superintendent of schools   (学校長)

As of 2016, Kevin McIntyre, Ed.D is the superintendent of schools.

He then became a superintendent of schools in the Los Altos district.

She was appointed superintendent of schools for Gilpin County, Colorado in 1895.

general superintendent   (総監)

He was replaced as general superintendent by his son, Wallace H. Gephart.

The railroad named the village Nottingham, after CP&A general superintendent Henry Nottingham.

Prior to the Second World War Dickins became a general superintendent for CPR airline division.

school superintendent   (学校長)

Because of this interest, he became school superintendent at Key West.

A member of the Ilocano people, he had previously been a school superintendent.

Also Lake is the first school superintendent in Cleveland to have a school named after him.

first superintendent   (最初の監督)

The first superintendent of the asylum was Dr Frederick Skae of Morningside.

Mental Hospital, Jalna and first superintendent of IMH, Erragadda Hyderabad.

Dr. Frank J. McKinley was its first superintendent, and he was also the physician.

assistant superintendent   (補佐)

In 2015 the district promoted Parker to be the assistant superintendent.

In 2010, Moore became assistant superintendent, and Dr. Peter Cummings became principal.

He then became an assistant superintendent at the Zoological Survey of India at Calcutta.

became superintendent

Hal Guthrie became superintendent in 1986 and retired in 2001.

He became superintendent and restorer for the Museo Borbonico (1813).

After holding various positions, in 1905, she became superintendent of the school.

served as superintendent

Savage served as superintendent of the district from 1918 to 1931.

From 1892 to 1895 he served as superintendent of schools for Tooele County, Utah.

His nephew, Thomas F. McFeely, served as superintendent of the Hoboken school system.

appointed superintendent

She was appointed superintendent of schools for Gilpin County, Colorado in 1895.

Lottie Beebe in 2013 was appointed superintendent of the St. Martin Parish schools.

In 1938, Carroll was appointed superintendent of buildings at the Quabbin Reservoir.

district superintendent

The district superintendent is Polly Bove as of August 22, 2006.

Randy Parry, High School principal at the time, was later promoted to district superintendent.

He was the principal at the town's junior high and high school and later became the district superintendent before retiring in 1982.