised

A brood of bees successfully raised by "Bombus vestalis" is mainly female.

Verus was a centurion, who had successfully raised to the rank of Roman Senator.

The organization successfully raised funds and designed the renovations of Museum Station.

so successfully   (çok başarılı)

Merchant took to sculpture relatively late in life, but did so successfully.

Arnulf Øverland, who had so successfully energized the riksmål movement after the war, did not see nynorsk as the nemesis of his cause.

This was the second straight season where Connecticut won their first five games; before 2007, they had not opened a season so successfully since 1995, when they won their first six straight.

more successfully

33, and more successfully by Donna Fargo reaching US No.

He competed more successfully in various other formulas, including Formula 5000.

Maunsell did however use the type more successfully for his W class freight locomotives of 1930.

successfully auditioned   (başarıyla seçildi)

She was brought east and successfully auditioned for the part of Julie.

Williams successfully auditioned for Gosden and Correll, and he was cast as Andrew H. Brown.

He dropped out of school at the age of twelve and successfully auditioned for the band Manto Negro.

successfully demonstrated

This system was successfully demonstrated in a working mine in West Virginia.

However, the company has successfully demonstrated its technology on US highways.

Designated SCR-268, a prototype was successfully demonstrated in late 1938 at Fort Monroe, Virginia.

successfully converted   (başarıyla dönüştürüldü)

On the next play, Ray successfully converted the extra point and gave Alabama a 17–16 lead.

In 2016, Ramos successfully converted his first 24 save opportunities, setting a franchise record.

Sittas successfully converted them from Paganism to Christianity and recruited the former brigands to the Byzantine army.

successfully carried

have been successfully carried out.

Majjhantika later successfully carried out the mission following the Buddha's prediction.

Botswana has successfully carried an Action Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour, which was adopted in the period 2006-2007.

successfully took

In January 2018, the Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival successfully took place.

Straus successfully took Spoon down twice and controlled the fight to a decision.

Parry-Thomas successfully took the Land Speed Record at over 170 mph at Pendine Sands.

successfully conducted

In October 2013, successfully conducted touring Children's Ballet Theatre of Lviv in Slovenia.

Only 2 countries, including the US, have successfully conducted such a test in the past decade.

On 3 June 2018, a sixth test launch of Agni-V was successfully conducted from Abdul Kalam Island at 09.45 IST.

successfully prosecuted   (başarıyla kovuşturuldu)

But state officials said no one was successfully prosecuted.

... From the enactment of the law to the end of January 2011, three cases were successfully prosecuted...

Bechas was successfully prosecuted for failure to pay sales taxes in 1963 and 1966, and was prosecuted again in 1970.

successfully reached

They successfully reached the final.

The three warheads were reported to have successfully reached their targets.

Metzomagic said the game successfully reached its target market of primary school age children.

successfully placed

The launch successfully placed the satellite into low earth orbit.

The launch successfully placed the satellites into low earth orbit.

The launch successfully placed the satellites into Medium Earth orbit.

successfully introduced

They successfully introduced a fresh bread, and later, a frozen version.

David Fairchild, another botanist at USDA, successfully introduced many important crops (e.g.

It is grown across North America and has been successfully introduced in Europe and Australia.

successfully brought

The strong majority of parents successfully brought in a new principal.

He continued his father's trend and successfully brought textile weaving to America from Britain.

The Confederates successfully brought the supplies they seized during the previous weeks with them into Virginia.

successfully landed

Two of the eight planes successfully landed in Hawaii.

Apollo 12 successfully landed within walking distance of the Surveyor 3 probe.

On 16 July 1953, he also successfully landed on the summit of Monte Rosa glacier.

successfully defeated

Havok had her first match on WOW which aired on February 15, 2019, where she successfully defeated Fire.

(Charles Gustav hoped to place Radziejowski on the Polish throne after he successfully defeated John II Casimir).

She led over 6000 Zhuang infantry against the pirates and successfully defeated them at Wangjiangjing (north of modern Jiaxing).

most successfully   (en başarılı)

This technique was probably most successfully used in his monumental “Horse”, 2005.

I read it, but regret I never saw it on the films, where it rages most successfully.

At the date, it is the most successfully selling single of the group with around 15,000 copies sold physically.

team successfully   (başarıyla takım)

The team successfully coped with this mission.

The team successfully defended their title, winning Gold again.

Cocu's team successfully defended the league title one season later.

successfully repelled   (başarıyla püskürtüldü)

Romania successfully repelled these incursions.

Khabul Khan successfully repelled the invasions of the Jurchen Jin armies.

Shirvanshah Akhsitan I built a navy in Baku and successfully repelled another Rus assault in 1170.

successfully attacked

She successfully attacked southwest of Ireland.

In 1321, the Portuguese Navy successfully attacked Muslim ports in North Africa.

In 846 Trpimir successfully attacked the Byzantine coastal cities and their "patricius".