İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first suggested   (ilk önerilen)

This was first suggested in a plan from the early 1960s.

The idea to transform the zoo into a biopark was first suggested in 1994.

It was first suggested by .

reports suggested   (önerilen raporlar)

Some reports suggested that BBS was behind the attack.

Later reports suggested the injury could be season-threatening.

Initial reports suggested a sandstorm might have been to blame.

study suggested   (önerilen çalışma)

A 1997 study suggested that there were around 100,000 adherents.

One study suggested that childhood gender nonconformity is heritable.

A 2007 study suggested a correlation between oral sex and throat cancer.

suggested the name   (adı önerdi)

D Brouwer suggested the name 'ephemeris time'.

3M suggested the name change to Acquire, and Sackson agreed.

Cormack was no doubt aware of this usage when he suggested the name.

studies have suggested   (çalışmalar önerdi)

Several studies have suggested that the family "Ascoviridae" evolved from the "Iridoviridae".

Morphological studies have suggested a close relationship between Boryaceae and Blandfordiaceae.

Although some studies have suggested a high density of these serpents on Guam, residents rarely see them.

report suggested   (rapor önerildi)

The report suggested building two lines on the East and West coasts.

The report suggested that it would be an uphill battle to improve the situation:

A later report suggested that Mary had wanted to kill them, but her husband restrained her.

later suggested

Cash later suggested that this was how Perkins's house had caught fire.

It was Annie who later suggested that these letters might make good children's books.

Bernard Heuvelmans later suggested that "The Great Sea Serpent" was the root of cryptozoology.

scholars have suggested

Other scholars have suggested that it was written from Caesarea or Ephesus.

However, other scholars have suggested that she was a "precursor" to Hurufiyya.

Some scholars have suggested William Leslie Welton, a leading Birmingham architect of the period.

suggested using

In his later years, he suggested using the technique for pulling ships.

Researchers have also suggested using methanol to produce dimethyl ether.

Pontare suggested using the instrumental, which utilized Shaw's vocal snippets.

then suggested

Perey then suggested "francium", after France.

Alex then suggested that they go outside.

Holder then suggested spelling the title to reflect their Black County dialect.

even suggested   (hatta önerdi)

Sabra (1978) even suggested he might have been an adherent of Shia Islam.

Josyf Velamyn Rutsky even suggested granting him the title of Bishop of Halych.

Some Kosovo Albanians even suggested that Albanians were "Aryans of Illyrian heritage".

name was suggested

The asteroid's name was suggested by Russian astronomer Nikolaj Komendantov "(also see )".

The use of the Rational Youth name was suggested by Capitol Records, to which Howe acquiesced.

("S")-Equol was first isolated from horse urine in 1932, and the name was suggested by this equine connection.

originally suggested

Gardner originally suggested the title "Tomorrow Always Comes".

This new name for the feature was originally suggested by Patrick Moore.

Roscoe originally suggested that Gordon and Susan have a child when he first joined the show in 1974.

initially suggested

The word 'isotope' was initially suggested to him by Margaret Todd.

It was initially suggested that "Trogloraptor" was a primitive member of the six-eyed spider superfamily Dysderoidea.

He informed Maryland athletic director Deborah Yow of the infractions and initially suggested sending all the curfew violators back to Maryland by bus.

further suggested

This evidence further suggested that those suspected illegal aliens were Latino.

He further suggested that the stone was brought to the site from a far distance.

He further suggested that a oak seedling at the center would have four seeds around them in a plus pattern.

suggested the idea

Victor Meyer suggested the idea of determining the types of alcohol i.e.

Eventually, Miller suggested the idea that Dani would go to see the younger Grace.

In 1946, Dennis Gabor suggested the idea of using a granular system to produce sound.

research has suggested

Later research has suggested that lava flow may be of Pleistocene age.

Modern research has suggested that the claims of betting were unsubstantiated.

However, more recent research has suggested a link between ABA and PTSD in autistic people.

strongly suggested

Once cast, it was strongly suggested that actors research their roles.

Today historians strongly suggested that the invasion was actually a Srivijayan retaliation against Medang for the attacks upon the empire.

Van Seters examined the patriarchal stories and argued that their names, social milieu, and messages strongly suggested that they were Iron Age creations.