Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

more suitable   (mas apropiado)

Lytic phages are more suitable for phage therapy.

Good quality cages designed for pet birds are more suitable.

That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice]."

not suitable   (no adecuado)

12 – not suitable for children under 12.

1, and is not suitable for nonlinear frictiophoresis to take place.

(1948), but the producer and director decided she was not suitable.

most suitable   (mas adecuado)

Ultimately, the 5.60 m boat was selected as most suitable.

Kagekiyo was apparently most suitable.

The parcels of land with the most suitable price were purchased.

find a suitable   (encontrar un adecuado)

They ask Santosh to upload his profile to find a suitable match.

It took medical staff more than fifty minutes to find a suitable vein.

Females emerge in the spring and forage until they find a suitable host colony to invade.

suitable for use   (adecuado para su uso)

The book is also suitable for use with "Heroes Unlimited".

This makes them suitable for use where a connection in cascade is required.

This generally allows better insulation making them more suitable for use in cold water.

suitable habitat

Each nest requires about of suitable habitat.

It is a rare species, with a restricted range and narrow suitable habitat.

This is because it is a common species wherever there is suitable habitat within its range.

suitable location

The impervious granites of the Lévézou make this a suitable location for water capture.

Under his direction, a suitable location for a new factory was sought and Gimo was chosen.

During the breeding season, the male chooses a suitable location with overhanging foliage.

suitable site   (sitio adecuado)

Presently, Jebel Marra may be a suitable site for agriculture.

A plot of land on a suitable site in West Street (Drogheda's main street) was persistently refused by the corporation.

Sefton pledged to remove the colony of distinguished jumping spiders ("Attulus distinguendus") to another suitable site.

no suitable

Sometimes no suitable match is found.

However, there is no suitable space for the work in Prague's galleries.

Users who have a Swedish bank account but no suitable phone can register for reception of payments.

only suitable   (solo adecuado)

Sometimes the only suitable instruction in this case is codice_4.

The BGA were in a quandary as the only suitable aircraft was the Buxton Hjordis.

Round grooves are only suitable for idler pulleys that guide the belt, or when (soft) O-ring type belts are used.

suitable place   (lugar adecuado)

Mated females then seek a suitable place to begin a colony.

Unable to locate a suitable place, they turned back to join the larger group.

The remote islands were considered to be a suitable place to punish the independence activists.

particularly suitable   (particularmente adecuado)

"C. africana" is particularly suitable as a live hedge.

This site was particularly suitable for several reasons.

Such units are particularly suitable to processing high flow rates with low head difference.

find suitable   (encontrar adecuado)

The oldest daughter Lucy, 48, is a spinster and can't find suitable work.

It also conducted psychological testing to help people find suitable jobs.

The BBC attempted but failed to find suitable working arrangements with them.

lack of suitable   (falta de adecuado)

Despite the limitation imposed by a lack of suitable engines, the fighter remained a relatively compact and balanced design.

Campbell also made an attempt in the summer of 1957 at Canandaigua, New York, which failed due to lack of suitable calm water conditions.

After the success of "Gone with the Wind", Rhett left Hollywood and returned to South Carolina and retired from filmmaking in 1941, citing a lack of suitable roles.

very suitable

As we had a very suitable room she consented.

The banks of the stream were very suitable to built new churches.

As a consequence, it was not very suitable at anything but close range.

considered suitable

Dwara was not considered suitable for that purpose.

This means that while they are not seen as prostitutes, they are not considered suitable marriage partners for many men.

Technically all Danish 18-year-old males are conscripts (37,897 in 2010, of whom 53% were considered suitable for duty).

less suitable   (menos adecuado)

Also, it is less suitable for smoking fish of different size.

Their estuaries are small, and their valleys are less suitable for agriculture.

The Gibson designs were less suitable for the sounds that the Stratocaster tremolo and its derivatives made possible.

suitable replacement

The PSSI later decide Uzbekistan as the suitable replacement candidate.

One suitable replacement is formula_14, which states that "x" is inhabited.

Frey has suggested that the juice could be a suitable replacement for coconut water..

finding a suitable

Males pass through the female swarm several times before finding a suitable mate.

When Albert's grandmother became sick in 2014, her family had great difficulty finding a suitable caregiver.

However, finding a suitable fixed-width font is likely to be difficult if a significant subset of Unicode is desired.

suitable candidate

A suitable candidate was found in the alleged healing of an infant, Eric Catania (b.

Izzy is told that Katy is not a suitable candidate for surrogacy as she is too young.

Her appointment was consensual between European Council Members (Manfred Weber was not considered the most suitable candidate).

other suitable   (otro adecuado)

Storage may be static random access memory (SRAM), flip-flops, latches or any other suitable form of storage.

It is customary for the brit to be held in a synagogue, but it can also be held at home or any other suitable location.

The idea to locate the new post office inside the church came from the church's vicar, after no other suitable location was found.