financial support   (財政支援)

Tchaikovsky was grateful for von Meck's financial support.

He also gave financial support to the London Film Company.

“CAF does not need any financial support.

not support   (サポートしません)

2100 does not support the YcCbcCrc scheme of Rec.

Rampon did not support the Second French Empire.

The PS2 version does not support this feature.

air support   (航空支援)

Both are used in the close air support role.

The battalion was supported by air support by helicopters.

In addition, the Division provides Carabinieri air support.

public support   (公的支援)

She also expressed public support for the Hubbard family.

The proposal nevertheless became law, with strong public support.

The company would also require “public support” for the investment.

did not support   (サポートしませんでした)

Rampon did not support the Second French Empire.

Only Wasden and 16 other A.G.s did not support the measure.

Wilson telescope did not support the expanding universe theory.

evidence to support   (サポートする証拠)

There is no evidence to support these allegations.

However, there is no direct evidence to support it.

A number of NSAIDs have evidence to support their use.

provide support   (手伝う)

PARU can provide support to BPP headquarters within two hours.

Nagaiyas provide support when normal kinsmen wouldn't be able to.

The ship was then sent south to provide support to the Canadian cruiser.

strong support   (強力なサポート)

This is fairly expensive and requires strong support.

Spain provided strong support to the Croatian ascension to the EU.

With the strong support of her fans, she became the popular vote winner.

support services   (サポートサービス)

Further support services include editing, dubbing, scanning and film recording.

The Marine Corps cooperates with the Navy on many institutional support services.

HP Cloud Operation Services—Provides support services for a company's cloud environment.

life support   (生命維持)

Mason suffers spinal damage and is placed on life support.

On 30 October 1975 he fell into a coma and was put on life support.

He was removed from life support about one week prior to his death.

popular support   (人気のサポート)

Deng also received a great deal of popular support.

Guadalajara, who had been chosen for their popular support.

The government had popular support and the support of the army.

does not support   (サポートしていません)

2100 does not support the YcCbcCrc scheme of Rec.

The PS2 version does not support this feature.

It prefers warm areas and does not support frost well.

used to support   (をサポートするために使用)

ANOVA is used to support other statistical tools.

Income from the rental will be used to support Cooma Cottage.

The base is used to support military operations against Boko Haram.

received support   (受けたサポート)

His words received support from a few readers.

He received support from entrepreneur Stuart Browning.

The VRS received support from the Yugoslav Army and FRY.

fire support   (火災支援)

In February, she provided fire support for the MPLA.

It has a mission to provide indirect fire support to units.

However, lighter rockets may be used for direct fire support.

technical support   (技術サポート)

is the STN-J's hacker and technical support expert.

Kobo does not provide technical support for these applications.

The museums also arranged local technical support for maintenance of this facility.

order to support   (サポートするために)

In order to support herself and her family, Christine turned to writing.

Fly wings require bulky muscles in the abdomen in order to support them.

Expansion of the loop's capacity is needed in order to support an East Bayfront LRT.

continued to support   (支え続けた)

Prince Peter continued to support the Tibetan cause.

While a unionist, Drayton continued to support slavery.

He has continued to support SD since then.

lack of support   (サポート不足)

It was based on the lack of support and help in Africa.

Another problem is lack of support for law enforcement involvement in the problem.

However, due to lack of support, this coalition government did not complete its five-year term.

support staff   (サポートスタッフ)

55 of these teachers and 35 members of the support staff.

The department has 850 deputized personnel, and support staff.

It employs about 524 sworn officers and another 200 support staff.

tour in support   (サポートのツアー)

Fotomaker did not tour in support of "Transfer Station".

He also launched a worldwide tour in support of the album.

military support   (軍事支援)

Efforts were made to win military support for Decree 900.

On 8 August, the Belgian government appealed to France for military support.

Li Yuanhong removed Duan from office and called for national military support.

support among   (の間のサポート)

These assertions have found no support among Mesoamerican researchers.

The idea of a new uprising was met with broad support among the masses.

Amid an economic slump generally, the Conservatives lost support among farmers.

expressed support   (表明されたサポート)

However, some Dubliners expressed support for the rebels.

Some segments of the LGBT community expressed support for Mehlman.

Bardot expressed support for President Charles de Gaulle in the 1960s.

close air support   (近接航空支援)

Both are used in the close air support role.

Trained to conduct close air support and battlefield interdiction.

Most of those missions involved close air support or direct air support.

full support   (フルサポート)

Her daughter was in full support of her mother’s work.

The dedication also had the full support of Andy Griffith.

He had the full support of his parents.

help support   (ヘルプサポート)

Lifting belts are often used to help support the lower back.

Most of his earnings were sent home to help support his family.

Lifting belts are sometimes used to help support the lower back.

provided support   (提供されたサポート)

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations also provided support.

Occasionally, she also provided support fire for the rebel troops inland.

He also provided support for the British film industry in its early days.

provides support   (サポートを提供します)

BCT provides support for over 90 bat groups across the UK.

The memory controller provides support for DDR and DDR2 SDRAMs.

This provides support for the idea that dysthymia is in part caused by heredity.

support group   (サポートグループ)

The LBDA developed in 2003 out of an online support group.

MOMS Club MOMS Club is a support group for stay-at-home moms.

Brad and his mother attend a support group for the first and last time.

political support   (政治的支援)

Emgann is believed to provide political support to the ARB.

Rumsfeld gradually lost political support and he resigned in late 2006.

However, by this time, managerial and political support had evaporated.

child support   (養育費)

Maximus also provides services for child support programs.

Carruth all but neglected Raelondo until Wright sued him for child support.

None of her children's fathers stayed in Bundy's life or paid child support.

providing support   (サポートを提供する)

He befriended many African Americans, providing support for their welfare.

Wilson managed the TARC drop-in center, providing support to the homeless and PWAs.

The government is providing support to nearly 70 lakh farmers including tenant farmers.

support personnel   (サポート要員)

A total of 8 log cabins were built and served as quarters for Ali's support personnel.

It employed 89 teachers, 50 full-time and part-time support personnel, and 9 administrators.

It employed: 256 teachers, 229 full-time and part-time support personnel, and 22 administrators.

logistical support   (物流サポート)

East Timor posed significant challenges for logistical support.

AFIC also provides a "very limited amount of approved logistical support."

Likewise, the government of Italy pledged air transport-based logistical support.

artillery support   (砲兵支援)

He then called for gunship, fixed wing and artillery support.

The German infantry advanced behind air and artillery support.

This force provided crucial artillery support during the battle.

government support   (政府の支援)

In the meantime, he received government support for his research.

This was before most government support programs were established.

In this capacity, he successfully lobbied for government support for civil aviation.

little support   (少しサポート)

However, Symond's proposal received little support.

Unfortunately, the show found little support in Buenos Aires.

He attracted little support, placing ninth with 0.69% of the vote.

support during   (中のサポート)

Rock band Weathers served as support during this tour.

This force provided crucial artillery support during the battle.

He garnered much support during the competition and emerged as first runner up.

support units   (サポートユニット)

In addition to this, there are several special forces support units (FM SOF).

Armed Forces consist of the General Staff, the Land Forces, the Air Force and support units.

The logistical support units spent October and November catching up and eliminating backlogs.

no support   (サポートなし)

He did not carry a cell phone and had no support team.

It has been released as is, with no support.

He gained no support, and on 14 April 1893 resigned from the army.

social support   (ソーシャルサポート)

Other factors linked with dysthymia include stress, social isolation, and lack of social support.

The UNCT said, Survivors of sexual abuse and violence, struggle to secure justice and social support.

Many children with autism lack social support, future employment opportunities or self-determination.

gunfire support   (砲撃支援)

"Shoreham" remained in the area and provided naval gunfire support.

On 16 January, she headed back to Vietnam to resume gunfire support duty.

She then conducted naval gunfire support off Vietnam from 29 July to 8 August.

support system   (サポートシステム)

He found a support system in Scouting.

At times she had no immediate support system and no place to call home.

The previously common building support system was that of wooden beams and posts or masonry.

support act   (支援行為)

He booked the band as support act on an AC/DC tour.

He was a support act for Wet Wet Wet and Mariah Carey.

Later they played as support act for Blondie and Chelsea.

able to support   (サポートできる)

The foot is thick and fleshy and well able to support the light shell.

It occupies an area of and is able to support around 20,000 head of cattle.

Some of the teachers were able to support talented students by paying their expenses.

support his family   (彼の家族を支える)

Soon after, he began to sell drugs to support his family.

Most of his earnings were sent home to help support his family.

As a child, Bharat takes all sorts of odd jobs to support his family.

support groups   (サポートグループ)

Peer support groups have tentative evidence of benefit.

The support groups, in turn, ensured LDP's grip on power.

There are underground LGBT support groups.

direct support   (直接サポート)

Public opinion in Britain would not tolerate direct support for slavery.

In 1942, Geisel turned his energies to direct support of the U.S. war effort.

The standard terms are: "direct support", "general support", "general support reinforcing" and "reinforcing".

other support   (その他のサポート)

With no other support, "Mound City" was rammed by CSS "Earl Van Dorn".

The two powers promised each other support in case of attack by Russia.

India's contribution was an infantry battalion and other support elements.

designed to support   (サポートするように設計されています)

FileMan was designed to support the complex information storage and processing needs of hospitals.

Common Lisp has been designed to support incremental compilers, file compilers and block compilers.

Accounting information systems are designed to support accounting functions and related activities.

additional support   (追加サポート)

Thick ribs provide additional support.

Paul's hypothesis received additional support when Mayr "et al."

There is additional support for children with special educational needs.

gain support   (サポートを得る)

The artists fought their response, writing letters to gain support.

He hoped in this way to gain support of the incoming party leader, Leonid Brezhnev, but failed.

Despite what many saw as a failure at the Atlantic City convention, the MFDP continued to gain support in Mississippi.

community support   (コミュニティサポート)

Through community support, LHS puts on two major productions a year.

The library opened in August 1905 after much community support and work.

Those with very good family and community support are most likely to succeed."

support base   (サポートベース)

Because of this, his main support base has been the rural poor.

When Karmal took power, he began expanding the support base of the PDPA.

The was adapted to be a support base for special operations helicopters.

support themselves   (自分をサポートする)

The Indians were to support themselves by farming.

With little to give, these immigrants have few skills to support themselves.

The able-bodied slaves were cut loose and left to support themselves and their families.

enough to support   (サポートするのに十分)

On paper, it had been large enough to support an independent since the late 1960s.

However, most peasants who owned land held less than twenty acres, enough to support a single family.

Of these waterways the Illinois is thought to be the only river large enough to support barge traffic.

added support   (追加されたサポート)

The game added support for multiplayer online play.

The 2.04 format added support for 24-bit samples.

On January 7, 2015, Ateme added support for the Rec.

support systems   (サポートシステム)

The Krechet lunar spacesuit and support systems were tested.

Probes are also extensively used in operational support systems (OSS).

Random Forests have thus been used for clinical decision support systems.

refused to support   (サポートを拒否)

However, fans still refused to support "Don't Let Them".

His family refused to support Duke Boleslaus in an unsuccessful war against Poland.

Worse, anarchists and other radicals around the world refused to support their cause.

more support   (より多くのサポート)

"This gives us more support of what we found."

Norreys left for London to plead in person for more support.

Elevated seat stays yield more support and stability for a balanced center.

support operations   (サポート業務)

From Subic Bay she left for the coast of Vietnam to support operations there.

It has trained three 750-man battalions for peace support operations in Darfur.

These solutions support operations covered by the city administration to improve e.g.

material support   (マテリアルサポート)

Its material support was much less than the TPLF expected.

FNTA appealed to the American AFL-CIO for material support.

defines "providing material support to terrorists" in subsection (b).

support the album   (アルバムをサポートする)

Going out on tour to support the album is amazing too.

A tour to support the album kicked off on March 23, 2018.

They went on the Meet You There Tour to support the album.

ground support   (地上支援)

which provides worldwide Aircraft on ground support.

There was no damage to the vehicle, and only minor damage to ground support equipment.

After attending her court hearings, Donghi decided to become a part of the WUO's above ground support.

gained support   (支持を得た)

They gained support from students, faculty, student athletes, and Spike Lee.

In the wake of these events, socialism gained support over anarchism among US radicals.

This incident gained support of sympathising voters for DMK in the days leading up to the elections.

gained the support   (サポートを得た)

The project has gained the support of the Polish Ministry of the Environment.

In doing so, he gained the support of the renowned Heidelberg scholar Eberhard Schmidt-Aßmann.

He mobilized a force of some 120,000 soldiers and gained the support of his main Mamluk rival, Baybars.

local support   (ローカルサポート)

who act as local support to the company.

During his brief time in Málaga, he was able to amass local support quickly.

Shortage of members, local support was waning and World War II was taking its toll on membership.

emotional support   (心の支え)

She turns to her sole friend Lorraine, who cannot provide emotional support for Zoë.

Individuals with tuberculosis may also benefit from the emotional support of peers and survivors.

He considered his wife Ida to be his closest friend and most important source of emotional support.

support such   (そのようなサポート)

However, no other sources support such statements.

Experts in the Muskogean languages have not found any evidence to support such a translation.

Finally, unable to support such events, it was negotiated to return the cenobite to Christianity.

support both   (両方をサポート)

A framework of steel was put in to support both gallery and roof.

This center strove to make the FDP coalition support both major parties.

nmap, nessus) support both.

combat support   (戦闘支援)

Most of these were in the combat support and combat service support areas.

All fast combat support ships currently in service are operated by Military Sealift Command.

China has developed the Type 901 fast combat support ship which serves a similar mission in their navy.

further support   (さらにサポート)

The area also provided further support to new Chinese immigrants.

boarding ships), a training inspection, and further support elements.

These experiments provided further support for his Law of Conservation of Mass.

widespread support   (広範なサポート)

This view, however, has not found widespread support.

Liu Ping's attempt received widespread support in China, e.g.

They gained widespread support.

continued support   (継続的なサポート)

Mohamud also reaffirmed Somalia's continued support for the Palestinian Authority.

His continued support of Delacroix as the foremost Romantic artist gained widespread notice.

President Eisenhower pledged his continued support, and a parade was held in Diem's honor in New York City.

support through   (を介してサポート)

The group receives support through international funding and attention.

It adds VP9 and HEVC 10-bit decoding support through the integrated GPU.

Every year, Lightworks selects a local charity to support through fundraising events.

much support   (多くのサポート)

Though once popular, this explanation no longer has much support.

without much support elsewhere.

She gave her husband much support in his civic and parliamentary duties.

support the family   (家族を支える)

Jesperson worked as a truck driver to support the family.

Amos worked as a farmer and carpenter to support the family.

Hence, his son Bhaskar decides to go to work to support the family.

agreed to support   (サポートすることに同意した)

but in April 1912 the B&A agreed to support the project.

Brown agreed to support legislation establishing a memorial.

He also agreed to support an amendment requiring the prime minister to be elected.

continue to support   (支え続ける)

They continue to support the election commission.

Most proponents of Altaic continue to support the inclusion of Korean.

If those conditions are fulfilled, Cyprus will continue to support Serbia.

support missions   (サポートミッション)

At times the Group flew interdictory and support missions.

The 302d TFS trained for counterair, interdiction, and close air support missions.

Departing Espiritu Santo on 20 January 1944, she continued support missions in the Marshalls through March.

support role   (サポート役割)

Both are used in the close air support role.

It would also have a built-in M61 Vulcan cannon and a secondary close air support role.

The mission was officially led by the Somali army, with the Kenyan forces providing a support role.

support against   (に対する支援)

Khan of Moghulistan united with them, offering them support against their opponents.

Rallying support against a common enemy rather than gaining voters through ideas or policy.

Solomon attempted to enlist Ottoman and Persian support against the anticipated Russian encroachment.

support the development   (開発をサポートする)

2 was established on March 19, 1999, to support the development of the manufacturing industry.

The organisation aims to support the development of sustainable, internationally competitive petroleum products industry.

The content was also available as downloadable MP3 tracks to those who donated money to support the development of the album.

enough support   (十分なサポート)

By early 1821, it had gained enough support to declare a revolution.

He was also accused of not giving enough support to younger Yorkshire cricketers.

By the following spring, Charles had attracted enough support to invade Neustria.

support each   (それぞれをサポート)

The two support each other through everything.

I want them to support each other and be there for one another.

Fire and rescue services can support each other with additional resources.

decided to support   (サポートすることを決めた)

On the same day, United Russia decided to support Medvedev.

A compromise was reached, and Huang decided to support Sun fully.

After hearing Sandhya’s past, Kuriakose decided to support her and live together.

support behind   (背後のサポート)

Labor unions threw their all-out support behind Roosevelt.

Upon Yang dropping out, Kasky threw his support behind Bernie Sanders.

The Commonwealth promptly swung its support behind the Australian Wireless system.

international support   (国際サポート)

Both failed to attract international support.

Cambodia's emerging democracy has received strong international support.

The Dalai Lama has tried to mobilize international support for Tibetan activities.

received the support   (サポートを受けた)

Daby received the support of Unison.

The project received the support of the local, state and federal governments.

She received the support of the Seminole Professional Fire Fighters Association.

moral support   (道徳的サポート)

Chandan requests Prakash to accompany him to give moral support.

Andrew provided moral support throughout the trip and was there for anyone who needed a hug.

Ministers offered spiritual and moral support to the resistance fighters and people in hiding.

money to support   (支援するお金)

She used the money to support her family.

When her husband died, she worked as a maid to earn money to support herself and her son.

She now wants to get with Mohtasim since he has a lot of money to support her lavish dreams.

logistic support   (後方支援)

Returning to the Philippine area again 2 November, she operated with the logistic support group.

Departing Manus on 6 September, "Patuxent" steamed with the logistic support group for the Palau Island campaign.

Cantonment Reno provided logistic support for the attack, and rudimentary care for the army wounded from the battle.

logistics support   (物流サポート)

A mutual logistics support agreement with ADF was signed in late September.

Ready logistics support for the group is provided by a combined ammunition, oiler, and supply ship.

For the remainder of 1945, "Aldebaran" provided logistics support for forces occupying Japan and her former conquests.

support local   (ローカルサポート)

In addition there are local tradesmen to support local needs.

Many of these small shops support local artisans and the local economy.

Coastal sand dunes can provide privacy and/or habitats to support local flora and fauna.

administrative support   (行政支援)

Base administrative support battalion.

Technical and administrative support is provided by the MRC Secretariat.

The "Haji Mohshin" currently serves as logistical and administrative support base to the headquarters of the Bangladesh Navy.

funds to support   (支援する資金)

For nearly fifty years this group raised funds to support a library.

Senator Maurine Neuberger sought federal funds to support the program.

The Zambia Group raises funds to support these schools and their students.

support the idea   (アイデアをサポートする)

Archaeological studies support the idea that Boquete's history started around the years 300 AC to 600 BC.

69% support the idea of ratifying the results of this hypothetical multiparty dialogue through a referendum.

However, the observational evidence began to support the idea that the universe evolved from a hot dense state.

support facilities   (サポート施設)

They have 30 schools and seven support facilities in a geographical area covering 160 miles.

During this time full-time maintenance support facilities were opened in Tupelo and Meridian.

The base and its associated runway system were expanded, including expansion of housing and support facilities.

needed to support   (サポートするために必要)

I needed to support my family.

He was persistent in the pursuit of facts needed to support the accuracy of his stories.

A further update was needed to support higher speeds when 28kbit/s modems become common.