water supply   (水供給)

This water supply would also enable firefighting.

Huai Talat Reservoir is the reserve water supply.

He specialised in harbour works and water supply.

power supply   (電源)

Prior to this, power supply was generated locally.

Unlike the ZX Printer, it had a separate power supply.

Rod Holt designed the Apple II's power supply.

supply chain   (サプライチェーン)

Some have helped Chery establish a local supply chain.

more highly processed products) provided by the supply chain.

"SCMR" covers analysis and trends in supply chain management.

supply lines   (供給ライン)

It was remote and so maintaining supply lines was strenuous.

Morgan's raid was part of a plan to disrupt Union supply lines.

Richthofen responded by ordering attacks against Soviet supply lines.

food supply   (食料供給)

These winds damaged the food supply on two islands.

Reproduction is also regulated by planktonic food supply.

An estimated 80% of the Bahamian food supply is imported.

short supply   (供給不足)

Medicine, food and water were in short supply.

But conditions were basic and food was in short supply.

Doctors were abundant, but medicine was in short supply.

money supply   (マネーサプライ)

Deficit spending increases the money supply.

So the operation was neutral for the overall money supply.

1) Increase the money supply (M1 and M2).

supply and demand   (需要と供給)

The price paid for your products is set by a global supply and demand system.

The imbalance of supply and demand is thus making these skills even more valuable.

This method of analysis is known as partial-equilibrium analysis (supply and demand).

blood supply   (血液供給)

A minority of people lack this dual blood supply.

Doctors hoped the drug would cut off blood supply to the tumor .

The bird retina has a fan shaped blood supply system called the pecten.

supply system   (供給システム)

There was a water supply system in the city.

The loch is part of the water supply system for the town.

The village has a drinking water supply system, but no sewer system.

electricity supply   (電気供給)

Coal power plants generate 50% of the United States' electricity supply.

On 22 December 1924 the Bathurst town electricity supply scheme was switched on.

A modern water supply system was introduced in 1874 and electricity supply in 1878.

supply water   (給水)

It is used to supply water to the residents of Great Langdale.

District Councils supply water to more than 200 smaller villages.

Four top-seal radial gates supply water to the Albuquerque Main Canal.

supply line   (供給ライン)

Whatever else might happen, they had succeeded in disrupting Rosecrans' supply line.

With his supply line lengthening, Bonaparte created a new center of operations at Palmanova.

To cut off the Chinese supply line, the Imperial Japanese Army began to plan the invasion of Burma.

supply and sanitation   (供給と衛生)

Water supply and sanitation in Vietnam

Private sector participation in water supply and sanitation is controversial.

Water supply and sanitation in Syria Syria is a semiarid country with scarce water resources.

supply of water   (水の供給)

This helps provide a year-round supply of water to the area.

Such soil also holds a reasonable supply of water and nutrients.

At night, the Company troops managed to procure a supply of water.

supply route   (供給ルート)

This supply route was defended by the Đồng Nai Regiment.

Pomerania-Stolp was a crucial point in the knights' land supply route.

The major supply route was the York Factory Express between Hudson Bay and Fort Vancouver.

gas supply   (ガス供給)

Both offer electric power and natural gas supply.

Natural gas supply has been established in 39 settlements.

There is no sewerage service or mains gas supply to the hamlet.

supply ship   (補給船)

Taking place in the future, the supply ship E.S.S.

Due to her precious load, the supply ship was spared from sinking and captured.

On October 1, 1608 the supply ship arrived following a journey of approximately three months.

water supply system   (給水システム)

There was a water supply system in the city.

The loch is part of the water supply system for the town.

The village has a drinking water supply system, but no sewer system.

energy supply   (エネルギー供給)

Under this comparison, primary energy supply drops 42%.

energy supply, agriculture, road traffic.

Germany's switch to renewables was described as "democratization of the energy supply".

supply chains   (サプライチェーン)

Avoiding fragmented and inefficient supply chains keeps product costs down for customers.

Technical stakes of modern ERP concern integration—hardware, applications, networking, supply chains.

Large organisations can use the IASME Governance standard in their supply chains to understand and reduce supplier risk.

drinking water supply   (飲料水供給)

The village has a drinking water supply system, but no sewer system.

It is the main drinking water supply office of Padampur and was founded in 2061.

A special area of activity for the civilian protection is the drinking water supply.

used to supply   (供給に使用)

His wife used to supply flags for the Mukti Bahini.

It is used to supply water to the residents of Great Langdale.

Requisition, forced purchase, was used to supply armies on the march.

supply depot   (補給所)

The town also served as a supply depot during the war period.

On just two days' notice, he established a well-organized supply depot.

To keep units supplied with ammunition, the player must construct a supply depot.

supply routes   (供給ルート)

Meanwhile, isolated and densely vegetated mountains provided supply routes and base areas.

The armies never engaged in battle and with their supply routes blocked, the Welsh began to starve.

The capture of the town cut one of the main land supply routes for government troops fighting in Aleppo.

supply ships   (補給船)

However, no further supply ships from England arrived that year, nor the following spring.

The French held their own, but this time the Spanish supply ships were able to relieve the town.

The Allied supply ships that plied the Arafura Sea and Torres Strait were also vulnerable to these attacks.

supply chain management   (サプライチェーンマネジメント)

"SCMR" covers analysis and trends in supply chain management.

He speaks on personal motivation and success, entrepreneurship, commercialization, and supply chain management.

It has four core activities: supply chain management, marketing and brand building; EMS; property holding division, and others.

air supply   (空気の供給)

The air supply was controlled by an electrical valve.

As it covered the route, the motorised striking force was dependent on air supply.

If the air supply failed, this arrangement allowed the door to be pushed back manually.

fuel supply   (燃料供給)

It expanded into jet fuel supply at two airports.

An initial first flight was abandoned due to a fuel supply problem.

The fuel supply for the fuel injectors stopped, which led to the ignition of fuel in the No.

supply base   (供給拠点)

Jackson established Fort Strother as a supply base.

Nuclear, coal, oil, gas and some hydro plants can supply base load.

Congo-Brazzaville furthermore acted as a supply base for the Angola mission.

supply company   (供給会社)

Miller is the CEO of Mercedes Medical, a medical and laboratory supply company in Sarasota.

Smith went on to become a social worker in Denver, also working at a cable television supply company.

He also owns and operates a farm supply company and an oilfield supply business in Woodward, Oklahoma.

supply of food   (食料の供給)

For the first time, grains provided people with a steady supply of food.

Captured Japanese stock increased the total supply of food to 14 days worth.

This has caused price fluctuations which are not strongly related to the actual supply of food, according to the United Nations.

limited supply   (限られた供給)

Due to a limited supply of hobby materials, he began building things from scratch.

Each subweapon has a different power requirement, which draws from a limited supply on the player's ship.

This was largely due to there being only a limited supply of almonds, as they are not grown in the area and had to be imported.

contract to supply   (供給契約)

Another issue was the Dixon-Yates contract to supply power to the Atomic Energy Commission.

Allegiant had a contract to supply charter flights from Miami to four cities in Cuba beginning June 2009.

In 1773 he returned to England, where he obtained a contract to supply the Royal Navy with timber for masts and spars.

supply voltage   (供給電圧)

This is many times greater than household power supply voltage.

The main difference between the 6581 and the 8580 is the supply voltage.

The d.c. supply voltage equates to the average, so the tap peaks at approximately (pi/2)*Vcc.

oxygen supply   (酸素供給)

Hoses or tubing connect an oxygen mask to the oxygen supply.

Zubin operates and notices something odd about a patient's oxygen supply.

Meanwhile, Djuhn'Keep arrives on Starbug, just as the oxygen supply fails.

supply power   (電力を供給する)

The new power station would have sufficient capacity to supply power for nearby towns.

These power plants are large scale, and used to supply power for communities and industry.

Another issue was the Dixon-Yates contract to supply power to the Atomic Energy Commission.

large supply   (大量供給)

The fortifications, dockyards and a large supply of coal were captured largely intact by the Japanese.

Liautaud started off with iron and then expanded to using discarded petrochemical steel drums, which Haiti had a large supply of.

However, at the time De Nederlandsche Bank (Central Bank of the Netherlands) had a very large supply of these banknotes in stock.

not supply   (供給しない)

The Forfar merchant did not supply the potatoes and was sued for damages.

Thus, normally automobile companies did not supply the actual paints to the promo manufacturers.

Despite their table-topping league form, Lantana did not supply any players to the Estonian national side.

main supply   (主な供給)

Its main supply the "Hazeldene" ran from a lake near Sydney House to the west.

The apprentice school and diving school were also established there, along with the main supply base.

This blocked the main supply route from Normandy to Paris, and as a consequence food prices in the French capital rose dramatically.

supply train   (供給列車)

He traveled to New Mexico with the supply train in the spring of 1614.

Ordóñez finally left with the returning supply train in the spring of 1617.

Ordóñez finally left New Mexico with the returning supply train in the spring of 1617.

able to supply   (供給できる)

The plant is able to supply the city from its own wells during emergencies.

They were able to supply a list of those "meet to continue in office," including themselves and a number of relatives.

However this mast was not able to supply the whole area with FM and TV-programmes and so a taller antenna mast was soon planned.

steady supply   (安定供給)

For the first time, grains provided people with a steady supply of food.

These surviving embryos continue to feed on a steady supply of unfertilised eggs.

The queen's primary role is to reproduce and ensure the colony has a steady supply of new workers.

confidence and supply   (自信と供給)

This coalition receives confidence and supply from the Green Party.

National's confidence and supply partners in the 49th Parliament meanwhile suffered losses.

The two formed a Coalition Government with confidence and supply from the Green Party which got eight seats.

supply systems   (供給システム)

Product lines are building-drainage systems and supply systems.

In 1989, it acquired a stake in FAE Fluid Air Energy, joining the fresh water supply systems sector.

Public water supply systems cover about 95% of the households in urban areas and about 80% in rural areas.

order to supply   (注文する)

It was built in order to supply work to the Gaels evicted during the Highland Clearances.

He expanded the central well in order to supply light to the whole building and also added new floors.

Local people saw this a destruction of part of the Welsh culture in order to supply England with water.

supply problems   (供給問題)

Poor conditions and supply problems resulted in the deaths of some 2,500 troops.

They immediately encountered the first of the supply problems which were to plague the expedition.

Delayed by supply problems like all the Allied armies, First Army did not push beyond St Quentin until after 8 October.

public water supply   (公共水道)

In 1961, fluoridation of the public water supply in Simanggang (now Sri Aman) was implemented.

In the village is public library and the dwellings are connected to the public water supply net.

Boating, fishing and swimming are not allowed at the reservoir since it is a public water supply.

electrical supply   (電源供給)

In that year, electrical supply was expanded to five new places in Sarawak.

Much of the country's limited electrical supply is provided by hydroelectric plants located in Boali.

SPC had owned 46% of the country's electrical generation assets and 90% of the electrical supply assets.

supply depots   (補給所)

supply depots, lines of communication and locations of garrisons.

All finished rifle parts and components were sold to the Army, who sent them to supply depots as spares.

The TPLF also made small raids on Derg supply depots in the towns to acquire badly needed items like bullets and petrol.

oil supply   (給油)

Azerbaijan grants Ukraine exclusive conditions for oil supply.

Fifty years before the battle, Baku produced half of the world's oil supply.

He was awarded the MBE in 1918 for his work in increasing oil supply during the First World War.

supply electricity   (電気を供給する)

TNSPs link generators to the 13 major distribution networks that supply electricity to end use customers.

The same month CIC Energy submitted bids to Eskom of South Africa and Botswana Power Corporation to supply electricity.

Until 2016, being a small and isolated island, the island relied on costly and polluting diesel generators to supply electricity.