sum of money   (金額)

Reportedly she asked for a prohibitively large sum of money.

Running fan-funded campaigns cost bands a large sum of money.

She was allowed to depart after MSC paid an undisclosed sum of money.

large sum   (多額)

Reportedly she asked for a prohibitively large sum of money.

Running fan-funded campaigns cost bands a large sum of money.

The sale was in 1784 for 5.5 million francs, a very large sum.

undisclosed sum   (未公開額)

The band quickly settled for an undisclosed sum.

PPL paid an undisclosed sum over ten years.

That suit ended with another settlement, for an undisclosed sum.

direct sum   (直接和)

A direct sum of finite cyclic groups is periodic.

In this case, is called the internal direct sum of the .

Additionally, the direct sum of binary matroids is binary.

lump sum   (一時金)

He eventually won the suit and received a lump sum.

An advance is a lump sum paid in advance of publication.

However, the full amount was not authorized in one lump sum.

sum of all

The total Grüneisen parameter is the sum of all γs.

It aggregates (the sum of all activity) across "all" markets.

The W candidates receiving the greatest net sum of all votes win.

sum up

To sum up the first chapter: "The gay critique of assimilation begins here.

His message appeared to sum up the feelings that all three crewmen had from their vantage point in lunar orbit.

To sum up, though the second half of "Raja Rani" moves along predictable lines, it's still a promising debut by Atlee".

considerable sum

(A considerable sum: £9,500 in 1946 is equivalent to £ today.)

Hobart lost after spending a considerable sum to ensure his seat.

In 1665, he was swindled out of the considerable sum of 5,000 guilders by a fraudulent alchemist.

sum total   (合計)

""Remedying ailments and illness is not the sum total of your existence.

The sum total of donations received by this fund would exceed $1.4 million.

After the lists had been completed, the number of citizens was counted up, and the sum total announced.

substantial sum

Treloar won a $1,000 cash prize, a substantial sum at that time.

In 1924, Shi Yuzhang () bought the body of the vessel for a substantial sum.

King Abdullah II of Jordan also contributed a substantial sum to make the restoration possible.

huge sum   (巨額)

A huge sum at the time and one that equates to £30 million at today's values.

Solario was sold as a yearling for the huge sum of 47,000 guineas to a British syndicate.

A huge sum had to be paid to Germany to end the war which provided the latter with even more capital.

total sum   (合計)

A total sum of $8,000 was raised in the first year.

The total sum loaned to EriTel was $23 million.

When buying several items, the rounding is done for the total sum.

sum of squares   (平方和)

See also Lack-of-fit sum of squares.

Laplace knew how to estimate a variance from a residual (rather than a total) sum of squares.

A "Pythagorean field" is a field with Pythagoras number 1: that is, every sum of squares is already a square.

dim sum   (点心)

SF Beer Week included a dim sum beer brunch on February 11, 2017.

Besides served as a dim sum along with tea, pastries are used for celebration of traditional festivals.

Found in many Chinese and dim sum restaurants in Chinatown, this rare dish is not common in many Chinese restaurants elsewhere.