İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

underwent surgery   (ameliyat edildi)

He then underwent surgery on his elbow, a week later.

Captain Camara underwent surgery at a hospital in Morocco.

She underwent surgery, and a long period of rehabilitation.

plastic surgery   (plastik cerrahi)

She underwent several plastic surgery operations.

Agents have suggested plastic surgery to some models.

He also co-authored the first concise book on plastic surgery.

heart surgery   (kalp ameliyatı)

She described the project as 'open heart surgery'.

He died after heart surgery on 14 December 2019.

Broadcaster Mike Shannon has successful heart surgery.

knee surgery   (diz ameliyatı)

His knee surgery at Chennai Apollo Hospital.

Klecko spent the 1986-87 offseason recovering from knee surgery.

Flanagan sat out the season after October 2004 due to knee surgery.

required surgery   (gerekli cerrahi)

He required surgery, and lost the rest of the 2007 season.

On 24 January 2018, Diallo fractured his tibia which required surgery.

The injury required surgery and kept him out for the rest of the season.

reassignment surgery   (yeniden atama ameliyatı)

The university supports the "SOGIE Equality Bill" and sex reassignment surgery.

Her sex reassignment surgery in 1988 was a source of controversy and lawsuits in Egypt.

O'Neil claimed that he believed Lyman had gone to Europe to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.

surgery to repair   (onarım ameliyatı)

Silvestre subsequently had surgery to repair the damage.

He had an MRI and a surgery to repair the tear the following day.

After the season, he underwent surgery to repair a sports hernia.

surgery to remove   (ameliyat kaldırmak)

Brenda also decides not to have surgery to remove the cancer.

An abdominal blood clot led to surgery to remove most of his intestines.

On September 12, 2001, Aku underwent surgery to remove his kidney cancer.

bypass surgery   (bypass ameliyatı)

Ameche had undergone triple bypass surgery at age 46 in 1979.

In September 2004, Clinton underwent quadruple bypass surgery.

This test helps determine if an angioplasty or bypass surgery is needed.

sex reassignment surgery   (cinsiyet değiştirme ameliyatı)

The university supports the "SOGIE Equality Bill" and sex reassignment surgery.

Her sex reassignment surgery in 1988 was a source of controversy and lawsuits in Egypt.

After some time, the doctors are ready to begin the process of sex reassignment surgery for Lara.

during surgery   (ameliyat sırasında)

Mott died in 1962 from complications during surgery.

He died in 1982 during surgery in Cleveland.

Applying adhesion barriers during surgery may help to prevent the formation of adhesions.

general surgery   (Genel Cerrahi)

He also served as an intern in general surgery from 1998 to 1999.

The hospital also runs an ER for general medicine, general surgery and traumatology.

Other areas of specialty include general surgery, orthopedic and neurology programs.

reconstructive surgery   (Rekonstrüktif Cerrahi)

Westbrook has since undergone reconstructive surgery on her nose to replace her eroded septum.

Barrett was hospitalized after the incident and again later for reconstructive surgery for his hand.

He was a pioneer of plastic and reconstructive surgery, and a founder of German rhinoplastic surgery.

emergency surgery   (acil Cerrahi)

Brown was taken to hospital for emergency surgery to stabilise his neck.

In 1916–1917 her tour of Canada was interrupted by an emergency surgery in Toronto.

An emergency surgery was conducted to build a new artery using a vein from her leg.

cosmetic surgery   (kozmetik Cerrahi)

For instance, it is used in cosmetic surgery and burn surgery.

Parton replied that cosmetic surgery was imperative in keeping with her famous image.

This muscular system is manipulated during facial cosmetic surgery, especially rhytidectomy.

undergo surgery   (ameliyat olmak)

However he was forced to undergo surgery on a long-standing ankle injury in October.

Afterwards, he fell seriously ill and had to undergo surgery in the prison hospital.

She is prevented from assisting in rescues and has to undergo surgery to have a pacemaker fitted.

cardiac surgery   (kalp ameliyatı)

JET is most commonly seen in children following cardiac surgery.

1957 - McLaughlin Fellowship to study cardiac surgery under Dr. Lillehei in Minneapolis.

The research on surgery lead to the development of cardiac surgery at the Alfred Hospital.

brain surgery   (beyin ameliyatı)

He had brain surgery the next day but did not awake.

In June 1997, Levy had emergency brain surgery.

The same day he underwent brain surgery, he celebrated his first No.

shoulder surgery   (omuz ameliyatı)

Pat missed the Pro Bowl due to shoulder surgery.

Coming into his senior year, he had shoulder surgery.

Evans underwent minor shoulder surgery in the 2008 offseason.

undergoing surgery   (ameliyat olmak)

He missed the rest of the season after undergoing surgery.

Newman has twice been diagnosed with brain tumors, undergoing surgery in 2012 and again in 2016.

She married Leif Running on May 17, 1942, however, he died August 20, 1946 while undergoing surgery.

following surgery   (ameliyat sonrası)

Adjuvant or palliative radiotherapy is commonly given following surgery.

However, he suffered complications following surgery on his Achilles tendon.

Captain Kinnier died on Christmas Eve 1916 following surgery to repair an ulcer.

professor of surgery   (cerrahi profesörü)

He earned the title of professor of surgery in 1982.

He was professor of surgery there until 1881.

He was then appointed professor of surgery and later was appointed professor of anatomy.

back surgery   (Sırt ameliyatı)

His 2015 season debut was delayed by back surgery.

In 1998, Pinochet traveled to London for back surgery.

She became a wheelchair user after a back surgery in 2008.

medicine and surgery   (ilaç ve cerrahi)

In 1832 he received his doctorate in medicine and surgery with the thesis ""De carie vertebrarum"".

He received a BS in medicine and surgery in 1989 and a master's degree in pediatric medicine in 1994.

After high school, he studied medicine and surgery at the University of Pretoria, graduating in 1959.

eye surgery   (Göz Ameliyatı)

Jake also brings Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), who just got eye surgery.

She underwent minor foot surgery in December 2013 and eye surgery in April 2016.

At the Crucible he was drawn against Marco Fu, who had not competed for 4 months due to eye surgery.

open heart surgery   (açık kalp ameliyatı)

Scalish died during open heart surgery in 1976 and failed to name a successor beforehand.

In October 2011, at age 62, Crane underwent a successful triple bypass open heart surgery.

He was forced to retire due to having open heart surgery on December 8, 2004 for clogged arteries.

require surgery   (ameliyat gerektir)

Severe tracheomalacia may require surgery.

Larvae within or near the eye will sometimes require surgery for removal.

Serious cases may require surgery to remove the troublesome disk contents.

cataract surgery   (katarakt ameliyatı)

At the time cataract surgery was uncommon in Bangladesh.

Aged persons who require cataract surgery often fear the procedure, even though success is very likely.

In addition, he is credited with design of a specialized knife, the "Von Graefe knife", for cataract surgery.

orthopedic surgery   (ortopedik cerrahi)

One of its early specialties was orthopedic surgery.

He attained his certification in orthopedic surgery in 1980 from The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

His residency at the State University of New York at Buffalo continued his advanced training in orthopedic surgery.

successful surgery   (başarılı ameliyat)

On 19 December, he underwent successful surgery to clean up his right knee.

He underwent a successful surgery, performed by Dr. James Andrews, to repair his ACL.

Back in the hospital, Yuri has undergone successful surgery, and is totally encased in a plaster cast.

arthroscopic surgery   (artroskopik cerrahi)

Spears underwent arthroscopic surgery.

During the offseason, Shaper underwent micro-fracture arthroscopic surgery on his left knee.

Outcomes of arthroscopic surgery are currently being studied, but have generally been positive.

hip surgery   (Kalça ameliyatı)

In 2013–14, McSharry suffered a slow start to the season due to a long recovery from hip surgery.

In the spring before the 2005 season, Byers had hip surgery and missed the entire season under a medical redshirt.

However, in the following month, it was announced that he had undergone a hip surgery and was ruled out of play for four months.

replacement surgery   (replasman ameliyatı)

In 1991, he underwent hip replacement surgery.

In April 2012, he underwent left hip replacement surgery.

She developed arthritis in both knees and had knee replacement surgery.

requiring surgery   (ameliyat gerektiren)

During the 2011 season Finley suffered a knee injury requiring surgery.

Doctors diagnosed the problem as a bony growth between his fifth and sixth vertebrae, requiring surgery.

However, she developed hip problems requiring surgery to correct and forcing her to retire from basketball.