Фразы и примеры предложений

surface area   (площадь поверхности)

It counts 364 inhabitants, and a surface area of .

Together they make up 13,735 acres of surface area.

The surface area is about and the volume is about .

upper surface   (верхняя поверхность)

The gall is raised on the upper surface of the leaf.

The color is dirty white, darker on the upper surface.

Pupation occurs in a cocoon on the upper surface of leaf.

surface water   (Поверхность воды)

The surface water colour is blue-green to green.

A related surface water drain underneath Buckingham Palace.

Water rights to surface water and underground sources are separate.

below the surface   (под поверхностью)

They are usually found a metre below the surface.

"Regulus" eventually slipped below the surface.

The lake is located around below the surface.

sea surface   (поверхность моря)

The EM-120 uses 1 by 1 degree sonar-emissions at the sea surface.

The rise in sea surface temperatures also leads to coral bleaching.

In the other domains (air and space, sea surface and subsurface, etc.

cell surface

It forms the fibrillar matrix on the bacterial cell surface.

The stable class II MHC is then presented on the cell surface.

They form siliceous plates on the cell surface that aid in identification.

surface measuring   (измерение поверхности)

It has one runway designated 18/36 with an asphalt surface measuring .

It has one runway designated 17/35 with an asphalt surface measuring .

surface temperature

If so the surface temperature would be about 900 K.

It has a surface temperature of 8056 K and is 12 million years old.

He had investigated radio waves from Venus and concluded that there was a surface temperature of .

water surface

The Russian reserve has an area of , of which is water surface.

Vau i Dejës Lake has an area of 26 km², while the water surface is 25 km².

The reservoir it creates, Clear Lake, has a water surface of and a capacity of .

surface speed

The submarine had a maximum surface speed of and a submerged speed of .

playing surface

The playing surface for a 7-foot table is by .

The playing surface is Sportexe Momentum artificial turf.

The playing surface is the same as the one at Awalt Field.

surface temperatures

Sea surface temperatures are in the range of year-round.

global warming of surface temperatures.

The rise in sea surface temperatures also leads to coral bleaching.

maximum surface

It has a maximum surface velocity of about .

The submarine had a maximum surface speed of and a submerged speed of .

asphalt surface   (асфальтовая поверхность)

It has one runway designated 18/36 with a asphalt surface.

It has one runway designated 18/36 with an asphalt surface measuring .

surface tension   (поверхностное натяжение)

The surface tension of strange matter is unknown.

This is not relevant to determine the surface tension.

From it we can determine the surface tension.

maximum surface speed

The submarine had a maximum surface speed of and a submerged speed of .

outer surface

Its outer surface is closely tuberculate and whitish.

The outer surface of the fluke is called the tegument.

The outer surface is convex, white, rugose and subumbilicate."

flat surface   (плоская поверхность)

Coins can also be spun on a flat surface such as a table.

They do not swim or walk and cannot take off from a flat surface.

near the surface   (у поверхности)

Many artifacts were found at or near the surface.

A large sill is evident near the surface above Wythburndale.

Also near the surface the fault can have multiple rupture zones.

lunar surface   (лунная поверхность)

They would now pass from the lunar surface.

Oh, that first foot on the lunar surface is super, Tony!"

At 02:51 Armstrong began his descent to the lunar surface.

dorsal surface   (дорсальная поверхность)

Arched hood elevated above dorsal surface.

Juveniles are mostly pale blue with a yellow dorsal surface.

The dorsal surface is green and is bordered by a bronze stripe.

inner surface

The inner surface is level and almost featureless.

The backs of the ears are black or brownish-reddish, while the inner surface is whitish.

Infective endocarditis is an infection of the inner surface of the heart, usually the valves.

lower surface

The lower surface of the egg is shiny and sticky.

The lower surface of the thallus is white.

The lower surface of the leaves is white with cottony down.

asphalt surface measuring   (измерение поверхности асфальта)

It has one runway designated 18/36 with an asphalt surface measuring .

It has one runway designated 17/35 with an asphalt surface measuring .

beneath the surface   (под поверхностью)

Part of the line is now beneath the surface of Kielder Water.

Her lights flickered until her deck disappeared beneath the surface.

87, pipes were to be eighteen inches beneath the surface of the soil.

sea surface temperatures

The rise in sea surface temperatures also leads to coral bleaching.

The timing of the migration is partly influenced by sea surface temperatures.

In contrast, sea surface temperatures during the 2005 season were well above average.

above the surface   (над поверхностью)

The island rises in the form of a cone 60m above the surface of the sea.

It has been observed foraging for prey above the surface of small streams.

The spathes produced open above the surface of the water and are about 15 cm long.

hard surface

By the middle of 1930, this segment had a completed hard surface.

In January 1932, the Dawson–Albany segment had a completed hard surface.

road surface   (дорожное покрытие)

Each approach is long with a concrete road surface.

The typically muddy road surface caught out several drivers.

The road surface was laid and the tunnel opened for traffic in 1999.

ventral surface   (вентральная поверхность)

The ventral surface of the disc is entirely white.

The ventral surface is gray with black on its chest.

The ventral surface of these lizards is cream-colored.

surface waters

This is a schooling fish living in surface waters.

The main water sources are surface waters.

This creates a significant anoxic layer well below the surface waters.

surface ships

They are used on both surface ships and submarines.

The mini-sub makes it to the surface as the surface ships return.

They were mainly used to attack enemy surface ships and shore-based targets.

land surface   (поверхности суши)

About 31% of Earth's land surface is covered by forests.

In 2011, rainwater can be collected on two-thirds of Singapore's land surface.

More than half of Guadeloupe's land surface consists of the 847.8 km Basse-Terre.

smooth surface   (гладкая поверхность)

Michelangelo may also have tried painting in oils on the smooth surface.

8- ) 1.1(1.8) mm with a narrow oval shape with no hair and smooth surface.

They have a smooth surface covered in tiny pores from which polyps protrude.

total surface   (общая поверхность)

The total surface area of water is about 860 ha.

His paying pond has a total surface of 135 km ².

Its total surface, including water area, is .

ground surface

There are, however, no installations of tactile ground surface indicators.

A nest is constructed by the female either on the ground surface or in a burrow.

Tactile ground surface indicators are installed at many locations throughout Greater London.

soil surface

Carbon farmers spread it over the soil surface without tilling.

The larvae eat plant roots and other matter near the soil surface.

They move to the soil surface to begin feeding on roots and other organic matter.

surface layer

forms a thin, protective, surface layer of oxide.

The surface layer ranges from in thickness.

The surface layer include many sclerites which form a crust.

across the surface   (по всей поверхности)

The corona is not always evenly distributed across the surface of the Sun.

One genus of basilisk lizard can run bipedally across the surface of water for some distance.

Little remains of the original rim, although its form can still be traced across the surface.

large surface

Lungs contain a large surface area to facilitate this gas exchange process.

Nanofibers of dysprosium compounds have high strength and a large surface area.

Rock outcrops and large surface boulders are common, and most are covered with lichens and ferns.

onto the surface

This caused the wet snow, which was falling onto the surface of the wing, to freeze.

The granules are continually exposed by traffic wear, and release calcium chloride onto the surface.

The flat bottom of the stone has a glue backing and, when heated, melts onto the surface of the clothing.

entire surface   (вся поверхность)

The entire surface of wall and ceiling is sumptuously painted.

Other than the brownish upper cap, the entire surface of the mushroom is yellow.

The latter was reserved for organisms with cilia covering the entire surface of the body.

ocean surface

Its peak is below the ocean surface.

Robust radio equipment was necessary for contact with land and ocean surface forces.

The difference between the ocean surface and the actual geoid gives ocean surface topography.

top surface

The top surface reflection coating allows for better efficiency.

The water exits through the oscula on the top surface of the sponge.

The mine has a steel body, with a flexible pressure pad on the top surface.

total surface area   (общая площадь поверхности)

The total surface area of water is about 860 ha.

The total surface area covered by the collapse is about .

The total surface area of Earth is about .

ice surface

The arena uses the (or Olympic) sized ice surface.

those who efficiently cover the entire ice surface during their programs.

The "greens" are called "whites" and have a maintained snow or ice surface.

surface runoff   (поверхностный сток)

Tailwater can also refer to surface runoff resulting from crop irrigation.

As for lamas, surface runoff is greatest in the extreme and uncommon situations of heavy rain.

Whether it is combined with surface runoff in the sewer depends on the sewer design (sanitary sewer or combined sewer).

surface is covered

About 31% of Earth's land surface is covered by forests.

Its surface is covered sparsely with minute purplish brown fibrils.

About 71% of Earth's surface is covered with water, mostly by oceans.

off the surface

They lifted off the surface on July 21 at 17:54 UTC.

Cernan was the last Apollo astronaut to step off the surface of the Moon.

Most terns hunt fish by diving but some pick insects off the surface of fresh water.

surface features

The less eroded lava flows have surface features typical of aa lava and pahoehoe lava.

Parts fit-up should provide necessary alignment without interference with their surface features.

The northern and southern West Elk Mountains have contrasting geologic histories and surface features.

turf surface   (поверхность дерна)

In early 1944 runway 9/27 was constructed at with a turf surface.

It has one runway designated 9/27 with a turf surface measuring 2,314 by 100 feet (705 x 30 m).

It has one runway designated 18/36 with a turf surface measuring 3,041 by 100 feet (927 x 30 m).

solid surface

A major appeal of solid surface is its impermeability.

This jet of liquid damages the solid surface.

No solid surface was detected during the downward journey.

surface running

diesel engine for surface running, and twin electric motors for submerged travel.

For surface running, the boats were powered by two diesel engines, each driving one propeller shaft.

surface level

The result is a lot of easy, surface level gags.

At the surface level, there are four possible adjustments.

The PAS defines an additional level of adjustment called the contact or surface level.

high surface

However, high strength adhesives have high surface energy.

The high surface area increases the water demand to get pumpable slurry.

("η"-CH)M(CO) complexes have been incorporated into high surface area porous materials.

surface energy

However, high strength adhesives have high surface energy.

To begin, a polar plot of surface energy as a function of orientation is made.

The use of surface energy balance can detect reduced ET caused by water shortage.

began to surface

Organized loosely, questions about their future began to surface.

Rap also began to surface in Canadian mainstream pop in the early 1990s.

Around the same time, rumors of a new 32-bit machine from DEC began to surface.

leaf surface

Fine white hairs grow uniformly on the leaf surface and serve to repel water.

They are not as prominent on the lower leaf surface, having red-rimmed conical pores.

the caterpillar rests on a plant stem, petiole or leaf surface with a 45 degree inclination.

concrete surface

The moss, "Bryum argenteum", was growing on a concrete surface.

Traditional conditions for curing involve by spraying or ponding the concrete surface with water.

The main components are housed below the road or pedestrian surface (typically a concrete surface).

surface search

The ship also had SPS-10 surface search radar.

"Brendan Simbwaye" is equipped with Decca 1290A surface search radar.

The boats were fitted with Type 186 and Type 187 sonars, and an I-band surface search radar.

surface and underwater   (надводный и подводный)

They could reach on the surface and underwater.

along the surface

The stems and leaves have straight hairs which lie flat along the surface.

When a stage is completed, the Giraffe flies along the surface to the far end.

These stages also have thecal plates, which contain trichocyst pores scattered along the surface.

cap surface

The cap surface is dry to slightly sticky, and smooth.

The cap surface is smooth and matte to silky-reflective.

The cap surface is smooth, and ochre to pale brown in colour.

gravel surface

It consists of a soft gravel surface for running and biking.

The eastern part of road has a gravel surface as a heritage road.

In 1957, this stretch was improved to a gravel surface, and was given route's present name.

body surface

The body surface area largely bald and shiny.

A large animal model of ALI is the ovine model of body surface burn + heated smoke inhalation.

Importantly, victims suffering body surface burn and smoke inhalation are the most susceptible.

surface gravity

The effective temperature is constrained to and the surface gravity to log g = .

The SED is consistent with that of an early L dwarf, but with a lower surface gravity.

completed hard surface

By the middle of 1930, this segment had a completed hard surface.

In January 1932, the Dawson–Albany segment had a completed hard surface.

metal surface

This prevents the metal surface from being exposed to electrolytes.

When metal ions are reduced from ionic solution, they form a pure metal surface on the cathode.

Evolution of carbon dioxide from the limestone would damage the metal surface that touched the mold.

surface elevation

The surface elevation of the lake is above sea level.

Lake Erie has a mean surface elevation of .

The surface elevation of the lake is at .

sea surface temperature

Based on the information is easy to calculate the sea surface temperature and ice concentration at any point on Earth.

The ENSO is the cycle of warm and cold sea surface temperature (SST) of the tropical central and eastern Pacific Ocean.

Additionally sea surface temperature anomalies have some winter to winter persistence due to the reemergence mechanism.

free surface   (свободная поверхность)

The free surface waves are known as roll waves.

Liquids form a free surface (that is, a surface not created by the container) while gases do not.

Due to surface tension, water will rise up in a small capillary tube above a free surface of water.

whole surface

Longitudinally the whole surface is sharply scored by the lines of growth.

The whole surface of the shell shows close, regular, low spiral threads, ornamented with transverse lenticular beads.

Longitudinals—the whole surface is crossed obliquely by not quite contiguous threads, which are almost as strong as the spirals.

other surface   (другая поверхность)

Higher volumes have been observed on Alaskan Way and other surface streets, especially during peak periods.

De-icing is defined as removal of existing snow, ice or frost from a roadway, airport runway, or other surface.

Most posters are printed on one side and left blank on the back, the better for affixing to a wall or other surface.

track surface   (дорожка поверхности)

The track surface may be composed of any soil, but most racers prefer a track with a clay base.

Ford Motorsport moved to Boreham in 1963, and although some of the track was removed for gravel quarrying in 1996 the remaining track surface continues to be used for testing.

The first event was almost rained out, but track officials had drivers pilot their race cars around the course, using the heat buildup from the vehicle's tires to dry the track surface.

large surface area

Lungs contain a large surface area to facilitate this gas exchange process.

Nanofibers of dysprosium compounds have high strength and a large surface area.

This will likely extinguish all fires and expands over the large surface area on the sides of the boiler.

surface mining

More accidents occur during underground mining than surface mining.

The prospective surface mining area is defined by wherever there is less than depth to top oil sand.

This Act established guidelines for the regulation of surface mining and the reclamation of the mine sites.

reach the surface

When they reach the surface, the cops have left.

Over the top of the volcano hydrogen sulfide bubbles reach the surface.

The Juan Fernández Islands are the only seamounts that reach the surface.

surface vessels

Of the fleet of 29 surface vessels, only eight are operational major combatants (frigates).

Of the fleet of 66 surface vessels, eight are major combatant ships and they are based in Valparaíso.

The LCS is a class of relatively small surface vessels intended for operations in the littoral zone (close to shore).

surface during

There are several ways to recall divers to the surface during a dive.

those who efficiently cover the entire ice surface during their programs.

This pitch was replaced by another artificial surface during the 2015 close season.

surface road   (наземная дорога)

For much of its length, US 9W is a two-lane surface road.

It was a full freeway, mostly elevated on embankments or viaducts, from four blocks west of the Holland Tunnel to just north of Newark Airport, and a high-speed surface road from there to Elizabeth (and beyond).

After the Marshall Plan, the introduction of a new currency to Western Germany to replace the debased Reichsmark and massive electoral losses for communist parties in 1946, in June 1948, the Soviet Union cut off surface road access to Berlin.

surface finish

Then the surface finish is added.

The steels can be nitrided to increase case hardness and polished to a fine surface finish.

Industrial uses of agate exploit its hardness, ability to retain a highly polished surface finish and resistance to chemical attack.

surface roughness   (шероховатость поверхности)

The toughness of corundum is sensitive to surface roughness and crystallographic orientation.

This allows the atmosphere to respond to changes in the surface roughness as the wind sea builds up or decays.

Aluminium metal has an appearance ranging from silvery white to dull gray, depending on the surface roughness.

grass surface

In 2005 works were done to renew the grass surface on the Stadium.

It also has a parallel unpaved runway with a grass surface measuring .#

In 2005, stadium renovations included replacing the grass surface with a Pro-Grass in-fill surface.

surface when   (поверхность, когда)

It has a bright yellow pore surface when young that dulls in color when mature.

At dawn on 5 April "U-76" was running on the surface when she was sighted by "Wolverine".

The boat sustains heavy damage, but is eventually able to safely surface when night falls.

surface streets

I-985 had not been built in this area, so US 23 still traveled along surface streets.

Higher volumes have been observed on Alaskan Way and other surface streets, especially during peak periods.

Within the two Downtown Zones, trains run on surface streets in an exclusive right-of-way, without preemption.

surface world

The rest of the story deals with their attempts to escape and return to the surface world.

During his assault on the surface world, Megalon comes into conflict with Godzilla and Jet Jaguar.

Kamina encourages Simon to join his gang, Team Gurren, to help him achieve his dream of visiting the surface world.

rough surface   (шероховатая поверхность)

If the ball has a rough surface, the fluid flowing past it will make it rotate.

In this marble, the finished bodies lie in opposition to the tree with a rough surface.

In Greece, on a very hot and rough surface, Harri managed a 4th place, winning 1 S.S., the rally winner was Colin McRae.