Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

well suited   (muy adecuado)

This tree is well suited to parks and large gardens.

Fly ash is well suited for use in flowable fill mixtures.

Few of the island's soils are well suited to agriculture.

better suited   (más adecuado)

These pens are better suited for left handed persons.

She decided that a "subtle nuance" of the illness better suited Marta.

E763–E772 were better suited to the longer routes of the Western section.

best suited   (más adecuado)

To ascertain what pursuits are best suited to us".

Howitzers were best suited for long-range fire.

Coronal images are best suited for detection.

more suited   (más adecuado)

This path is more suited when playing with allies.

It was also cheaper and more suited for the masses.

In this case, the lung is more suited to the absorption of oxygen from air, rather than water.

not suited   (no adecuado)

The Starfire was not suited to service in the Arctic.

After just six months he decided he was not suited for that vocation.

The DMS effect was thus not suited for battery powered electronic devices.

ideally suited   (idealmente adaptado)

It is not ideally suited for exploratory analyses.

diesel engines are thus ideally suited for supercharging and turbocharging.

Keohane described her as "ideally suited to become the next president of Shimer College."

suited up

Ruth suited up, but stayed on the bench during batting practice.

In the 2012-13 season, 60 former NTDP players suited up for NHL teams.

Washington also suited up for the Gwinnett Grizzlies at the 2004 LA Summer Pro League.

particularly suited   (particularmente adecuado)

Phosphor bronze is particularly suited to precision-grade bearings and springs.

The display is regular size and is not particularly suited to people with low vision.

Their small size made them particularly suited to shunting on the Barry Island Breakwater.

perfectly suited   (perfectamente adecuado)

Like other old world wine producers, many traditional grape varieties still survive in Croatia, perfectly suited to their local wine hills.

Baxter first appears in "Something Fresh"; a man perfectly suited to his job, he "had no vices, but he sometimes relaxed his busy brain with a game of solitaire."

Describing Nakata as a gentleman, he thought he was perfectly suited for the role, and said that a too charming or sultry voice would not have worked for the character.