İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

suffered heavy   (ağır acı çekti)

The hotel where they stayed suffered heavy damage.

Demosthenes' allies also suffered heavy losses.

However "Strashny" suffered heavy damage by mine on 9 July.

suffered a stroke   (felç geçirdi)

On 10 December 1896, he suffered a stroke and died.

In early 1999, he suffered a stroke and hemiplegia.

He suffered a stroke on 18 April 1869 in Chester.

suffered a heart   (bir kalp çekti)

De Caires suffered a heart attack on 14 August 2008.

Aged 77 she suffered a heart attack in Trinidad.

In April 2010, Edwards suffered a heart attack.

suffered severe   (şiddetli acı çekti)

Urbanczyk rescued several people and suffered severe injuries.

The building suffered severe damage from an earthquake in 746.

In August 1949, the locomotive suffered severe turbine damage.

suffered a broken   (kırılmıştı)

Truex, Jr. suffered a broken wrist after the accident.

In December 2011, Faure suffered a broken toe.

She suffered a broken left hand and multiple bruises and contusions.

suffered an injury

The event was scrapped after Haye suffered an injury.

Brallier suffered an injury late in the game.

In mid November, Konko suffered an injury.

suffered a serious   (ciddi bir acı çekti)

In 115, Apamea suffered a serious earthquake.

John Mason suffered a serious head injury and an 11-day coma.

Here, however, his victorious career suffered a serious setback.

having suffered   (acı çekmek)

The Vikings returned to the UK having suffered no casualties.

Lennon has spoken about having suffered from depression since 2000.

He died in Paris after having suffered from paralysis for twenty years.

suffered during

It particularly suffered during the War of 1795.

Goldman suffered during his long absence.

The Soviet film industry suffered during the period after World War II.

suffered heavy losses   (ağır kayıplar verdi)

Demosthenes' allies also suffered heavy losses.

During the Battle of Arnhem this division suffered heavy losses.

The freight and part-load goods traffic also suffered heavy losses.

suffered a severe   (şiddetli acı çekti)

While staying at an inn he suffered a severe asthma attack.

On November 1, 2008, Wilson suffered a severe brain injury.

The Indians suffered a severe loss and withdrew on Sept. 12.

suffered a knee   (diz ağrısı çekti)

However, Done suffered a knee injury early in the 2012–13 season.

He suffered a knee injury that kept him from playing in Weeks 3-5.

However, Rice suffered a knee injury that kept him out until week 9.

suffered damage   (hasar gördü)

It again suffered damage during the Second World War.

Parts of another 14 wards suffered damage.

Two hundred libraries in Belarus suffered damage during the war.

suffered another   (başka acı çekti)

In 1978, the hotel suffered another disastrous fire.

En route, the convoy suffered another kamikaze attack.

One year later, he suffered another stroke.

suffered heavy casualties

The Germans pushing forward into Stalingrad suffered heavy casualties.

The large force that was concentrated on the hill suffered heavy casualties.

90 Squadron suffered heavy casualties and the use of the Fortress I was discontinued.

suffered serious   (ciddi acı çekti)

Six of these 50 people have suffered serious injuries.

The military suffered serious unrest in 2008.

The men suffered serious, although not life-threatening, injuries.

suffered a major   (büyük bir acı çekti)

In May 2008, the region suffered a major earthquake.

In 2015 it suffered a major dam disaster.

The separatists suffered a major setback at the beginning of 2018.

injury suffered

Broadfoot was visibly distressed by the injury suffered by Valencia.

An injury suffered during the season led to the end of his playing career.

Roddick withdrew from the tournament due to a left leg injury suffered at the Shanghai Masters.

suffered no

men were hit, but the IRA suffered no casualties.

The squadron suffered no casualties in the process.

The French resisted, but the British suffered no casualties.

suffered relegation   (düşme tehlikesi)

However, ÍA suffered relegation to the second level.

Hertha suffered relegation from the Bundesliga in 2012.

He also suffered relegation with Sabah in the same season.

when he suffered   (acı çektiğinde)

His injuries started when he suffered an ankle injury in a pre-season friendly.

His paintings were very successful until 1935 when he suffered a financial crisis.

This last until in October when he suffered a flu and missed two matches as a result.

then suffered

He then suffered an ankle injury in January 2009.

He then suffered a minor stroke in May 1984.

Mr. Ludington then suffered a stroke.

suffered several

The event suffered several weather-related problems, however.

He suffered several heart attacks over the years, of varying severity.

The memorial suffered several attacks through the years for unclear reasons.

suffered greatly

None of the guests died, though many suffered greatly.

Greece suffered greatly during the occupation.

Despite victorious, the besieged also suffered greatly.

suffered significant   (önemli acı çekti)

Kelly suffered significant hearing loss in her forties.

Six other towns and 65 villages suffered significant damage.

During the incident the aircraft suffered significant damage.

suffered a torn   (parçalanmış)

In November 2010, he suffered a torn tendon in his shoulder.

He played for the school's baseball team, but suffered a torn labrum in 2011, his senior year.

During 2015 spring training, Stroman suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

suffered many

However, the Bengals suffered many setbacks after the hot start.

During the Soviet Battle of the Dnieper, it suffered many casualties.

Due to failures of school levies, the school suffered many budget cuts.

suffered a concussion   (sarsıntı yaşadı)

His helmet shattered, and he suffered a concussion.

Mouton injured her knee while Pons suffered a concussion.

Phinisee suffered a concussion at the end of December 2018.

suffered minor   (küçük acı çekti)

The 48-year-old truck driver suffered minor injuries.

Two of the workers suffered minor injuries.

Keselowski’s Ford suffered minor damage.

suffered only   (sadece acı çekti)

It was not engaged and suffered only two men wounded.

Later refloated, the vessel suffered only minor damage.

"Cornwallis" suffered only one man wounded in the action.

suffered injuries   (yaralandı)

Ten people suffered injuries due to the twister.

However, he suffered injuries around September.

However, he suffered injuries at the start of the season.

suffered extensive

The castle building suffered extensive damage.

Bombarded several times in August, the city suffered extensive damage.

The building suffered extensive damage during a bombing raid on May 8, 1944.

team suffered   (takım acı çekti)

His England team suffered a 1–0 defeat.

Trofense, retiring at the age of 32 after his team suffered relegation.

It ended a disastrous spell in charge as the team suffered two relegations in two years.

suffered major   (büyük acı çekti)

The main churches of Padua all suffered major damage.

Both the traditional coalitions suffered major defeats.

Both sides suffered major casualties.

injuries suffered

due to injuries suffered in combat.

She retired because of injuries suffered and her professional commitments.

He died on July 18, 1925 as a result of injuries suffered from a wagon accident.

suffered the same

"Chop-Chop" suffered the same fate as "Empire Song".

Juventud Estudiosa suffered the same fate.

This movie also suffered the same fate as of other recent movies by Shivaraj Kumar.

suffered through

In the pivotal year of his career in 1997-1998, Eldredge suffered through a sluggish grand prix circuit.

It was during Percy's tenure that the colony suffered through the "Starving Time" in the winter of 1609–10.

While many other large cities suffered through race riots during the late 1960s, the peace was kept in St. Louis.

suffered a series   (bir dizi acı çekti)

Ward suffered a series of strokes prior to her death.

At the same time, Britain suffered a series of poor harvests.

The program had suffered a series of crashes during testing, and was nominally "cancelled".

suffered from severe   (şiddetli acı çekti)

He suffered from severe head trauma and vertebrae fractures.

At the end of World War One, Copenhagen suffered from severe housing shortage.

In recent decades, China has suffered from severe environmental deterioration and pollution.

suffered from poor   (fakirlerden acı çekti)

Ekeberg suffered from poor health throughout his life.

Both shows suffered from poor ratings.

The film, like "Gates of Heaven", suffered from poor distribution.

suffered a fatal

Brown suffered a fatal stroke as a consequence of brain cancer.

He suffered a fatal heart attack while walking in the woods of Vienna.

Duncan suffered a fatal fall on August 9, 1999, while trimming a tree.

suffered more   (daha fazla acı çekti)

Although the blazes were extinguished, the ship had suffered more than 200 casualties.

After coming fifth at Jarama, Facetti suffered more bad luck in Estoril with a slipping clutch.

Between May 28, 1864, and June 12, 1864, the regiment suffered more than 280 killed, wounded or captured.

suffered a fractured   (kırılmıştı)

Bamberger suffered a fractured skull, but survived.

Griffin suffered a fractured thumb and was expected to miss 4–8 weeks.

During a Week Eleven loss to Miami, however, Jackson suffered a fractured fibula.

club suffered

The season began on the road, where the club suffered a late 2–0 loss at Houston.

In January 2000, with a start imminent, the club suffered a major, major setback!

The club suffered a run of 15 league games without a win, which included 12 defeats and 3 draws.

suffered his first

There Chisnall suffered his first defeat by Taylor, losing 6–2.

Cantor suffered his first known bout of depression in May 1884.

On December 4, 1971, Zappa suffered his first of two serious setbacks.

losses suffered

Each appeals to Achille with stories of their losses suffered in the war with Greece.

A contemporary account cited a number of reasons for the losses suffered by the Democrats.

"Special damages" compensate the claimant for the quantifiable monetary losses suffered by the plaintiff.

suffered losses

Pi Kap, like all sororities, suffered losses.

The British were overrun, suffered losses, and ran out of ammunition.

For the most part, it was a failure and the paper suffered losses in circulation.

suffered heavily

The Corps suffered heavily in the battle however, and was exhausted.

The Mahdists suffered heavily from British firepower, losing 2,000 killed.

also suffered heavily.

suffered a setback   (bir aksilik yaşadı)

In 2001 it suffered a setback and sold facilities in South Korea and Mexico.

Simpson suffered a setback when he lost his second fight on points against Lee Holmes.

However, Weston suffered a setback when he was injured on two occasions; both with Achilles injury.

suffered considerable

The schooner suffered considerable damage and three men drowned.

The Trincomalee harbour facilities suffered considerable damage.

The fort suffered considerable damage during the Irish Civil War.

forces suffered

The armed forces suffered particularly from overlap.

The regular British forces suffered initial setbacks.

The Spanish forces suffered setbacks.

suffered from depression   (depresyondan muzdarip)

His family reported that he suffered from depression.

Rosa suffered from depression during years before he quit.

Lennon has spoken about having suffered from depression since 2000.

suffered a nervous

The doctor suffered a nervous breakdown.

Bilotti's wife Donna suffered a nervous breakdown and a miscarriage.

Under the strain of his various activities he suffered a nervous breakdown.

suffered their first

Michigan suffered their first home loss of the season.

They suffered their first loss at Surrey Heat on 11 November 2012.

Colchester suffered their first away defeat of the season on 6 October.

suffered an ankle   (ayak bileği çekti)

He then suffered an ankle injury in January 2009.

He suffered an ankle injury in December 2019.

Soon after making a comeback he suffered an ankle injury.

suffered a loss   (zarar gördü)

On 6 April 1871, Mace suffered a loss in New Orleans to Gentleman Jose Alonso.

Special libraries were devastated, and suffered a loss of about 2,000,000 volumes.

At "Pride 33", Gomi suffered a loss to UFC veteran Nick Diaz by way of gogoplata submission.

suffered a massive

The U.S. Patent Office building had suffered a massive fire in 1877.

Baudelaire suffered a massive stroke in 1866 and paralysis followed.

Shortly after Reznikov left, Balagula suffered a massive heart attack.

suffered extensive damage   (ağır hasar gördü)

The castle building suffered extensive damage.

Bombarded several times in August, the city suffered extensive damage.

The building suffered extensive damage during a bombing raid on May 8, 1944.

suffered the loss   (zarara uğradı)

Israel suffered the loss of 2 civilians and 16 more wounded.

During this time, he suffered the loss of his infant daughter in 1859.

The EEF had suffered the loss of 782 killed and 4,179 wounded soldiers.

suffered much

The area suffered much damage during World War II.

In 1555 he entered the papal court, opposing the election of Pope Paul IV, who suffered much.

Swithun's eldest brother Gilbert, suffered much both personally and economically for his faith.

suffered further

Under Fazıl Mustafa Pasha's successors, the Ottomans suffered further defeats.

Sando's support suffered further following the Deyiyong Incident in April 1910.

He suffered further setbacks on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas, where he lost all his belongings in a fire.

regiment suffered

This regiment suffered higher casualties than any other infantry regiment from New Jersey.

In Camden Expedition, the regiment suffered relatively heavy casualties of eight killed and 36 wounded.

Between May 28, 1864, and June 12, 1864, the regiment suffered more than 280 killed, wounded or captured.

city suffered

Bombarded several times in August, the city suffered extensive damage.

The city suffered damage during an air raid on June 10, 1945 during World War II.

In 1986, the city suffered from heavy radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl accident.

suffered great   (harika acı çekti)

Utigurs led by Sandilch attacked the Kutrigurs who suffered great losses.

Utigurs led by Sandilch attacked the Kutrigurs, who suffered great losses.

In the postwar period, the population suffered great poverty, hunger, and repression.

suffered a number   (bir dizi acı çekti)

McEveley himself has also suffered a number of serious knee injuries.

Despite these early successes the army soon suffered a number of setbacks.

In Poland, the Cossack army and Transylvanian allies suffered a number of setbacks.

suffered severe damage   (ciddi hasar gördü)

The building suffered severe damage from an earthquake in 746.

The island of Dominica suffered severe damage from Hurricane Omar.

Several of the Union ships were hit, but none suffered severe damage.

suffered a hamstring   (bir hamstring yaşadı)

On March 18, 2015, he suffered a hamstring injury which sidelined him for two weeks.

However, he suffered a hamstring injury which was expected to keep him out for four weeks.

However, he suffered a hamstring injury shortly after that kept him out throughout October.

suffered badly

The reputation of the French army also suffered badly.

The town suffered badly in the Polish-Soviet war of 1920.

The district office also suffered badly.

suffered a shoulder

Dementieva, however, suffered a shoulder injury in Australia.

In March 2009, Payton suffered a shoulder injury while lifting weights.

Soon afterwards, however, Stack suffered a shoulder injury that required surgery.

injury he suffered

In 2001 Billy had his leg amputated as a result of serious injury he suffered few years before.

Anderson took a step back in 2019, in part due to a hand injury he suffered in Hong Kong at the end of 2018.

On September 3, he was placed on the injured reserve list with a shoulder injury he suffered in the third preseason game.

again suffered

It again suffered damage during the Second World War.

ʻAbdu'l-Bahá again suffered from frostbite.

In November, Kinkladze again suffered an injury and missed the remainder of the season.

suffered financial   (mali sıkıntı çekti)

The title was disbanded in 2005 after the promotion suffered financial loss.

In 1993 Rederi AB Slite suffered financial problems and was forced to declare bankruptcy.

However "Schoolcare" experienced problems when their bank suffered financial difficulties.

army suffered

Lee's army suffered 28,000 casualties (versus Meade's 23,000).

Nevertheless, food was still scarce, and Abd al-Rahman's army suffered from hunger.

The corps, while the smallest in the army suffered the least between the three Corps.

suffered severely   (ciddi şekilde acı çekti)

Höxter suffered severely during the Thirty Years' War.

The order suffered severely during the Hundred Years' War.

The Southern Netherlands suffered severely under the War of the Spanish Succession.

suffered a defeat

They too suffered a defeat, and the next year the two teams amalgamated.

According to Lord Kinross, Atatürk was the only Turkish general in the war who never suffered a defeat.

The Rashtrakutas suffered a defeat in the battle of Vallala at the hands of Cholas under Parantaka in 916.

suffered due

In the mid-1980s, the Permian Basin economy suffered due to low oil prices.

The quality of the competition in 1918 suffered due to the loss of players fighting in World War I.

They suffered due to only having 3 coaches and injuries which saw them travel to several games with under 20 fit players.

suffered a heavy

Afiq fail to score as Kelantan suffered a heavy defeat 5–1.

Two years later in 2000 Martin's side suffered a heavy defeat to Kilkenny in the Leinster final.

Two years later in 2000 Dooley's side suffered a heavy defeat to Kilkenny in the Leinster final.

suffered casualties   (kayıplar verdi)

"U448" also suffered casualties - one dead and two men wounded.

The legions suffered casualties, but they then rallied and won the day.

which had suffered casualties in the mopping up, now formed up in the second line.

suffered numerous   (çok sayıda acı çekti)

Historically, it suffered numerous floods, the last occurring in 1951.

Their leaders were executed and the people suffered numerous reprisals.

She was found to have died of asphyxiation and to have suffered numerous beatings.

suffered multiple   (çoklu acı çekti)

He was taken to a hospital where he suffered multiple convulsions.

While Malashri suffered multiple injuries, Sunil died within an hour.

Neuropsychology concludes that De Zeeuw could have suffered multiple symptoms.

suffered its first   (ilkini yaşadı)

The battle left hundreds of Taliban dead and the force suffered its first defeat.

It was also during this operation that the unit suffered its first casualty, when Plt Offr Z.B.

However, after the 2014 season, the league suffered its first setback when the Mumbai Magicians disbanded.

people suffered   (insanlar acı çekti)

Ten people suffered injuries due to the twister.

Their leaders were executed and the people suffered numerous reprisals.

One pro-opposition source said that a thousand people suffered from the effects.

suffered a minor

He then suffered a minor stroke in May 1984.

Rhodes suffered a minor neck injury in June, but continued working.

Wellesley suffered a minor injury to his knee from a spent musket-ball.

building suffered

The castle building suffered extensive damage.

The building suffered from structural concerns for some time.

The building suffered severe damage from an earthquake in 746.

town suffered   (kasaba acı çekti)

The town suffered badly in the Polish-Soviet war of 1920.

On October 30, 2016, the town suffered significant damage from a magnitude 6.6 earthquake.

The cathedral survived World War II wholly intact though the town suffered Allied bombing in 1944.

suffered defeat

Meanwhile, the Burmese suffered defeat in other fronts of the war.

In 910 AD he suffered defeat at the hands of Parantaka I, the son of Aditya I Chola.

The Malava chieftain who suffered defeat gave up his daughter in marriage to Rajasimha.

suffered a second

In March 1979, Eric Morecambe suffered a second heart attack.

He suffered a second stroke and fell into an irreversible coma.

At the US Open she suffered a second round exit to Ekaterina Makarova.

suffered a miscarriage   (düşük yapmış)

Frantz revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in October 2013.

She also mentioned that she had previously suffered a miscarriage.

Several months later, Masina fell down the stairs and suffered a miscarriage.

casualties suffered

One was the heavy casualties suffered by Irish units in the war.

There are no records of squadron victories after 16 July 1918, nor of casualties suffered after 24 September 1918.

The Imperial forces suffered no consequences from their defeat aside from the casualties suffered and the supplies lost.

party suffered

But the party suffered continuously from defections from its ranks.

The party suffered heavy losses in the 2017 election and finished in sixth place with 7% of the vote.

The party suffered major defeats in the , losing every statewide race and 16 seats in the Kansas House.

later suffered

The Democrats later suffered a temporary setback.

He later suffered from a serious illness.

Gueye later suffered a severe groin injury and missed both November and December.

company suffered   (şirket acı çekti)

In the third quarter of 2007, the company suffered a net loss of $19 million.

In 2001, the company suffered from the weakness of the German market, but soon recovered.

Subsequently, the spot price increased and the company suffered even greater losses covering its customer commitments.

suffered no casualties

men were hit, but the IRA suffered no casualties.

The squadron suffered no casualties in the process.

The French resisted, but the British suffered no casualties.

suffered the most   (en çok acı çekti)

The people who suffered the most during the war."

Rohit suffered the most, as he was put inside a cage like a bird.

The epicentre of the first shock was near Verona, the city which suffered the most damage.

suffered minor injuries   (hafif yaralanmalar yaşadı)

The 48-year-old truck driver suffered minor injuries.

Two of the workers suffered minor injuries.

All of them suffered minor injuries.

suffered heavy damage   (ağır hasar gördü)

The hotel where they stayed suffered heavy damage.

However "Strashny" suffered heavy damage by mine on 9 July.

Residential areas suffered heavy damage.

area suffered

The area suffered much damage during World War II.

The area suffered depopulation but recovered in the 18th century.

The area suffered from flooding in 1742, and from a destructive earthquake in 1847.

suffered when   (ne zaman acı çekti)

The regional economy suffered when they were unable to work.

The County suffered when the Eighty Years' War raged in the neighbouring Netherlands.

The wheat crop suffered when in 1984 the South Korean government ceased subsidizing wheat.

until he suffered

Tone continued to party and do drugs until he suffered a mild stroke at age 22.

Leigertwood continued to remain in the first team until he suffered injuries in early–March.

He led Olimpia both in Euroleague and in Serie A, until he suffered a strain on January 11, 2010.