Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

not supported   (No soportado)

This was not supported in the Professional edition.

These claims are not supported by epidemiologic data.

Additional doses are not supported by evidence.

strongly supported   (fuertemente apoyado)

This strongly supported the hypothesis that "A.

Hitler strongly supported this new strategy.

He strongly supported the North in the American Civil War.

actively supported   (apoyado activamente)

They are also actively supported by developers.

Doro, however, actively supported the privatization plan.

From royalists to radicals, all actively supported the movement.

financially supported   (apoyado financieramente)

(22 March 1949), financially supported by Juan Peron.

The newspaper was financially supported by the government.

It was produced by Mediaspot videos and financially supported by SAZAS.

initially supported

The "Telegraph", edited by Duff Green, initially supported Jackson.

These initially supported speeds from 16 MByte/s to 33 MByte/second.

In the 2005 leadership election, she initially supported Kenneth Clarke again.

band supported

The band supported the release by touring nationally.

In 2009, the band supported Public Enemy.

supported the idea

"Times" columnist Harry A. Williams supported the idea of a league.

Also it designed its own flag and supported the idea of independent Macedonian state.

He supported the idea of paying MPs a salary, as an alternative to their funding by unions.

supported through

Multiplayer is supported through the link cable.

The proportion of pupils supported through school action is below average.

It is supported through artifact donations and other participation by members of the local Jewish community.

publicly supported

It undermines the very essence of what a publicly supported library is."

Grey has publicly supported the New Democratic Party and Québec Solidaire.

Her mother Bette Davis gave her consent and publicly supported their marriage.

fully supported

The Mini-Game is fully supported by the recent ScummVM release.

In PHP, anonymous classes, closures and lambdas are fully supported.

Some languages, including Church Slavonic, are still not fully supported.

only supported   (solo compatible)

DVD burning is only supported for mpeg2 recorded shows.

However, this feature was only supported in "Faceball 2000".

TiLR Command Center is currently only supported on Windows XP/Vista.

later supported

He was a Lancastrian and later supported his kinsman Henry Tudor.

He later supported Askin in his bid to enter the Parliament in 1950.

This was later supported by a Coast Guard study presented to the State of Vermont in 1996.

well supported   (bien apoyado)

Sport in Lima Sport in Lima is well supported by venues and clubs.

The constancy of the decay rates of isotopes is well supported in science.

Each child at Oneida was well supported and cared for within the community.

generally supported

The South and West generally supported low tariffs, and the industrial East high tariffs.

Group homogeneity and group insulation are generally supported as factors predictive of groupthink.

The restoration of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall to its former state has been generally supported.

album was supported

The album was supported by a national tour.

The album was supported by two singles: "Colors" and "Don't Even Trip".

The album was supported by one single: "Anybody" featuring Nicki Minaj.

supported by many

The march is supported by many organisations.

It is further supported by many consulates located throughout Canada.

The MRC format is supported by many of the software packages listed in .

further supported

These would be diagonally braced and further supported by purlins.

His claim is further supported by the poem "De Laude Pisonis" (ed.

It is further supported by many consulates located throughout Canada.

widely supported   (ampliamente apoyado)

Meinhof's model was widely supported into the 1940s.

Chelsea are among the most widely supported football clubs in the world.

CSM Bucharest is one of the most widely supported handball clubs in Romania.

still supported   (todavía compatible)

The remnant of that trunk is still supported by a small stone wall.

The autofocus is of screw-drive type, still supported by all Pentax DSLRs.

STR was still supported as of 1972, although it had generally faded from use.

supported the creation

CDKN supported the creation and roll-out of the action plan.

He supported the creation of the 2012 Australian Wheelchair Tennis Tour.

Jonah supported the creation of the ACNA, addressing his assembly in 2009.

party supported

The party supported the independence struggle in Indonesia.

The party supported Blažo Perović in the presidential election and won 1.14%.

Unusual for a right-wing organization, the party supported legalizing same-sex marriage.

officially supported

At that time they were not officially supported by the War Office (WO).

MATE is officially supported, while Cinnamon support was added with Debian 8.0 Jessie.

Demokrat was the only party represented in the People's Representative Council that officially supported him.

government supported   (apoyado por el gobierno)

The Djibouti government supported Somalia with military intelligence.

The Somali government supported the Bale revolt led by Waqo Gutu that began in 1962.

Nevertheless, the Moroccan government supported the decision to go ahead with the plans.

supported by several

They were supported by several hundred armed burghers.

Global warming as a cause of mass extinction is supported by several recent studies.

The resolution was sponsored by Malaysia and supported by several European countries.

group supported

Politically, the group supported the Popular Front.

In July 2009, the group supported Duran Duran.

The group supported "Anoraknophobia" with a six-month European tour.

portico supported

There is a central entry portico supported by square Doric columns.

It features a single bay, pedimented portico supported by Doric order columns.

It has a high-pitched gable roof and features a small portico supported by Doric order columns and pilasters.

supported many

Nebehay funded and supported many Austrian artists.

Fern Wallace was a philanthropist and supported many charities.

He supported many flying projects.

porch supported   (porche apoyado)

It has a wood porch supported by Doric columns wrapping around two sides of the house.

It features a one-story shed-roofed wrap-around porch supported by 22 Doric order columns.

It has eight rooms and features a three-story bell tower and arched and pedimented porch supported by four columns.

openly supported

Chen openly supported the student protests in 1989.

Deng openly supported it and it was later adopted nationally.

They openly supported the Indian nationalists of British India.

supported both

He supported both the Wilmot Proviso and the Compromise of 1850.

He supported both constitutionalist and Irish republican initiatives.

The association is supported both financially and strategically by the VUWSA Trust.

longer supported

As of December 2019, ResearchCyc is no longer supported.

It was available for Sun, Iris, iPSC, and nCUBE, but is no longer supported.

As of version 0.9999, xdv2pdf is no longer supported and its development has been discontinued.

no longer supported

As of December 2019, ResearchCyc is no longer supported.

It was available for Sun, Iris, iPSC, and nCUBE, but is no longer supported.

As of version 0.9999, xdv2pdf is no longer supported and its development has been discontinued.

supported by other   (apoyado por otro)

This opinion was supported by other scholars, f.e.

Many types are blended or supported by other forms.

That assumption is not supported by other sources, however.

supported only   (solo compatible)

Call graphs are supported only on x86 and ARM.

The reading is supported only by some Syriac manuscripts.

In Acts 15:18 it has variant supported only by formula_1.

supported the bill

All the Puerto Rican parties supported the bill.

The United Russia, Liberal Democratic Party and Fair Russia all supported the bill.

In all, 233 deputies supported the bill, which was more than the minimum of 226 votes required to pass it into law.

then supported

The U.S. then supported their effort.

Primer 55 then supported Vision of Disorder for some August dates.

The British squadron then supported a guerrilla offensive against Almuñécar.

roof supported

The house has a hip roof supported with paired brackets.

The front porch extends across the entire front, its hip roof supported by fluted Doric columns.

A flight of stairs leads up to the entrance which is sheltered by a roof supported by granite columns.

supported the government   (apoyó al gobierno)

He supported the government of the 16th of May.

In this position, he supported the government's liberal economic policies.

He supported the government of Adolphe Thiers and took part in several important debates.

supported by all

The autofocus is of screw-drive type, still supported by all Pentax DSLRs.

Closer ties with ASEAN are supported by all political parties in East Timor.

Today EDGE is supported by all major chip vendors for both GSM and WCDMA/HSPA.

supported the war

27% of Democrats supported the war, and among independents support has fallen to 40%.

The women supported the war effort, and made the rationing of consumer goods a success.

often supported   (a menudo apoyado)

230 kV lines are often supported on H-shaped towers made with two or three poles.

Muhammad defended Grossman from criticism and often supported him at press conferences.

From this perspective Lutheran theology has often supported those in political and economic power.

supported by both

The change of the name was supported by both left- and right-wing politicians.

At this point he is said to have had a force of some 50,000 men supported by both aircraft and tanks.

now supported

ANSI C is now supported by almost all the widely used compilers.

The party now supported calls for "sovereignty" and cooperated with Sąjūdis.

On 10 January 2019, Richie stated that she now supported a new partnership with Fianna Fáil.

supported by local

The Green Gang focused on opium (which was supported by local warlords), extortion, gambling, and prostitution.

The line was proposed by Samuel Morton Peto and supported by local agricultural machine manufacturer Richard Garrett.

Ukrainian nationalists of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, supported by local peasants, attacked the village from three sides.

supported the development   (apoyó el desarrollo)

Peter supported the development in those areas in many ways.

He has increasingly supported the development of local artists, arts education, and the arts scene.

People who supported the development of women as conductors found opportunities there to foster that development.

previously supported   (previamente apoyado)

WL Ross had previously supported Virgin Money in its previous bid for Northern Rock.

Documentation for Opera 2.12 and 6.0 indicates that XBM was at least previously supported.

Hui Qi is determined to help Yong Wen in his court case because he has previously supported her studies.

supported by artillery

The right and center were supported by artillery, 16 guns in all.

In the meantime, Milroy advanced on Stahel's right, supported by artillery.

This operation was supported by artillery posted near Breskens across the Scheldt.

all supported

Furughiyyih and her children all supported Mírzá Muhammad ʻAlí.

The most recent release of AmigaOS for all supported platforms is 4.1 update 5.

The United Russia, Liberal Democratic Party and Fair Russia all supported the bill.

having supported

He had shown concern for painting even before, having supported the activity of painters.

Accordingly, having supported Fox and North, Burke was in opposition for the remainder of his political life.

However, possibly due to his having supported the rival imperial claimant Clodius Albinus, Sulpicianus was prosecuted and executed in 197.

supported the establishment

Atatürk supported the establishment of the automobile industry.

During Lu's first term, he supported the establishment of direct flights between Hualien Airport and Seoul.

Funding by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies supported the establishment of Islamic schools, centers, and charities around the country, but were largely shut down by the government in 2003.

supported several

Owens supported several charities, including Aidchild.

mSQL 4.2 was released in April 2019. mSQL originally supported several host languages:

The community had an estimated population of 500 by the mid-1890s, and supported several businesses.

voters supported

Over 80 per cent of voters supported the amendment.

Nearly 66% of student voters supported the fee increase.

77% of total number of voters supported integration of Georgia into NATO.

supported legislation   (legislación respaldada)

He supported legislation to provide marshals for school security.

During her brief tenure in office, Burdick supported legislation on pay equity and women's rights.

Ryan has also supported legislation that would impose criminal penalties for certain doctors who perform "partial-birth abortions".

supported the album

Fleetwood Mac supported the album with a lucrative tour.

She supported the album by going on tour with Sarah Bettens from K's Choice.

The band supported the album with their first full-scale national tour in spring 1993.

supported financially   (apoyado financieramente)

In 1949, they settled there as farmers and were supported financially by a Jewish organization.

The school is supported financially by the Municipality of Kolding and multiple local businesses.

On 25 October 1925, Germany supported financially the organization of a European Minorities Congress.

supported the new

Southern nationalism was swelling and pride supported the new founding.

He cultivated Thomas Cromwell's favour and supported the new queen Anne Boleyn.

The Soviet military supported the new autonomous entity and prevented the Iranian army from restoring governmental control over the area.

originally supported

"Suomen Kuvalehti" originally supported center-right politics in the country.

mSQL 4.2 was released in April 2019. mSQL originally supported several host languages:

Huxley defended automatism by testing reflex actions, originally supported by Descartes.